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Best Litter Box For Cats With Arthritis

Has your cat been affected by arthritis that limits their mobility? Are you looking for a litter box that your arthritic cat can use with ease and comfort? 

It goes without saying that we all want the very best for our favorite felines. So when aches and pains are involved, we’ll do anything to help them.

And that’s where a carefully designed litter box can help with some of the related problems.

They can help overcome the challenges arthritic cats can have, such as the pain they would normally experience from your typical, standard litter box design. 

In an effort to help you find the best box for your cat, I’d like to present to you two great options to consider.

But first, here is my recommendation of choice:

Best Litter Box For A High Peeing Cat - Cove

Quick Verdict

The Cove cat litter box by Tuft + Paw litter box is my standout option and recommendation.

This award winning litter box was literally designed for litter box with issue such as arthritis.

It’s easily accessible, easily cleanable and can be lifted and moved with ease.

Best Litter Box For Cats With Arthritis

The Cove Modern Litter Box

Building on the traditional design, the Cove litter box brings in modern updates that take this box from a standard product to a luxury item.

On top of the quality materials and sleek appearance, this box also has some features that make it a top choice for those wanting a comfortable litter box for their cat with arthritis. 

Why The Cove Litter Box Is Great For Cats With Arthritis

Easy Step In, Step Out Open Top Design

Litter boxes come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and styles. For cats with arthritis, the saying less is more, is often true.

The Cove makes accessing the litter box as simple as a single step in and out without any complicated maneuvers that could cause your cat pain.

The open-top design also helps a cat to feel comfortable moving in the box without having to crouch or duck their heads.

This promotes a natural position that may feel better to cats who are experiencing joint pain from arthritis. 

While many basic boxes are step-in, step-out style, the Cover pairs this with high-quality materials that look fantastic and are far more durable than other boxes.

Rubber Coated Bottom Holds The Box In Place

Knowing that some arthritic cats may struggle with movement and coordination, a box that stays in place if a cat bumps the edges and sides can’t be overlooked.

Basic plastic bottom boxes are easy to slide and sometimes even tip if a cat is uncoordinated as they enter and exit the box.

A box that tips make a mess and could scare your cat – preventing further use.

Reviewers love the non-slip rubber bottom of the Cove box and have been pleasantly surprised at how much difference the bottom makes in the amount of litter spilled on the floor around the box.

The box stays in place and doesn’t slide if bumped and nudged, and the floor is protected from scratches caused by other types of boxes.

Removable High Side Panels

Cats with arthritis may need to use their litter box in non-traditional positions to remain comfortable. This can also mean that sometimes it can be hard for your cat to keep their waste in their box. 

The Cove litter box solves this problem by coming with removable high sides for added protection.

Users love that the sides aren’t permanent, which means they are easy to clean, can be taken off for easy litter box transportation, and don’t have to be used if your cat doesn’t prefer them.

Extra protection without extra hassle keeps you and your cat happy.

The Cove Litter Box Works Well With Any Litter Type

Knowing that arthritic cats can be sensitive to litter that makes footing uneven, is too textured, or is too deep, the ability to use the litter you have found works best for your unique cat is very important.

Some litter boxes (especially those that are automatic) only work well with specific types of litter.

The open-top design and no-stick, easy-to-clean base material allow the Cove litter box to work well with any litter an owner chooses.

The base is deep, which also means that you can put in as much or as little litter as your cat prefers, and the box still functions wonderfully.

The smooth plastic sides keep clay and pellet litter from sticking to the box and keep everything simple to clean.

All The Added Bonuses

One last feature worth mentioning is that the Cove litter box comes with a custom-sized scoop, dustpan, and brush, along with storage space for these tools.

Some arthritic cats can be unintentionally messy getting in and out of their box, and having cleaning supplies close and ready is a big perk.

The Cove litter box wins us over with its classic but appealing style that uses high-quality materials in neutral colors to blend with any space.

Cats with arthritis will appreciate the large litter base, open top, and simple one-step-in, step-out design. 

The non-slip base keeps everything in place, and the removable walls help keep waste inside no matter what position your cat finds most comfortable when using their litter box. 

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No one box suits every taste and budget, which is why I wanted to be sure to give you a second option to consider when looking to purchase a litter box for your cat with arthritis. 

The KittyGoHere Cat Litter Box

With the KittyGoHere we stick to a box with a simple design and open top to make life easy for arthritic cats.

This box lacks some of the features of the Cove, such as storage space for tools and removable sides, but it holds its own in several important ways as a box worth buying.

Why The KittyGoHere Litter Box Is Great For Cats With Arthritis

Very Low Profile For Entering and Exiting

What this box lacks in higher-end finishes, it makes up for in functional design with arthritic cats in mind. 

Stepping up and down can be painful for cats with arthritis in their legs and paws.

This box is low to the ground and requires the least amount of physical movement possible for a cat to enter and exit. 

While there is a low spot for even easier entry, almost any spot on the box makes an easy entry point giving your arthritic cat many options for pain-free use. 

Find The Perfect Fit With Several Sizes To Choose From 

Most cats with arthritis prefer a large litter box that makes moving and position themselves easily. However, we know that sometimes your own floor space may be limited.

The KittyGoHere box comes in a mix of sizes that you can select from when you order, which means you’ll be sure to get a box that fits your cat and the area you have for a box.

Packaged As A Set Of Two Boxes

When you have a cat with arthritis, you may suddenly find that one litter box just doesn’t work out, even if it did in the past.

Because movement for cats with arthritis can be slower than for other cats and be paired with pain, if a cat needs to travel too far to access their litter box, they may not use it.

Having multiple boxes increases the chances that your arthritic cat will be able to make it to their box on time and without pain.

Making sure your boxes match and are both arthritic and cat friendly also helps increase the chances that your cat will use the boxes without a problem, no matter where they are placed in your home.

One Piece Design Means Easy Cleaning

The more cracks and crevices a litter box has in its design, the harder it can be to clean.

As mentioned before, cats with arthritis can sometimes get waste and litter scattered around more than an average cat due to uncoordinated movements.

A box that is a breeze to clean helps save time and energy for you as an owner and helps cut down on litter box mess.

Purchasers of the KittyGoHere litter box also report that the box is very lightweight when compared to others they have tried, which makes it easy for caregivers of all ages to lift, move, and clean.

If you find your cat’s mobility extremely limited due to arthritis, age, or another medical situation, the KittyGoHere is one of the most low-profile and easy-to-use boxes on the market.

It is lightweight, sells in sets of two, and has a few sizes available to give you options for finding the best fit for your cat and space.

What Makes A Litter Box Good For Cats With Arthritis

No matter what box you decide to try with your arthritic cat, there are a few key features that will help you provide a box that is suited to their unique needs.

Keeping this list in mind as you shop will help you find the best box for your cat.

A Box With a Single Step Entry

An arthritic cat will not enjoy or feel comfortable using a box that requires jumping, climbing, or taking multiple steps to enter and exit.

Some large covered boxes have steps to use to enter the box, but even these can be difficult for a cat with arthritis.

Look for a box that requires the least amount of impactful movement possible for entering and exiting.

A single low step into and out of the box is best to help prevent your cat from avoiding using their litter box.

A Box With An Open Top

Open-top boxes allow for cats to stretch upward in a natural position as they use their litter box and allow arthritic cats extra space to find a position that feels comfortable and not cramped to answer nature’s call.

Some closed-top boxes are dark and tight, which can make a cat with already limited movement struggle to feel safe using their box.

Open-top boxes prevent cats from feeling scared or cramped as they navigate their litter box.

A Box That Works With Multiple Litter Types

You may find that along with changing litter boxes, you need to change litter types when your cat is diagnosed with arthritis.

Changing your cat litter can impact your cat’s stability in the box as well as their comfort.

Having the flexibility to easily change and try out new litters without needing a new box each time is important.

It’s one thing we truly appreciate about both of the boxes in this article.

Where To Best Place A Litter Box For A Cat With Arthritis

Keeping your box low to the ground and off of ledges or other locations that require jumping or climbing to access the box is very important.

Just as important as having the right litter box and litter for your cat with arthritis is making sure you put the litter box in the best possible location for your favorite feline.

A cat that experiences pain and discomfort in reaching their box may give up trying.

Place the box on a slip-resistant surface. If you have tile or slick wooden floors, consider laying down a mat or towel that extends slightly past the edges of the box.

This will help your arthritic cat stabilize themselves as they get into and out of their box. 

Most importantly, try to keep your litter box location as consistent as possible.

If your cat has to search for their box, they may feel stressed and uncomfortable. Knowing exactly where their box allows them time to make it to the box, even on days, their movement is limited.


I hope that you now know what litter box you need for your arthritic cat.

Both boxes suggested are well-designed for cats whose mobility may be limited for a wide range of reasons.

With their designs allowing easy access, along with other helpful and beneficial features, you’ll be both in a much better position should you proceed to get either one of them.