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Best Dog Bed For Diggers [This Is The One To Get]

Dogs love to dig. It is an instinctual behavior, after all.

But digging the bed? Really?

Yes really.

Well, it actually serves a purpose.

It’s how dogs make it more comfortable and warm and to prepare it for lying down.

That makes sense, right?

And now we know it helps our dog; at least, it explains it.

But that still doesn’t mean it’s great for us owners.

Especially if we have already invested in a bed that has since been torn to shreds!

Even more so if our dog is a serious digger with large paws and sharp claws that they know how to use!

If this sounds familiar, then you’ll be pleased you stopped by.

Today, I am going to present to you a few options and my #1 recommendation for a durable bed you can trust in.

I’ll get into why I am making such suggestions shortly, but first, let’s take a look at my #1 recommendation for the best dog bed for diggers, shall we?

Fable Dog Bed

Best Dog Bed For Diggers – Fable Dog Bed

The Fable dog bed is my recommendation and #1 pick.

Crafted with an ultra-durable outer shell, this bed resists stains and water effortlessly, which means not only will it look better in your home, but it will save you repetitive cleaning and replacements.

But durability doesn’t compromise comfort: inside, plush shredded memory foam cradles your dog, offering unrivaled orthopedic support to protect their back and joints. – preventing pain and issues down the line.

And with sizes perfect for every breed, it’s a worthy investment in your dog’s health and happiness.

Save time, money, and ensure your dog’s comfort—all in one purchase!

Why I Recommend The Fable Dog Bed For Diggers

Durable, Tough Materials

The Fable dog bed was designed with premium, long-lasting materials.

As such, it is water, stain, UV, and scratch-resistant, and you can use it both indoors and outdoors as required.

When it comes to diggers, specifically, a few of the customer reviews caught my eye:

“She loves it! She is a digger and likes to tear things up but hasn’t managed to get through it yet! Great material! Easy to clean. She loves to snuggle up in her cozy bed.”

Verified Buyer. Breed – Shiba Inu

And here’s another:

“Love this bed! The fabric stands up to his little moments of wanting to dig at his bed. Looks great and modern in my home & is making my pup and I very happy, highly recommend.”

Verified Buyer. Breed – Pitbull Terrier. 

And again:

“The bed is super soft and seems incredibly durable so far. She digs at it before laying down, and it doesn’t seem to damage whatsoever.”

Verified Buyer. Breed – Sheepadoodle.

As you can see, similar sentiments from different breeds and dog sizes!

Removable, Replaceable Cover

I also love the fact that this bed is designed with a removable, replaceable cover.

This enables you to remove it for washing, or should there be any damage for whatever reason, you could replace it without having to buy a whole new bed.

Breathable And Comfortable

A lot of dog beds designed for diggers are, quite simply, uncomfortable or unsupportive for dogs.

Sure they may not tear up or damage easily, but they lack the structure or padding required for a dog to obtain restful sleep.

The Fable dog bed isn’t one such brand.

Instead, it’s great for all dogs, providing them with orthopedic support and helping to prevent and/or soothe any joint and muscle pain.

Three Different Sizes

The Fable bed is available in three different sizes, including:

  • Extra Small/Small: 24″ x 18″ x 4″
  •  Medium: 30″ x 24″ x 4.75″
  •  Large/Extra Large: 40″ x 30″ x 5″

So, there are options for you regardless of the breed of dog you have.

Alternative Beds For Diggers

Should you want to consider other alternatives to the Fable dog bed discussed above, then take a look at these other options.

Toby and Ace Orthopedic Bed (runner Up)

The Buddy Bed by Toby and Ace is the next best option if you’re dealing with a dog that loves to dig.

Its “tear resistant fabric” is notably durable, standing up well to tougher use.

The egg crate design is a thoughtful touch, aiming to mimic a dog’s natural den to help promote better sleep and relaxation – resulting in the reduced desire to dig altogether.

Additionally, the bed is made from human-grade orthopedic memory foam which adds an extra element of structure and comfort, while also providing benefits to joints.

This blend of durability and comfort makes The Buddy Bed a sensible option for dog owners facing the digging issue.

Oxford Deluxe Mattress Dog Bed 

Majestic Pet Rectangular Dog Bed

The Oxford Deluxe Mattress Dog Bed is another durable bed that is resilient to digging dogs!

It is available in four different sizes in four different colors and again features a durable and removable outer cover should to ever need to swap it out.

Majestic Pet Rectangular Dog Bed

Majestic Pet Rectangular Dog Bed

The Majestic Pet Rectangular dog bed is another alternative to consider.

Again, this bed is scratch, water, and stain-resistant, and it also comes with a zippered slipcover that enables you to remove/replace, and wash as needed.

It also provides great orthopedic support, with the inner material comprising of soft loft fiber.

What To Look For In A Bed For A Dog That Digs

With a dog that loves to dig, you need to ensure you opt for a bed with certain features.

I list the main ones below.

No Materials That Can Fray/Come Loose

It is essential that the bed you go with does not have any materials that could be removed by digging.

You don’t want your dog to chew on or accidentally swallow this material, as it could lead to complications and ill health.

Strong and Durable

It goes without saying, really, but you need to ensure that the bed will hold up to regular digging attempts and that the material will not weaken over time.

The material should be resistant to sharp claws too.

Still Provide Support & Comfort

Just because the bed is robust does not mean that it should not be supportive and comfortable for your dog.

At the end of the day, your dog needs to still use it and feel happy in doing so.

Otherwise, they’ll neglect it. They could even choose the floor instead!

What Size Bed Should I Get My Dog?

To understand what size bed you should get for your dog, you will first need to measure your dog.

With a measuring tape, measure from their shoulders down to their paws.

Jot this measurement down.

Then, take another measurement from the chest bone to the base of their tail.

Again, make a note of it.

From here, you can add 15 cm / 6″ to each measurement, and this will give you a rough estimate of the length and width required.

There should also be some additional space for your dog.

Though if you are in doubt, some brands will recommend a dog bed size if you were to contact them directly or will provide their own sizing guides/suggestions based on breeds.

Note: dog bed sizes will differ from brand to brand, product to product, so do be sure to check ahead of purchase.


If you are looking for a strong, practical, and supportive dog bed for your digging dog, then you can’t go wrong with Fable. 

This is a bed that was designed for dogs with destructive tendencies, and as the customer reviews can confirm, this bed delivers on the brand’s promises.

Not only is it practical, but it’s versatile too.

It also helps that it’s good to look at, too, so you can put this anywhere in your home without it standing out.

It literally becomes part of the furniture. So it will fit in any room, whether this is your kitchen, lounge, or even your bedroom.

Failing that, it was designed to be used outside, too, which is a nice added bonus!

The fact that you can purchase an additional cover, should the need ever arise, is a deal clincher for me.

So check it out and see for yourself. You’ll be pleased you did. As will your dog!

Fable Dog Bed

Best Dog Bed For Dogs That Dig – Fable

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