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Best Dog Food For Aussiedoodles [My #1 Pick & Why]

Have you an Aussiedoodle and are looking to get them the best food to help them thrive?

Do you want to maximize their nutrition while limiting problematic ingredients and potentially harmful allergies at the same time?

Good for you.

You’re doing the right thing.

But, let’s be honest – finding food is not as easy as it may have originally seemed.

Besides there are countless brands and products on the market. Not all of them are suitable for doodles, either.

So, I spent some time researching the market to find only the very best.

My recommendations for you to seriously consider are:

Just Food For Dogs

If you are looking for fresh, whole food meals that are designed by a team of veterinarians (and that is 30% more affordable than other fresh food brands), this is the food to get.

Sundays For Dogs

If you want to create a highly customized food for your aussiedoodle taking into account their unique own needs, then Sundays for Dogs is an excellent alternative.

Best Dog Food For Aussiedoodles

My recommendations for the best dog foods for the Aussiedoodle breed are:

Just Food For Dogs

Just Food for Dogs is my #1 pick and for various different reasons.

This brand was born out of the need to provide a dog food that was of both premium nutrition, and free from any additives, nasties or cheap fillers.

It is designed by a team of veterinarians, has gone through peer-review studies and is regularly assessed by a a team of veterinary-trained Nutrition Consultants, too.

The result.

Fresh, real food.

It’s actually human grade, meaning you could even eat it (if you wanted to!).

If you head over to the food available there, you’ll soon notice the simplicity of the ingredient lists. You’ll also be pleased to find cod liver oil and nutrient blends added.

I love the fact that you can order food pantry fresh, frozen or even design a custom meal plan for your Aussiedoodle – should they have specific needs or you want to make it even more tailored for them.

Then, there is the fantastic service this company offers, including a simple website with an easy ordering process, great competitive pricing and the fact that you could order on repeat subscription should you want to take away the hassle of regular dog food purchasing.

This brands food is ideal for the Aussiedoodle breed, along with Aussiedoodles of all ages and sizes.

You can even follow their clear feeding guides to ensure you feed your Aussiedoodle the perfect amount – minimizing waste and ensuring your dog gets the exact nutrition they need.

“Give us two weeks and we’ll change your dog’s life” is the companies slogan – I think that says a lot.

Why I Recommend Just Food For Dogs For Aussiedoodles

  • Superior quality, that is tested, assessed and designed by true experts/professionals in their field. Food is actually formulated to align with the nutritional standards as set out by the AAFCO.
  • There is a wide range of options available with different meats (Chicken, Turkey, Beef & Lamb) – so, you can find food that is best for your Aussiedoodles preferences, or needs.
  • Dogs fed Just Food For Dogs have been reported to: have improved gastrointestinal health, a healthier coat/skin, have reduced allergy symptoms, have more vitality, have fewer visits to the vet and are on reduced medication!
  • It is 30% more affordable than other fresh dog food brands.
  • They offer free shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all orders.

Sundays For Dogs

Another brilliant dog food brand is Sundays for Dogs.

Again, this is another whole, premium food that is based on real, honest ingredients and designed by a licensed veterinarian. Do you see a theme here?

This complete and balanced food is naturally high protein, and includes some of the most nutrient dense ingredients, including offal (such as liver/heart), various vegetables and important omega 3 rich fish oils.

I love the fact that Sunday For Dogs food is air-dried, meaning that it has been carefully preserved for maximum freshness and to ensure it is shelf-stable. Plus all the nutrition remains in tact.

It doesn’t require refrigeration, and it easy to store and serve to your Aussiedoodle.

Perhaps the biggest benefit when ordering through this company, is to customize the food exactly to your own dogs needs.

There is a simple (and quick), yet highly detailed questionnaire that you can run through that will ensure you order food that meets their precise requirements.

You can enter information such as your dogs age, existing diet, current weight, current body condition, whether they are a picky eater and if they suffer from a sensitive stomach.

By the end, you will find the food that is most suitable for them, given your responses.

So you can literally order with full confidence, knowing you’re getting the best food for your dog.

I also love the website; its ease of use, the ability to order in bulk or via repeat regular delivery and subscription.

Again, this is making food ordering simple, time and cost effective.

Why I Recommend Sundays For Dogs For Aussiedoodles

  • Sunday For Dogs Food is over 90% fresh meat, organs, and bones; it has some of the highest nutrient profiles you can find.
  • You can order at a frequency (1 week-8 week) and a quantity (1-3 boxes) that is best for you.
  • You can design a highly customized diet for your Aussiedoodle.
  • Food is ready to serve right from the moment it is delivered. No preparation required.
  • Food stores well with no need to refrigerate.
  • Ideal for picky eaters and Aussiedoodles with sensitive stomachs.

What To Look For In Dog Food For Your Aussiedoodle

When it comes to purchasing a dog food for your Aussiedoodle, there are certainly some things to look for and consider.

The below are some of the main ones, and that the two brands discussed above fair particularly well against.

Food Suitability

First and foremost, we need to consider the Aussiedoodle as a hybrid breed.

In other words, they are the offspring of two other breeds; the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle.

As such, to ascertain what food is best for aussiedoodles, we must first consider what is best for these two parental breeds.

Thankfully, these dogs have a similar dietary requirement to most small/medium yet relatively active dogs.

Thus, the best food is high in animal-based protein, abundant in vegetables and rich in healthy fats and oils (particularly omega 3s).

Free From Allergens

Poodles are known to suffer from food intolerances and sensitivities and as such, this is something your Aussiedoodle could have inherited.

Food that contains allergens is likely to cause or exacerbate a wide range of ailments, from digestive trouble all the through to coat/skin issues.

Of course, allergens can vary widely between dogs.

This is why it is great to be able to custom-design your dogs diet to remove any potential allergens – that your specific dog suffers from.

At the same time, its essential that you opt for a food that is free from the major offenders such as corn, soy, wheat and dairy.

Nutrient Dense

The best foods will be high in nutrients and will be nutritionally balanced.

Both the Australian Shepherd and Poodle have been known to be more at risk of: eye disorders (cataracts), endocrine issues (Addison’s disease/Cushing’s syndrome) and joint issues (hip/elbow dysplasia).

While these issues are partly genetic, diet can go a long way to preventing or alleviating symptoms.

A diet rich in vitamins C, E, protein, calcium, Omega 3 fatty acids and glucosamine will be of great benefit here.

The best foods naturally contain an abundance of them, and more.

Other Factors To Consider When Buying Food For Your Aussiedoodle

I have also documented a few other factors you will want to consider prior to purchasing food for your Aussiedoodle. Note, that these have been considered prior to selecting the two brands referenced in this guide.

  • Cost– Dog food is costly, especially if you are opting for high quality food that is made from whole ingredients. However, food still needs to be affordable and should be competitively priced.
  • Ease of Ordering – Physically heading to a store and manually lugging it around takes time and energy. Online ordering, and better still subscription-based services will make the whole process simpler, more time and likely cost-effective too.
  • Ability to work out feeding quantities– Ensuring your Aussiedoodle is eating the right amount of food (for them) is essential. The best brands of food will provide clear and easy-to-understand feeding suggestions in alignment with their nutritional profiles.

How Much To Feed Your Aussiedoodle

The amount you should feed your Aussiedoodle will ultimately depend on the food you give them, along with their size, age, health and exercise.

That being said, there are general recommendations, which are going to vary depending on the food/manufacturer.

Both Just Food for Dogs and Sundays for Dogs provide detailed feeding instructions that you can follow to ensure your dog is obtaining the right amount of food.

Final Verdict

Whether you have a young Aussiedoodle pup, or an elder dog starting to show signs that their current diet is not working for them, both Just Food for Dogs and Sundays for Dogs are fantastic options.

They are truly premium brands, both designed by veterinarians, and both designed to give dogs the nutrition they need to thrive.

Not only that, they have gone a step further and considered you, the owner too.

Ease of ordering, ease of feeding, ease of storing – these are just some of the many benefits that these services will provide you.

And while either brands tick all of the boxes, I’d personally recommend you purchase Just Food For Dogs.

While there’s not much in it, I just believe that the team behind Just Food For Dogs (and the fact that it is peer-reviewed) and made in an open kitchen, just gives it the edge.


Do Aussiedoodles have sensitive stomachs?

Aussiedoodles have been known to suffer with sensitive stomachs, and it does appear to be a characteristic of the breed. That being said, not all Aussiedoodles will have a sensitive stomach nor even be sensitive to the same foods.

Are Aussiedoodles picky eaters?

Some Aussiedoodles have been known to be picky eaters, but this is most likely a result of environmental factors and upbringing rather than a breed trait.