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Best Dog Food For Boxers With Allergies

Does your boxer unfortunately suffer with allergies? Have you noticed that most regular, branded food causes them to flair up, or that their symptoms get worse? Then you’re going to need to switch them over to a much more suitable, appropriate food.

Thankfully, you’re on the right path. Better yet, you came here today.

I’ve researched the market extensively to find the best dog food for boxers with allergies.

These truly premium brands will make all the difference – besides, they were designed and formulated specifically to help dogs obtain maximum nutrition without suffering from all the negative side-affects that most brands of dog food unfortunately produce.

Why, because they are made from real, whole foods without any of the known and commonly offending allergens.

So without further ado, here are my two recommendations:

#1 Pick

Just Food For Dogs

JustFoodForDogs Logo

If you are looking for fresh, whole food portioned meals designed by a team of veterinarians (and that is 30% more affordable than other fresh food brands), this is the brand to get.


Sundays For Dogs

If your Boxer suffers from particular allergies and you want to order a highly customized meal plan on a repeat subscription, then Sundays for Dogs is an excellent alternative.

Best Dog Food For Boxers With Allergies

Here are my top picks for the dog foods for Boxers with allergies:

Just Food For Dogs

Just Food for Dogs is my #1 suggestion for a number of different reasons.

This brand has become a market leader in premium, real dog food, ever since they were founded in 2010.

And it was all based on a mission to bring ‘real food’ to the market. Free from misleading labels, harmful chemical preservatives and “ingredients”.

Since then, the company has expanded into a dedicated team of veterinarians and nutrition consultants producing a diverse product range that includes Pantry Fresh and Fresh Frozen meals, along with custom diets, treats and supplements.

The food is also made in open to the public human-grade kitchens; not factories or warehouses where attention to detail and quality will naturally suffer (and there is the real risk of cross-contamination!)

If you take a close look at the ingredient list of their food, you’ll soon notice its all recognizable and food you’d be happy to eat. It is human grade and produced fresh, after all.

It’s free from the most common allergens, and you even have options should your dog be suffering an allergen in particular (for instance, if they do not do well with chicken, you can order turkey).

If you are looking for a particular suggestion, though, take a look at the PantryFresh Chicken & White Rice.

This is one of the most easily digested foods and most dogs will thrive on it.

What I like most about this particular company is that their food has been subjected to peer-reviewed studies and has passed ( and continues to pass) strict AAFCO feeding trials.

The ordering process is also simple, the pricing is very reasonable (in fact, it often works out cheaper with less waste), and you can even order on subscription to save all of the hassle of going out to the store each time your boxer needs food!

What I Love About Just Food For Dogs

  • All food has been formulated and is prepared by a licensed team of veterinarians and Nutrition Consultants.
  • Food meets the strict criteria of AAFCO, which means all food will meet the nutritional need of your dogs – regardless of their age.
  • You have a lot of options when ordering – be it fresh, frozen, or individual meals/ingredients and flavors.
  • You can custom create food for your Boxer, should you need to, why benefiting from the expertise of the Just Food For Dog veterinary-trained Nutrition Consultants.

Sundays For Dogs

Another brilliant alternative for your Boxer is Sundays for Dogs.

Again, this is a company (set up by a veterinarian), who is dedicated to providing human grade, high quality food for dogs.

But what this brand does particularly well, is that they enable you to order a custom-designed diet for your dog, effortlessly.

You can literally go through a simple, online form, and by the end, know exactly what food is right for your boxer.

You just answer questions, such as the age of your dog, the breed, their activity levels, their weight, if they are a picky eater, if they suffer from a sensitive stomach, and so on.

Instantly you are provided with a recommendation – taking all the guessing away and knowing what you need to get.

I also love the fact that all food is shelf-stable, does not require refrigeration and is already portioned out for simple feeding.

The site is very customer friendly, the shopping experience is flawless, and you can order on repeat subscription too.

What I Love About Sundays For Dogs

  • You can ensure that the food you purchase does not contain any allergies your boxer is suffering from,
  • All food is air-dried. This ensures nutrients and flavors are in-tact and removes any bacteria that could otherwise cause issues.
  • The focus of Sunday for Dogs food is fresh meat, organs and bones. It provides some of the highest levels of nutrition of dog foods on the market.
  • The ease of ordering and the shopping experience, in general.

What Makes Food Suitable For A Boxer With Allergies?

If your boxer is known to suffer with allergies, a change of diet can have dramatic and prompt improvements on their symptoms.

But it is crucial that you make the right transition; and that you simply do not move them over to another food that is equally problematic, or makes things worse!

So, what makes a food suitable for boxer with allergies? Let’s take a look…

Free From Potential Allergens

Not all dogs will suffer from the same allergens. However, some are known to be equally problematic and are best avoided by most dogs.

For instance, wheat, cheap grains and additives (fillers) are those to particularly look out for.

From there it could be specific proteins too, with Dairy often causing issues.

Less frequently, some dogs suffer with Beef, Chicken or Lamb.

So you do need to be mindful of what your boxer is sensitive too in particular. Doing sensitivity tests, and liaising with a vet is advised here.

From there, you can order a food without the specific allergens.

Nevertheless, the best dog foods are made of real, whole food and give you the ability to choose between different high-quality protein sources.

Easily Digested Ingredients

If your boxer is suffering from allergies, chances are they are not obtaining all the nutrition they need.

So, you want to ensure that they are eating a food that they can digest easily and absorb all the nutrition from they need.

Nutrient Dense

It goes without saying but the best dog foods for boxers with allergies will provide the maximum nutrition – with a wide range of vitamins and minerals that they can benefit from.

This is where offal and organ meat comes in, with the better foods including them in their formulations.

Equally, the best dog food brands will focus on cooking and preparation techniques that preserve nutrient retention and do not destroy them during the process.

Nutritionally Balanced

Next up, you need to ensure that your boxer is consuming the right amounts of protein, fat, and carbohdrates.

If this is unbalanced, your dog could suffer from either digestive upset, a worsening of symptoms, or weight loss/gain.

Flavorful and Appetizing 

And lastly, you need to ensure that the food you offer your boxer is actually desirable.

Will they want to eat it. And eat it all.

You don’t want them turning their noses up and you having to throw away their food.

The best brands of dog food will ensure that their food is appetizing, and meats a dogs instinctual needs.

Other Considerations When Buying Food For Your Boxer

I’ve also outlined a few other suggested considerations before you place an order. Note that the recommended brands referenced here today rate highly against each.

  • Cost– Dog food is expensive, particularly premium food that is based on real whole ingredients. That being said, there is an element of ‘you get what you pay for’ and the cheaper dog foods are cheaper for a reason (they are made with cheap ingredients and that in turn is reflected in the price). That being said, you need food that is cost-effective and affordable in the long term.
  • Ease of Ordering – Physically getting in the car and lugging around a large bag of dog food is not longer necessary. Ordering online, especially with a repeat subscription service is the way to go. You’ll save a lot of time, effort (and money on fuel costs) too.
  • Feeding & Portions– Ensuring your boxer gets the right amount of food (is essential. It should take into account their age, activity and body composition, for starters. The better brands of dog food will provide clear and accurate feeding charts/recommendations – specifically for the dog food they are selling.

Final Verdict

Just Food for Dogs and Sundays for Dogs – these really are two of the best brands that any boxer owner could look to feed their dog.

Even more so if their dog is suffering from allergies!

Made exclusively of whole food and nutrient dense ingredients, this food will ensure your dog can truly thrive.

And while both brands are strongly recommended, I’d actually you suggest you purchase Just Food For Dogs.

There’s very little in it.

But the fact that their food is made in open kitchens by a certified team of nutrition consultants and the fact the food is regularly tested and designed by a team of veterinarians, gives them the edge. At least for me.

Ultimately though, the choice is all yours and you have to do what is best for both you, and your boxer:


What Foods Should Boxers With Allergies Avoid?

Boxers should avoid foods with multiple potential allergens, such as those that include several different protein sources. They should also refrain from eating foods that contain the most common allergens.

Boxers are most commonly allergic to beef, dairy, wheat, egg, chicken, lamb/mutton, soy, pork, rabbit, and/or fish.

How Can You Tell If Your Boxer Is Allergic To Food?

You can tell if your boxer is allergic to food via their response in the hours, days and weeks following consumption. In the immediate realm of time, gastrointestinal upset, diarrhea and vomiting are likely experienced. Long term, dermatologic signs like itchiness, poor skin and coat, and chronic ear or foot infections are also commonly observed.

Is Chicken Good For Boxers With Allergies?

Chicken can be an excellent protein source and food for boxers with allergies, although some boxers do have sensitivities or intolerances specifically to chicken. So whether it is good or not ultimately depends on the type of allergies your boxer has.

Is Rice OK For Boxers With Allergies?

Rice is typically okay for boxers with allergies. In fact, it is often recommended due to it being more easily digested quickly absorbed.

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