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Best Dog Food For Bernedoodles [The #1 Brand & Why]

You’ve just brought a young and energetic Bernedoodle into your home. Or, you’ve had one a while and you now know it’s time to upgrade their current diet. Either way, you are looking for the best dog food for this particular breed, right?

That’s what I am here to do today.

To present to you the best dog food options for Bernedoodles, justify why and set you on your way.

Besides, finding dog food isn’t as easy as it necessarily should be.

Too many brands, products and options if you ask me!

And most of them, are just not up to standard.

So having extensively researched the market and compared brands side by side, I’d now like to introduce to you my top two picks:

Just Food For Dogs

If you are looking for fresh, whole food meals that are designed by a team of veterinarians (and that is 30% more affordable than other fresh food brands), this is the food to get.

Sundays For Dogs

If you want to create a highly customized food for your Bernedoodle taking into account their unique own needs, then Sundays for Dogs is an excellent alternative.

Best Dog Food For Bernedoodles

My recommendations for the best dog foods for the Bernedoodle breed are:

Just Food For Dogs

Just Food for Dogs is my #1 choice and the brand I suggest you order for your Bernedoodle.

The entire business was created to fill the need for high quality dog food – free from the common food allergens and other cheap and unhealthy additives (that most store-bought popular dog food brands contain).

There is an entire team of veterinarians behind Just Food for Dogs – not only designing recipes, but analyzing ingredients, formulations and actually making the food in open kitchens/

And as a result, the food really is of the highest standard.

Their meals are complete and nutritionally balanced, including some of the most nutrient dense ingredients (such as offal).

They also include additional supplemental nutrient blends and omega 3 fatty acids too.

Personally, I am amazed at the fact that you can order food pantry fresh, frozen or you could even customize your own food if your Bernedoodle has particular needs or requirements.

Additionally, you can tap into the operations and fulfilment benefits this service can offer.

The website is easy to navigate, ordering is quick and simple, its cheaper than food from equivalent brands and you can even set up auto-shipping to have your Bernedoodles food delivered as and when you need it.

This is the kind of food your Bernedoodle needs, and its suitable whether they are a young pup or an older dog with a sensitive stomach.

The only thing that changes is the amount you need to feed. But, with clear, descriptive feeding guides, you’ll find getting the serving sizes right is simple.

“Give us two weeks and we’ll change your dog’s life” is the brands motto – well, let that be your Bernedoodle.

Why I Recommend Just Food For Dogs For Bernedoodles

  • Amazing quality. This food has been put through peer-reviewed studies! It’s also been designed and formulated to align with the nutritional standards as set out by the AAFCO.
  • Various options and recipes available based on different meats (Chicken, Turkey, Beef & Lamb) – so you will find a food your Bernedoodle loves and does best on.
  • Dogs fed Just Food For Dogs have been reported to: have improved gastrointestinal health, a healthier coat/skin, have reduced allergy symptoms, have more vitality, have fewer visits to the vet and are on reduced medication!
  • This food is 30% cheaper than other fresh dog food brands.
  • You get free shipping and there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all orders.

Sundays For Dogs

If you need another option to consider, let it be Sundays for Dogs.

It’s a very similar brand with a very similar mission and story.

Again, this is a brand focused on offering the highest quality dog food, with a focus on real, human-grade ingredients.

As you would expect, it has also been designed by a veterinarian.

Sundays for Dogs is a complete and balanced food; rich in protein and a number of essential vitamins and minerals.

Offal, ,muscle meat, vegetables and omega 3 oils make up this food.

Better still, this food is air-dried, so it does come as a kibble.

But, where it is superior to regular kibble, the drying process ensures that nutrients are preserved and the food remains fresh and shelf-stable.

You do not need to refrigerate it (even after opening), and storage is therefore simple and easy.

Plus, you can run through their intuitive meal customization questionnaire to ensure you are getting a food most suitable for your Bernedoodle.

You’ll enter key data points on your dog, ranging from their age, current diet/weight/body condition all the way through to their food sensitivities and preferences.

At the end, you’ll be given a recommendation of what to buy.

No choices.

Just one option – taking away all the confusion and choice.

And you’ll know with full confidence you are buying the right food, for your dog.

Which is half the battle, let’s be honest.

Plus, the website is truly fantastic, its easy to use, you can order in bulk on repeat subscription at a frequency and at a quantity to suit your needs/budget.

Why I Recommend Sundays for Dogs For Bernedoodles

  • Sunday For Dogs Food is made from 90% fresh meat, organs, bones; ensuring it is abundant in protein. The other 10% is vegetables and other beneficial wholesome real ingredients.
  • You can set up a repeat order at a frequency (1 week-8 week) and a quantity (1-3 boxes) that is right for you and your circumstances.
  • You can design a highly customized diet that is best suited to your Bernedoodle.
  • Food is ready to serve and you do not need to prepare/alter the recipe in any way.
  • Food stores very well and does not need to be refrigerated.
  • Ideal for picky eaters and Bernedoodles who suffer from sensitive stomachs.

What To Look For In Dog Food For Your Bernedoodle

When looking for dog food for your Bernedoodle, there are some factors that you will want to think about prior to ordering/feeding.

The below are of the greatest importance.

Consider that both Just Food for Dogs and Sundays for Dogs meet the criteria specified and set out below.

Food Suitability

First and foremost, we need to consider the type of breed that a Bernedoodle is.

As a hybrid breed, they are the result of breeding an Australian Shepherd and the Poodle.

You likely know that already.

But you may not have considered the implication it has on diet.

And with a hybrid breed, we need to consider both parental breeds, too.

Thankfully, these parental breeds have a similar dietary needs to most other small/medium yet energetic and active dogs.

Thus, the best food is abundant in animal-based protein and is supported with vegetables and rich in healthy fats (mostly omega 3s).

Free From Allergens and Additives

Poodles typically suffer from food intolerances and sensitivities and as such, this is something your Bernedoodle could suffer from too (should it have been inherited).

Dog foods that contain allergens will likely cause or make ailment worse, and they can present themselves in various ways and at different time frames, whether it be immediate digestive trouble or long-term issues with skin/coat quality.

One thing to consider here is that what is an allergy is one dog may not necessarily be in another.

Some dogs have allergies to ingredients you wouldn’t normally think are problematic.

For instance, it could even be chicken or beef.

This is why the ability to choose from a range, or create a custom-designed diet your Bernedoodle is so crucial.

At the same time, it’s always a good idea to avoid foods that contain the typical allergy offenders such as corn, soy, wheat and dairy.

Nutrient Dense

The best foods will have maximum nutrition and will be nutritionally balanced – offering the right amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Now back to the parental breeds.

Australian Shepherds and Poodles are more susceptible to:

  • Eye disorders (cataracts),
  • Endocrine issues (Addison’s disease/Cushing’s syndrome)
  • Joint issues (hip/elbow dysplasia).

While these health conditions are somewhat genetic, diet can go a long way to preventing or alleviating symptoms.

A diet rich in vitamins C, E, protein, calcium, Omega 3 fatty acids and glucosamine will all maximize your dogs chances against such conditions.

The best foods will contain an abundance of these nutrients, along with many more.

Other Factors To Consider When Buying Food For Your Bernedoodle

There are other factors that you may want to consider before purchasing food for your Bernedoodle.

Note: the brands suggested here today comply with the following points.

  • Cost – Dog food is expensive – there is no way around it. It is usually even more expensive if you opt for higher quality food made from better ingredients and manufacturing processes. That being said you need to consider the amount you are ordering at once, any secondary costs (such as fuel to go to the store) etc. At the same time, food should always be affordable.
  • Ease of Ordering – Regularly and routinely visiting a store to buy food takes its toll – both in terms of time, effort and financially. Ordering your dogs food online simply makes sense. Subscription-based services make the whole process considerably easier too.
  • Ability to work out serving sizes– Ensuring your Bernedoodle eats the right amount of food (for them) is essential. The best brands will offer clear and definitive recommendations that takes into account the nutritional profiles their food provides.

How Much Should I Feed My Bernedoodle?

The amount you should feed your Bernedoodle will depend on multiple factors; the food you give them and in accordance with their age, weight, size, health and amount of exercise they undertake.

Nonetheless, there are general recommendations, which you are going to need to follow and them somewhat adapt depending on your dogs own needs.

The Just Food for Dogs and Sundays for Dog brands both provide detailed feeding instructions so that you can ensure your Bernedoodle is eating an optimal amount of food (neither too little, nor too much).

Final Verdict

Regardless of whether you have a small Bernedoodle puppy, or an older, senior dog – Just Food for Dogs and Sunday for Dogs are brilliant options.

Besides, they were designed with dogs of all breeds and ages in mind.

They are reputable and trusted brands, designed and manufactured by teams of veterinarians.

And they make the whole process of ordering, serving and storing immensely practical too!

So while you should consider both brands, if you are looking for one suggestion and one suggestion only, if I were you I’d opt for Just Food For Dogs.

While there’s really not a lot in it, Just Food for Dogs appear to edge it, purely on the fact that they offer more food options and recipes.