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12 Of The Dog Sitter Gifts You Have To Consider

Have you spent time away and used the services of a great dog sitter? Would you like to give your dog sitter a gift to thank them for all their hard work? If that’s the case, then you need to take a look at these gifts we rounded up with your dog sitter in mind. From useful to fun and heartfelt to wearable, we have found a group of gifts that are sure to show your gratitude. 

Dog Lover Travel Mug

If your dog sitter drinks caffeine to get through those early morning walks, this mug is a great gift for them. This stainless steel mug holds 12 oz of liquid and has double wall vacuum insulation to help keep hot drinks hot and the cool ones cold. It comes laser engraved with a dog head image and the saying “Canines and Caffeine Make Me Happy.” Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and a handle for easy carrying on the go, make this travel mug a sweet thank you that will get tons of use.

“Thanks For Everything” Pet Picture Frame

This marble resin frame is engraved with the saying, “Thanks For Everything, I Had A Great Time” and comes with plenty of room to display a picture of your happy pup. This frame is available in 4” x 6” size or 5” x 5” size. This frame can be set up on a flat surface or comes with the needed equipment for a wall mount. Show your sitter appreciation, and the great time your dog had with this sentimental picture frame.

Gardiners Of Scotland Vanilla Fudge Thank-You Tin

Many pet sitters have a sweet tooth, and this 8.8 oz thank-you tin full of individually wrapped vanilla fudge is certain to hit the spot. While the fudge is nice, it is the reusable tin that makes this a gift truly designed with dog sitters in mind. The tin is decorated with a variety of dog breeds and includes a message that tells your sitter thank you for watching your dog in pretty scripted writing. After the candy is gone, the tin remains and can be used to hold anything from dog treats to another special sweet item.

Best Dog Sitter Ever Zippered Pouch

Dog sitters have a wide range of things to carry, from treats to potty bags to, well…more treats. Why not show your appreciation by giving them the option of storing a thing or two in a zippered pouch that reminds them how amazing they are? Measuring approximately 9” x 6”, this pouch can be used for anything from personal cosmetic items to pet sitting needs. It is available in a white or black base with the colored design “Best Dog Sitter Ever” and two cute paw prints for decoration. This pouch is sturdy for long-lasting use and very easy to clean. A gift that is functional and fitting for a great dog sitter.

Dog Sitter Throw Pillow

At least once in their life, every great dog sitter has used the phrase, “I can’t, I have to dog sit,” and not minded the excuse to get out of something much less entertaining than cuddling a sweet puppy. Now that phrase can be used to acknowledge the work and time your sitter puts into caring for your dog when you are away. This throw pillow is available in 16” x 16” or 18” x 18” sizes and is printed double-sided for maximum impact.

Wonderful Dog Sitter Key Chain

Keeping track of the house keys for pet sitting is a bit more enjoyable when every time you unlock the door, you are reminded you are appreciated. That’s exactly what this engraved stainless steel keychain will do for your dog sitter. The keychain comes with a charm and a tag that is engraved with a dog sitter thank you message in an easy-to-read script. It is also lead and nickel free and will not tarnish, which means it can be used for many pet sitting adventures to come.

“I Let The Dogs Out” T-Shirt

If you are searching for a gift that can bring a chuckle and serve a purpose, this t-shirt is a great option. We’ve heard the song “Who Let The Dogs Out?” and now we have the answer – it was your dog sitter, of course! Available in 10 colors and a selection of men’s, women’s, and children’s cuts and sizes, this is a useful gift for a humor-appreciating dog sitter. 

Professional Dog Sitter T-Shirt

If the idea of a t-shirt sounds great, but you want something a little less on the silly side, then this Professional Dog Sitter T-Shirt is an option worth buying. A classic design in popular retro colors with dog outlines, this t-shirt shows that you respect what your pet sitter does and gives them something they can wear when pet sitting or just out enjoying their day. Also available in a wide range of colors and sizes, this dog sitting apparel is a solid thank you gift for the love your sitter shows your dog.

Handmade Wooden Person and Dog Statue

This wooden set is perfect for a dog sitter who loves clean and classic design while having a sentimental touch. These statues feature a human (woman, man, or child available) embracing a happy dog and can reflect on the special relationship between a great dog sitter and their clients. With high-end hand-carved and stained finishes, this is a gift that can be displayed tastefully anywhere your pet sitter chooses. A special gift memorializing the connection many pets share with their sitters.

Paw Print Keepsake Ornament

A perfect personal gift from your pup to their sitter around the holidays is a paw print keepsake ornament. This gift set makes two paw print ornaments so that you can give one and keep one or give both to two special dog sitters. If you have more than one dog, you can give a print from each one as well! Clear directions and letter stamps are included for you to make your ornament and personalize it with your dog’s name and the year. The clay is non-toxic and air-dries, so there is no need to bake or mix special ingredients, and your dog sitter gets a one-of-a-kind thank you!

Dog Sitter Appreciation Notebook

It is pretty common for owners and pet sitters to share notes or information about the dogs we love. Make the task a little more rewarding by using or gifting this notebook that has cover art that demonstrates appreciation for the many tasks a dog sitter takes on in our absence. If you keep a log of your dog’s daily activities, your sitter will smile every time they open the notebook. This also can be given as a direct gift for your dog sitter to determine how to fill each neatly lined page.

Dog Speak Thank You Card

When the sitting is all said and done, it’s our own words that can often have the biggest impact. Taking time to write out a thank-you note to your dog sitter with the things you love about them will touch their heart for years to come. You can add some joyful dog touches to your written word with these thank you cards that show a paw spelling thank you out of dog bones and a thank you sentiment being written by the dog themselves. Your repeat business, along with a great card, is a small gesture that will go a long way in your dog sitter’s heart and mind.

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