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Best Litter Box For Diabetic Cat

Has your cat been diagnosed with diabetes? If so, you have likely had to make several changes to your cat’s diet and daily routine. You may have also noticed some changes in their toilet habits and are considering a change of litter boxes.

Today, I am going to show you two fantastic litter boxes for cats with diabetes. 

Each box has its own unique style and features while being a great fit for a diabetic cat. 

I have searched high and wide across the market to find those most suitable, not just in terms of access but also that provide added perks to you, the owner, too (like the ease of cleaning and general upkeep). 

The result – I have two great options I would like to present to you.

But first, here is my recommendation of choice:

Best Litter Box For A High Peeing Cat - Cove

Quick Verdict

The Cove cat litter box by Tuft + Paw litter box is my standout option and recommendation for diabetic cats.

This award winning litter box was literally designed for easy access, while also offering protection and support.

Best Litter Box For Diabetic Cat

The Cove Litter Box With Removable Shelter

The Cove Litter box has a timeless look that incorporates the best of traditional litter box features with quality materials and thoughtful touches.

It’s also a great pick for a diabetic cat.

Why The Cove Litter Box Is Great For Diabetic Cats

Designed For Quick Access

Diabetic cats often need to urinate more frequently and without as much warning as other cats.

If a box is hard to enter and exit, your diabetic cat may not make it in time or may avoid trying to use the box.

The Cove litter box has low walls that allow for easy one-step entry from any side of the box.

There is no cover or special opening a cat must go through to access the box. If your cat is in a hurry, they should have no problem hopping quickly into their box to go.

Because the box is a simple rectangular shape, it can be easily placed in almost any location, which means you can put it in a location that is easy for your cat to reach from any spot in the house without being limited by size or shape.

Non-Stick Materials Don’t Hold Odor

With a cat that urinates more frequently, you could be worried about increased urine smell.

However, users love the material of the Cove litter box, which is high-quality, non-porous plastic.

The sides of the Cove litter box are easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth and can be washed with warm soapy water from time to time without harm.

The material doesn’t absorb liquids or encourage litter to stick to the box sides, which also cuts back on unwanted smells.

A box that makes it easy to not leave litter behind is a box that is easy to keep clean and freshly scented.

Large Pan Base Works With Any Litter Type

With a diabetes diagnosis for your cat, you may find that you need to change litter types to something more absorbent, a litter that doesn’t clump for gathering urine samples, or to a more affordable litter. 

With the Cove litter box, you can choose any litter type you want without worrying that the box won’t serve its purpose.

Many times automatic litter boxes or litter boxes with small litter pans don’t work well with certain litter types.

The Cove’s easy clean material and large open-top pan make it compatible with any litter you and your cat enjoy.

The deeper-than-normal pan also allows you to find the perfect litter depth for your cat and the litter type you use.

Pelleted litter often needs a deep box to create a good litter base, while clay litter may not.

Removable Wall Shields Provide Protection and Support

Versatility is the name of the game with the Cove’s design and accessories.

Users of the Cove litter box appreciate the removable plastic walls that can line three sides of the box as needed. 

If your cat is having no problem accessing the box from one side, the three removable walls are great for keeping waste inside the box during use.

 Occasionally diabetic cats can suffer from hind-end weakness, which may make them wobbly or feel the need to urinate in less natural positions.

When the walls are in place, your cat can lean against them for support, and the walls keep any accidentally high-spraying urine contained.

Special touches that raise the Cove litter box to the top of any shopping list include the custom-sized cleaning tools – dustpan, brush, and scoop – with built-in storage, the sleek outer design in neutral colors that fits well into any decor style, and its ability to fit into a wide variety of spaces without taking up too much floor space.

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My love for the Cove litter box runs deep, but if you are the search of a litter box that is great for diabetic cats with a modern twist or that cleans itself, we have another option for you to consider.

The Choueer ChouBox Automatic Litter Box

The Choueer box is perfect for owners who want to be at the leading edge of technology and diabetic cats who need a litter box they can use with comfort.

Check out the features that make the Choueer Choubox a top pick. 

Why The Choueer Litter Box Is Great For Diabetic Cats

Leading Edge Technology Automatically Cleans the Box After Use

Diabetic cats tend to eat and drink more than other cats, leading to increased use of their litter box.

This also means that without consistent cleaning, waste and smells can build up more quickly.

The Choueer litter box makes keeping the litter box clean easy by using the most up-to-date sensors and automatic cleaning technology.

With regular automatic cleaning pushing waste into a tightly sealed lower waste chamber, the litter inside the box stays fresh in feel and scent.

Sensors on the box indicate when a cat is near so that the box stays quiet and ready for use until your cat has left the area.

This is especially great for easily startled cats.

Automatic cleaning is wonderful for diabetic cats so that owners don’t feel the need to continuously check the box for scooping, and the environment remains enjoyable for your cat to use.

Contemporary Appearance Paired With Wrap Around Sides That Still Allows For Vertical Stretching

Cats with diabetes may find they need to use their litter box in unique positions. This can lead to your cat needing support in their litter box or waste accidentally leaving the box.

The Choueer box has a contemporary appearance that includes wrap-around sides to help keep waste in its place. 

Many fully enclosed litter boxes don’t work well for diabetic cats because they restrict movement and won’t accommodate a weak or wobbly cat. 

The designers of the Choueer box managed to incorporate an open top and wide sides.

This allows diabetic cats who are experiencing limb weakness plenty of options for positioning themselves inside the box.

Because your diabetic cat may have frequent, urgent needs to urinate, your litter box will likely be in a noticeable place in your home.

The modern design of the Choueer keeps cat waste from being on display and can actually add design interest to your home.

Odor Eliminating Waste Drawer With Fitted Trash Bags

It’s natural to be concerned about Odor and where waste goes when using an automatic litter box.

Add in the fact that a diabetic cat’s urine can have a unique scent; odor control is extremely important.

The Choueer litter box has a waste drawer at its base that locks securely into place, creating a seal that keeps Odor locked in place.

To ensure the least amount of smell possible, the box also uses UV emitters within the waste drawer that are known to cut down on environmental smells.

Even with a frequently urinating cat, such as one with diabetes, owners report being able to go 1.5 – 2 weeks without needing to empty the Choueer waste drawer.

Custom-fitted trash bags also make disposing of waste a simple process.

Complete Cleaning Control At Your Fingertips With The Choueer App

While the Choueer is designed to easily be set in “auto mode,” with the box automatically cleaning at a set time after use (10 minutes after use, for example), you can enjoy the ability to control when the box cleans itself right from your phone or tablet.

The ability to control your box from your phone is not only convenient, but it can also be helpful if your cat has diabetes and you need to collect stool samples.

Telling the box to pause cleaning can allow you time to collect specific samples from the box without contamination by other waste.

What Makes A Litter Box Good For Diabetic Cats

Features that help make a litter box good for diabetic cats are easy entry points, an ability to use a variety of litters, higher sides when possible to provide support and added waste containment, and a box you are happy to have in a prominent place in your home.

Easy Entry For Your Cat

As we mentioned, diabetic cats often need to use the litter box frequently and with urgency.

A box that is easy for these cats to quickly get into and out of will help prevent accidents outside of the box.

Cats with advanced-stage diabetes may experience weakness, especially in their hind limbs.

A box that is simple to get into and out of will help them feel comfortable and safe and increase the chances they will use their litter box reliably.

A Box That Supports A Variety Of Litter Types

The litter box is likely not the only change you may want to consider when your cat has diabetes. Some litters do a better job of absorbing urine and Odor than others. 

You may want a litter that allows for easy collection of urine samples or a litter that is a touch lower in price because you have other added feline medical expenses.

I like the pan-style Cove box because it can hold any litter type while remaining easy to clean.

The pan is deep enough to allow for a range of litter depths, and no matter the type, litter is unlikely to stick to the box.

For automatic boxes, you can’t beat the Choueer’s versatility. Many automatic boxes work with only one kind of litter.

The Choueer has reports of working exceptionally well with any type of clumping litter material.

High Sides To Help Support Your Cat And Keep Waste In Place

If your diabetic cat struggles to stay stable while using the litter box, higher sides can offer some support and stability as a place for your cat to lean if needed. 

If your cat does feel the need to urinate in new positions, high sides can prevent urine from spraying outside the box. 

The removable sides of the Cove litter box provide you with even more options for higher or lower sides.

A Visually Appealing Box

With a diabetic cat in the house, you want to place litter boxes in easy to reach common areas.

It is also wise to consider having more than one box in your home.

With that in mind, your box is likely to be in a place where it is frequently seen by your family and friends.

Having a box that you don’t mind the sight of is going to make life with your diabetic cat a lot more pleasant.

Choueer owners love that from the outside; it doesn’t noticeably resemble a litter box. Cove box owners like the sleek, unassuming design of the more traditional box.

The Perfect Box

Wanting to provide the best litter box for your diabetic cat is part of what makes you such a great owner.

I know however, that the shopping process can be overwhelming, and a great litter box is a need, not a want.

I hope that this article helped you narrow down your choices by understanding what features to seek out and giving you a couple of fantastic options to consider purchasing.

Remember, each box has unique features and perks that stand to help make you and your cat live in healthy harmony.

Over to you…