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Best Wipes For Dog Bottom [These Are The Ones To Get!]

Cleaning your dog’s bottom. It’s not very glamorous, is it? But it needs to be done.

And cleaning such a sensitive area requires that you only use good quality products.

But you know that already. That’s why you are here.

But curiosity got the better of you, and instead of just purchasing your average wipe, you’ve decided to look for the best wipes.

Good for you.

And you’ll be glad you did.

The truth is, most wipes out there are just not fit for purpose. At least they are not fit for a dog bottom. At least with consistent use.

But do not despair.

There are some out there that are.

I decided to extensively research the market to find such wipes, and I’ll be sharing my #1 recommendation here with you today.

First, we will take a look at the brand, and then I’ll walk you through why I am such a big advocate of them!

Fable Dog Wipes

Best Wipes For Dog Bottom – Fable Wipes

The Fable dog wipes are my recommendation and #1 pick.

These all-natural pet wipes only contain 6 thoroughly tested and safe organic ingredients: purified water, organic coconut oil, organic aloe vera, organic green tea extract, natural glycerin, and benzoic acid.

They are free from fragrances, alcohols, parabens or dyes and are ideal for sensitive areas, such as bottoms

Why I Recommend The Wipes By Fable

Minimum, Organic Formulation

Firstly, for such a delicate area, it is essential that we are particularly mindful about what we put on our dogs’ bottoms.

We do not want to irritate or cause harm to this area.

Thus, it is essential that we only use wipes with the minimum number of ingredients possible.

And those ingredients must be safe, too.

If you look closely at the formulation for Fable wipes, you will soon see why it is such a good product.

Aloe vera, for instance, is soothing and a potent anti-inflammatory. Studies have shown that it is a great plant compound to use on wounds and open areas.

Following on, Benzoic acid is a natural, safe and effective anti-microbial – exactly the kind of ingredient you will want to put on this area!

Equally, you have to consider that these ingredients will also be coming into contact with your hands/skin (unless gloves are worn).

You don’t want to subject yourself to any nasties, either.

You Can Use It On All Sensitive Areas

Fable wipes are not just bottom wipes.

You can use them on any sensitive area for your dog (so long as you get a new wipe, of course).

So, whether you want to use them around your dog’s eyes, ears, underbelly, or paws. They are effective wherever they are used.


Personally, I love the ability to auto-order or replenish.

You can set this up every 30 days, so you never run out.

Plus, you make an additional 10% saving on your order when you do so.

It’s a fantastic way to save time and unnecessary mind energy – you are simply taking away the recurring task here.


Fable Wipes are extra large by default – making them immensely practical and easy to use.

And for an area such as a bottom, you don’t want to be getting too close or using small wipes. That could get unhygienic and disgusting pretty quickly.


Fable wipes come in a convenient canister which has two primary benefits:

  1. They are easy to store,
  2.  You can remove wipes quickly and easily.

A canister is very practical, and the lid can be easily secured and sealed to prevent the wipes from drying out.

Fable does not use that annoying non-sticky label that remains open even if properly closed after a couple of uses.

What To Look For In Wipes For Your Dogs Bottom

The following recommendations are features to look for in wipes that make them safe and effective for use on a dog’s bottom.

Note: Fable wipes stack up well against all such items.

Free From Chemicals/Alcohol/Parabens

Chemicals, Alcohol, and Parabens can cause a lot of issues.

And there are a lot out there. In fact, different brands often use many in different quantities.

Thus, it can be hard to identify what your dog may react to should it do so.

Opting for a brand with minimal ingredients will help reduce/overcome the chances of a reaction.


You are going to need to order dog wipes routinely over the years.

Thus, you want wipes that are going to be cost-effective over the long term. Most importantly, you should be able to afford them with whatever brand you opt for.

Moisture Content

Wipes should be sufficiently moist to allow easy cleaning and prevent rough wiping.


Wipes should be of sufficient size to allow for faster, safer cleaning.

You also want to ensure you can keep your hands well away from any unhygienic areas and any debris that may collect as you wipe (on the wipe itself).

Alternatives To The Fable Dog Wipes

If you do want to seek another brand of wipes to Fable, I would like to present to you a few alternatives below.

Wahl Pet Refresh Lavender Cleaning Wipes

Wahl Pet Refresh cleaning wipes are another solid option with a very limited ingredient list.

They were designed for use on all sensitive areas, and they have a wealth of positive customer reviews.

Though they do contain Lavender, which gives them a pleasant scent, this may cause irritation in some dogs.

Wahl USA Pet Refresh Lavender Cleaning Wipes for All Dog Breeds - Use on Ears, Nose, Paws, Bottom, & Sensitive Areas - 50 Wipes - 820018A
  • Pet-Friendly Formula - Plant Derived Ingredients for sensitive cleaning of ears, nose, paws, bottoms, and delicate areas
  • For Small & Large Dogs - Our alcohol-free formula allows for quick and easy touch-ups and our wipes are large enough to work well on small or large dogs alike
  • Calming Formula - Contains a lavender chamomile scent that leaves your dog smelling fresh and clean
  • No Mess - Our wipes allow for no mess bathing, no rinse necessary for fast and easy cleaning in between baths
  • 50 Count - Included are 50 large wipes in a secure snap container that keesp the wipes moist indefinitely

Pet Faves Dog Unscented Wipes for Paws and Butt

Another plant-based option, this time by a brand called Pet Faves.

I like these because they contain Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, which are great for your dog’s bottom.

From an environmental perspective, they are made from eco-friendly materials and are also fully biodegradable.

Pet Faves Dog Wipes for Cleaning and Deodorizing | Hypoallergenic Grooming Wipes for Paws and Butt, Clean Face & Body between Baths, Plant Based Natural Pet Wipes for Dogs and Puppy (100 Count)
  • BEST PLANT-BASED PET WIPES – Don’t leave behind any bad odors or residues by using regular pet wipes while also burdening the environment! With Pet Faves Aloe and Vitamin E Pet Wipes, keep your furry friends clean effortlessly while protecting them from harmful substances.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC PET WIPES – Our pet wipes for dogs/ pet wipes for cats are designed to be gentle on the sensitive skin, and are not likely to cause any irritation to your fur baby. Free from alcohol, parabens, or sulfates, these dog deodorizing wipes are safe to use.
  • NATURAL ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS – Made from the finest-quality 100 % viscose and plant-based materials, our deep cleaning pet wipes will keep your pet's fur soft and smelling fresh. Reduce your carbon footprint with our natural pet wipes – ALL NATURAL pet wipes!
  • VERSATILE WIPES FOR DOGS – Cleaning the eyes, ears, paws, and fur of your four-legged friend made easy with this 15x20 cm large pet wipes – This pack of 100ct pet wipes for dogs are strong enough to withstand sharp dog nails.
  • EASY CLEAN UP - The ideal companion for dirty outings at the park, the beach, or on the hiking path. Take wipes with you anywhere you go for a fast clean-up. These handy spot cleaning wipes are made under strict compliance with stringent quality standards.


Looking for wipes for your dog’s bottom isn’t perhaps the most exciting of tasks, but boy, is it an important decision.

This is a job, and an area, that you really don’t want to take any risks or any chances.

When it comes to your options personally, I would not look any further than the Fable wipes.

They just tick all of the boxes.

This is a product that you can trust on such a sensitive area of dogs of all breeds and sizes.

And they are great not just for your dog but for you as the owner, too.

So, unsurprisingly, I would suggest you head over to Fable and get on your first order. You won’t look back, trust me.

Fable Dog Wipes

Best Wipes For Dog Bottom – Fable Wipes