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Can Dogs Drink Coke? [Is It Poisonous & What About Soda?]

If you own a pet dog, you’ll likely wonder at some point whether they can drink some of your coke. It’s a popular and enjoyable drink for us humans, so can your dog give it a try? I have wondered about this for a very long time, so decided to conduct some research into the topic. I would like to share that information with you here today.

So, can dogs drink coke? Coke should never be given to a dog. It can be harmful and dangerous due to both the high levels of sugar and caffeine that are present. While a small lick here may not cause symptoms, any significant consumption can result in serious health consequences where immediate medical assistance by a vet will be required.

Caffeine poisoning, increased heart rate, vomiting, high blood pressure, tremors, and a high temperature. These are all such symptoms that drinking coke can bring on in a dog.

Not good. Not good at all.

But I get it.

Dogs are curious animals by nature, they like to explore the world around them by sniffing, chewing, biting, and tasting.

And that can include licking and eating things they shouldn’t.

Even if you have not proactively given them something.

Besides, the coke may have spilled on the floor. Or they may have jumped up and got some off the side.

Nevertheless, you need to remain vigilant; especially when it comes to potentially dangerous substances like coke.

Let us now see why.

Is Coke Poisonous To Dogs?

Coke is not poisonous to dogs. However, the ingredients can cause serious adverse side effects if this is consumed in any significant quantity.

If your pooch licks a small amount of coke that spilled on the floor, it’s no cause for concern.

However, if he drinks more than a couple of swigs, you must act immediately and take him to the vet.

Coke contains caffeine, which is very harmful to dogs, in fact, it can be fatal.

A lethal dose for dogs and cats is 150 mg of caffeine, a can of coke contains around 40-60 mg in a 12-ounce can.

This is also for your average-sized dog; the smaller the breed of dog you have the less caffeine they will be able to handle and process.

You need to remember that as humans not only can we consume more due to our different sizes, but we also handle and process it differently.

We have organs of different sizes, working in different ways.

For example, our liver and kidneys are considerably larger and these organs are very important for processing sugar, salts, liquids, and caffeine.

Coke and any foodstuff containing caffeine must be stored carefully, away from your dog’s easy reach.

Never leave an open and unattended can at your dog’s level (like on the floor). Even if it is closed, dogs like to play with items and can easily pierce their teeth through the can.

Coke Bottle of Soda

What Happens When Dogs Drink Coke?

If only a minor amount and a few milliliters of coke have been drunk, you are unlikely to notice much change in your dog, outside of an increase in enthusiasm and excitement.

If your dog consumes a larger quantity, you will likely see signs of caffeine poisoning and increased heart rate, vomiting, high blood pressure, tremors, and high temperature.

In the case of mild caffeine poisoning, a dog has a good chance of surviving, but with serious poisoning, the prognosis is not positive. Signs of major caffeine poisoning include seizures and collapse.

If you suspect caffeine poisoning, or if you notice your dog has consumed a lot of coke, you must take your dog to the nearest vet at the earliest opportunity. Any delay can be fatal.

Your vet will induce vomiting and your dog will receive numerous doses of activated charcoal.

IV fluids will be given to help secrete the caffeine from your pet’s system, and they will get sedatives to relax them after this stressful ordeal.

Your dog may even be given other medications such as drugs for seizures, heart and blood pressure medication, and antacids.

The symptoms of caffeine intake, show their effects an hour or two after ingestion. You will likely observe this in their behavior.

Being abnormally excited, running around without tiring and excessive panting are other signs to look out for.

Can Dogs Drink Soda?

Dogs cannot drink soda or any other carbonated beverage. This is true for all sodas whether they contain caffeine, sugar, or even sweeteners. Under no circumstances is it a good idea to offer it.

And while caffeine-free soda may seem safe; there are other ingredients you need to be aware of. For instance, sugar.

Most soda is high in sugar, which we all know is not good for dogs. Let alone humans.

It’s not just the impact it can have on their blood sugar, but their teeth too!

And then there are sugar-free options.

Well, most of these sodas replace sugar with sweeteners.

And these are not good for dogs either.

In fact, one popular sweetener used in sodas, xylitol, is extremely toxic to dogs.

Others may not be as problematic, but they are not beneficial either.

That’s the thing.

Dogs do not need anything else than water.

Not even flavored water.

Water is the only drink you should ever offer your dog.

Can Soda Kill Dogs?

Soda can kill dogs. Either quickly through the side effects of high caffeine consumption, or over the long term with issues caused by other ingredients, including weight gain that will likely be caused by the high sugar content.

The extra weight can lead to muscular problems, bone disease, diabetes, and heart complications which all serve to decrease your dog’s lifespan.

We have looked at how harmful caffeine is to dogs, they have a lower tolerance to the substance than humans, and it can kill a dog in a matter of hours.

Caffeine-free soda is not much better, they are full of unhealthy additives like colors, flavors, and artificial sweeteners, like aspartame.

Aspartame is known to cause cancer in humans and other mammals. You must play it safe and not give any drinks, other than water, to your dog, caffeine-free or not.

Alternatives To Offering Coke & Soda

It’s only natural that we want to treat our dogs.

But, there are better ways to show your dog how much you love and appreciate them outside of providing them with sugary, caffeine-laden treats like soda:

Buy Your Dog A New Toy

They will enjoy getting their teeth and paws on a new toy and running around with it.

If you give it to your pooch as a surprise, they will enjoy it even more.

Toys like the KONG (which you can get in a number of sizes for different dog breeds) are absolutely brilliant because they provide your dog with mental stimulation to dispense the treats (and provide activity).

Pair this toy with healthy snacks like Newman’s Jerky and you’re guaranteeing nutrition in a bite-sized way.

Take Them Swimming

Many dogs enjoy getting wet and swimming around.

It’s a great activity and form of exercise for them.

Just make sure that you bring them to a safe body of water that they can easily get in and out of.

You can get ball throwers and launchers which are great for throwing a ball out into the water and getting your dog to collect it and bring it back.

It’s fun, a way to teach your dog obedience, and saves your arm too!

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Visit The Park

Your dog will get plenty of exercises, he will enjoy the scenery and interacting with new people.

He will enjoy playing fetch with a stick, a ball, or a frisbee.


Dogs should not drink coke.

Or any other soda for that matter.

Water is the only drink they should be getting.

Just ensure it’s fresh, clean, and regularly changed!

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