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Chicken Coop Names [The Definitive List Of Options]

Are you purchasing or constructing a Chicken Coop for your hens? Then you need to give it a name! Besides, how are you going to reference it if not?

So today, I’d like to introduce to you a number of different names to consider.

At the end, I’ll be giving you some ideas or inspiration to help you come up with your own name too – so do stick around.

Plus, I’ve broken down the potential names into different categories – so whether you want something funny, cute, clever, or unusual, you’ll be sure to find the right one for you and your flock.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Funny Chicken Coop Names

  • The Cluck Zone
  • The Cluck Inn
  • Chick City
  • Hen Emporium
  • Chicken Cottage
  • Cackle Cottage
  • Apartment Chicken
  • Layer Your Head
  • The Chateau
  • Chicken Chateau
  • The Poultry Estate
  • Layers Lounge
  • Flappy Fort
  • Eggazon
  • The House Of Cluck
  • The Hentagon
  • Early Morning Risers
  • Cackle Shackle
  • Yolk Knox
  • Backyard Bedrooms
  • Hen Haven
  • Hens Behaving Badly
  • The Egg-Zone
  • Yolk Village
  • Egg Pad
  • The Cockpit
  • Biddyland
  • Hens’a Home
  • Hens Ranch
  • Chickens Condo
  • Pecktopia
  • The Capitol
  • Feather Hut
  • Feather City
  • Dawn of the Hen
  • Coop! There it is
  • Bok Bok Farm
  • Chicken Noodle Coop
  • Scratch Shack

Cute Chicken Coop Names

  • Humble Hens Abode
  • Hen Homey
  • Hens Retreat
  • Chickens’ Cubbyhole
  • The Flophouse
  • Hen Habitation
  • The Shanty
  • The Crash Pad
  • Chicken Citadel
  • The Co-Op

Clever Chicken Coop Names

  • Orpingtown
  • Peck Station
  • The Grit 
  • Roosters Retreat
  • Bantam Bungalow
  • Hied-à-terre
  • Happy Homestead
  • Cackle Castle
  • Chicks Cave
  • Eggs Estate
  • Roosters Roost
  • Cluckingham Palace
  • The Silkie Suite
  • The Silkie Shack

Unusual Chicken Coop Names

  • Coopsville
  • Coopington
  • Clucksville
  • Hennsylvania
  • Hentington
  • Cluckingsmouth
  • Poultry Palace
  • The Perch
  • Chook Box
  • Biddy Box
  • The Flocks Residence
  • Chimerica
  • The Neighbourhood 

How To Come Up With Your Own Chicken Coop Name

Perhaps you haven’t found the name that’s right for you above. Fair enough.

But how do you come up with your own chicken coop name?

Well, these are some strategies to try:

Consider Your Flock/ Coop Size

Are you keeping just a few hens or is your Coop going to be somewhat large?

Well, depending on its size can influence the name.

For instance, using a word like Palace is not as appropriate for a 6-hen Coop as it is for a 12 hen coop and larger.

Consider Hen Traits/Behaviours

Chickens are interesting birds with interesting behaviors.

Why not use them to come up with a collective name for their home?

Pecking, clucking – these are just two examples.

But use words like this, and those that follow below, to pair and construct your own names.

Consider The Style/Color Of The Coop

Perhaps your chicken coop is built in a particular way, maybe it has a certain color.

In this way, you can use features of the coop in the name.

For instance; have a black coop – well, you could call it something like ‘Hens in Black’.

Not great, but you get the idea.

Use These Words

If you are still struggling to come up with a name, you can always use these seed words.

This way, you can simply put another word in front to get your desired coop name.

  • [Insert Word Here] Barn
  • [Insert Word Here] Hotel
  • [Insert Word Here] Cottage
  • [Insert Word Here] Retreat
  • [Insert Word Here] Paradise
  • [Insert Word Here] Abode
  • [Insert Word Here] Inn
  • [Insert Word Here] Mansion
  • [Insert Word Here] Palace
  • [Insert Word Here] Roost
  • [Insert Word Here] Suite
  • [Insert Word Here] Pad
  • [Insert Word Here] Den


Have fun with it.

Naming your coop and hens should be an enjoyable experience.

Besides, you’re only going to get to do it once.

So, do ponder all of the options here today.

Read them out loud, tTalk to your family about them.

But at the end of the day – be sure to make a decision.

Chicken keeping is generally much more enjoyable when you can refer to their coop with a name!

And you don’t want to change it either.

So stick with it.

It will catch on, I promise 🙂