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Best Dog Treats For Rottweilers [That You Should Be Offering]

Are you looking to buy some treats for your Rottweiler but not sure which brand or option is best? Well, this buyer’s guide will help you quickly identify the right one, or ones, to get.

Besides, you’re going to want to.

This breed quite simply needs to be kept occupied. What’s more, they simply need to be trained.

Regular, consistent training with positive reinforcement techniques is nothing less than essential for this large and powerful breed.

And treats play a huge role in all of this.

But you likely know this by now; that’s why you’re here.

So without further ado, here are the three standout dog treat options most suitable for the rottweiler breed:

All-Natural Freeze Dried Chicken Treats for Dogs & Cats Free of Grains, Fillers, Additives and Preservatives Proudly Made in the USA - 4 Pack (5 oz. Bag)
Wild Meadow Farms - Gibsons Toasted Chicken - Human Grade USA Soft Jerky Dog Treats, 3 oz
Newman's Own Beef Jerky Treats for Dogs, Original Recipe, 14 oz Bag
Life Essentials All-Natural Freeze Dried Chicken Treats
Gibson's Toasted Chicken Soft Jerky Dog Treats
Newman's Own Beef Jerky Treats
All-Natural Freeze Dried Chicken Treats for Dogs & Cats Free of Grains, Fillers, Additives and Preservatives Proudly Made in the USA - 4 Pack (5 oz. Bag)
Life Essentials All-Natural Freeze Dried Chicken Treats
Wild Meadow Farms - Gibsons Toasted Chicken - Human Grade USA Soft Jerky Dog Treats, 3 oz
Gibson's Toasted Chicken Soft Jerky Dog Treats
Newman's Own Beef Jerky Treats for Dogs, Original Recipe, 14 oz Bag
Newman's Own Beef Jerky Treats

Now, let’s look at why!

Best Dog Treats For Rottweilers

Life Essentials All-Natural Freeze Dried Chicken Treats

This single ingredient treat is ideal for any dog or even cat breed; here is why:

What I Like About Life Essentials Freeze-Dried Treats 

  • Soft and easy to digest and on a dog’s stomach – particularly ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs or food sensitivities.
  • You can afford to give more of this treat due to the high protein, low fat, low carb content.
  • They can be fed directly from the bag, or you can rehydrate it with water to feed like a moist piece of chicken breast.
All-Natural Freeze Dried Chicken Treats for Dogs & Cats Free of Grains, Fillers, Additives and Preservatives Proudly Made in the USA - 4 Pack (5 oz. Bag)
  • A four pack of all-natural and scrumptious treats for dogs & cats.
  • A single ingredient treat comprised of 100% white chicken breast. Free of grains, fillers, additives and preservatives.
  • Low in fat, calories and carbohydrates so they won’t contribute to weight gain. Use as a daily treat or as a food topper to enhance your pet’s diet. Supports better health and aids in digestion.
  • Feel confident in rewarding your treasured furry family member with Life Essentials chicken treats.
  • FDA inspected. Proudly made in the USA.

Gibson’s Toasted Chicken Soft Jerky Dog Treats

A treat that looks as if it was designed purely for your particular breed. It’s great for other reasons too:

What I Like About Gibson’s Jerky Dog Treats

  • Minimal, all-natural ingredients.
  • Great for Rottweilers of all ages as they can easily be broken up when feeding,
  • There is a rottweiler on the packaging; it just makes this a far more enjoyable product to buy/offer.
Wild Meadow Farms - Gibsons Toasted Chicken - Human Grade USA Soft Jerky Dog Treats, 3 oz
  • Artfully Crafted in the USA with real USA meat as the #1 Ingredient for that Bacon taste and smell that dogs love
  • Made in the USA Soft Jerky - Great taste…Great texture…Fantastic aroma - make this treat easy to enjoy
  • Unique toasting process to seal in the flavor
  • All-Natural Ingredients with NO Grains, Wheat, Corn or Soy
  • Easy to tear to portion for training or reward treating for dogs of all ages and stages

Newman’s Own Beef Jerky Treats

A widely popular treat with all dog breeds and owners. An Amazon choice, high-selling favorite:

What I Like About Newman’s Own Beef Jerky Treats 

  • Help to naturally clean your Rottweilers teeth and remove plaque due to the rougher texture,
  • All product proceeds go to charity, so you are also donating to a good cause.
Newman's Own Beef Jerky Treats for Dogs, Original Recipe, 14 oz Bag
  • Made with grass-fed whole muscle beef
  • Delicious meaty flavor dogs love
  • High in protein and naturally preserved with no artificial colors or flavor enhancers
  • Free of grains, corn, wheat and soy
  • Resealable 14 oz. pouch helps maintain freshness

What To Consider When Buying Dog Treats For Your Rottweiler

Before you go out and purchase any old brand of dog treat for your Rottweiler, it is imperative that you understand what to look for in a good product.

Below are just some of the criteria to consider and that have been used to evaluate the products recommended here in this guide.

Ingredients And Nutritional Content

Low-quality treats just will not do.

They can cause all sorts of issues, whether that be a negative reaction (such as digestive upset) to not being eaten and ignored by your Rottweiler altogether.

So, it’s essential that you opt for treats made of as minimal ingredients as possible.

Even then, you want them to be all-natural too.

You should simply avoid any treat that is loaded with additives or preservatives.

Generally, high-protein meat-based products sourced locally are your best bet.

Ease of Use

Treats should be quick and easy to get out and offer.

This is especially important if you are in the middle of training or want to quickly praise your Rottie on the spot.

Therefore, treats should be an appropriate size, easy to break up and crumble, and also do not need any preparation prior to serving.

Preserve Well 

Let’s be honest, you only will be using a small number of treats, and on occasion.

So, you need the product to not only preserve well, but that will come in packaging that keeps them fresher, for longer.

Smell, Flavor, and Texture

Following on, the treats need to be appetizing to your dog.

They need to be highly sought after by your Rottie, or they’ll end up being a pointless purchase and ineffective training aid.

All three factors, smell, flavor, and texture, contribute to how a dog can respond – be it favorably or unfavorably, by a dog.

So it’s important to get treats that smell appetizing have a meat-based flavor (as dogs typically enjoy this best), and can be safely consumed by your dog without dental or other mouth injuries.

How Many Treats To Feed Your Rottweiler

Treats should be given to a Rottweiler infrequently and in moderation. Even then, it is important that the type and amount of treat you give corresponds to their age, health, and activity level too.

It is for these reasons that not all dog treats are naturally suitable for rottweilers of all ages.

Some of the tougher chewier treats, for instance, are not as ideal for puppies as the smaller and softer ones.

Neverthless, even when you have selected the right treats – they still should not be relied upon too heavily.

They should be strategically fed. Either to supplement the existing diet or as a means of rewarding your dog.

And remember, a good healthy diet for your Rottweiler is one that is centered around protein-rich food.

The diet should be vitamin and mineral replete, where treats serve more as a reward than as a means of providing basic nutrition.

When To Give Your Rottweiler Treats

It is essential that you only give your Rottweiler a treat, or two, in response to positive behavior when they are calm and away from any scheduled meal times. 

There is no set time for a treat.

That being said, they should not be given for the sake of it or during any regular mealtime.

At the same time, your Rottie should not be given a treat whenever they are overly excited or full of energy.

Besides, you do not want to reward them for this frantic behavior (unless you want your dog to be energetic all the time!)

So instead, be sure to only offer your Rottie a treat when they are calm and collected.

If you are using them as a training aid, be sure to offer a treat after the successful completion of an action or the proper response to your command.

If they behave indifferently or not as desired – do not treat them!

And lastly, be mindful of how many treats you are giving out.

This is one of the reasons why it is better to keep training sessions shorter yet more frequent and consistent.

Too many treats at one time are not ideal.

Besides, you want them to eat their dinner!


Rottweilers can be challenging to take care of and train, but with a stockpile of healthy treats, it can be made easier.

That being said, this doesn’t mean you should offer treats for the sake of it.

Treats should be offered strategically, particularly if your Rottie is still going through training and is yet at a level where they are behaving as you like.

Perhaps you want to stop them barking at certain things, for instance.

And at the same time – it’s essential that you only offer the right kind of treats.

Like those recommended here today.

High quality, versatile, easy digesting, cost-effective and well-preserved.

This is why they are my top picks and why you should, at the very least, head over to Amazon to see why.

There are a lot of owners who back up my claims – many of which actually own the Rottweiler breed themselves.

And if you do decide to make a purchase, you can always benefit from prime and have a lot more confidence that your dog will like and be keen to eat them.

Which is the most important thing of all.