The Best Chicken Coop Plans For 50 Chickens Anyone Can Use

Are you looking for some chicken coop plans to house 50 chickens? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Besides, I can imagine you are feeling quite overwhelmed, right?

What size does it need to be, what materials can you use to construct it, where should it even be placed? Sound, familiar?

I know how you feel.

So I decided to research the market to find the best plans that would fit this number of birds, specifically.

And not just be able to house them, but for them to truly thrive.

Here is my recommendation:

15 DIY Chicken Coop Plans

While this manual provides 15 plans for flocks of different sizes, there are 3 in particular that are fantastic for flocks of 50 birds (or more). It is also instantly available for download and you can print your plans out as many times as you need them

What Are The Best Chicken Coop Plans For 50 Chickens

If you are looking for thorough, detailed yet simple to follow instructions to build a coop for 50 chickens, I wouldn’t look any further than the 15 DIY Chicken Coop Plans, by Easy Coops.

This 600 page manual provides plans that you can use to build a home from 6 all the way through to 56 chickens (should you ever need to).

These are the plans that you need if you want to be given exact dimensions and the precise materials you need.

The whole process will be considerably easier – no research, prepping or guessing.

You’ll save a significant amount of time and money, wasting minimal material in the process.

The three designs you will want to consider specifically from this eManual include:

Chicken Coops

30×15 Walk In Chicken Coop

This coop can house up to 50 chickens. It features two separate cage areas, and allows a lot of room for your flock to roam. You can walk in to the hen house via a full-sized door for easy access – whether you need to clean, harvest or gather eggs!

24×8 Walk-In Chicken Coop

This design houses up to 50 chickens, also. It’s perfect whether you want to maintain a flock of this size or boost the size of your flock up to it. There’s a lot of living space, large walk-in doors. It’s appearance is also lovely with a unique Scandinavian style.

Chicken Runs

39×19 Chicken Run

This chicken run can house up to 56 chickens. With a gable style rooftop, it will provide serious protection from the most severe of weather. There are also different access entrances making it easier for birds to feed, and for you to access for cleaning. There are two harvest areas, a run and also a nesting location. There is a hatching station making for quick access to the nesting area for egg collection, too.

What I Like About The EasyCoop Plans

  • They are instantly available for download, and you can print various PDF copies for you to use when building you coop. Or access them on mobile/tablet devices.
  • You get given the specific materials and measurements needed for each coop.
  • You only need common tools to make the coops,
  • Coop foundations provide structural integrity, implementing cement foundations.
  • You will also get 12 other coop designs of varying sizes; coops, runs, houses and tractors – should you ever want to maintain or house a smaller flock.
  • Plans were approved by constructors and woodworkers, and then reviewed by chicken breeders.
  • Thorough yet minimal steps – to make them practical yet not overwhelming. They do not include the unnecessary and complicated steps.
  • EasyCoops provided fantastic customer support and you can contact them at any time regarding the plans.
  • 60 day money back guarantee, should you not be satisfied.

How Big Of A Coop Do I Need For 50 Chickens?

If you are looking to house 50 chickens, the general rule of thumb is to allow between 4 square feet, per bird. As such, a coop that is at least 10×12 should suffice.

That being said, the more space you can afford the better, especially if you are looking to keep your birds inside for any significant amount of time.

And here’s the other thing to consider.

The actual coop design.

It needs to be highly functional and practical; both for you and your birds alike.

It’s not just about dimensions and floor space, but it needs to have the right ventilation, insulation, and security, too.


If you are looking to house and raise 50 chickens, then it is essential you only follow proper plans.

Picture this, you’re half way through building a coop and you cannot work out what you need to do next, or you run out of material.

That can happen with following free plans you find on the internet.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

That’s why I recommend you opt for these carefully designed plans by EasyCoops.

Besides, if construction workers and woodworkers put them together, and they’ve been tested by breeders and other first-time flock owners, you can be sure that they’re they are robust, precise and will ensure your birds can truly thrive.

Here is why, in a nutshell.

You will benefit from:

  • Accurate measurements
  • Foundation plans for structural integrity
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Use of only common tools
  • Durable to withstand weather
  • Materials adjusted to give you best price/quality ratio
  • Nesting box according to flock size
  • Predator-proof design
  • Designed for proper ventilation
  • Print ready

Plus they look amazing too.

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