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Do Pomeranians Like To Cuddle? [A Guide For Affectionate Owners]

Pomeranians are undeniably cute and with their fluffy coats, shiny eyes, and tiny stature, it’s no wonder you want to cuddle them! But have you ever wondered if your Pomeranian is enjoying the cuddles as much as you are, or are they just putting up with being cuddled?

So, to answer the question do Pomeranians like to cuddle? Pomeranians do like to be cuddled. The warmth and affection shared when cuddling is comforting to them, owing to Pomeranians historically, being pack animals. Whilst Pomeranians generally enjoy being cuddled, owners should adhere to their pom’s body language cues to indicate if they are comfortable with the cuddles they are being given.

Like any pet, Pomeranians have their own unique personalities.

Spending time getting to know your pom and their own special quirks can be the most beneficial thing when it comes to cuddling with your dog.

Owners will be able to tell how often and for how long their Pomeranian would like to be cuddled.

Some poms love to share near-constant affection with their owners whilst others are a little more reserved by nature and respond well to more infrequent physical contact.

This is not to say that if your pom does not seem interested in cuddling that you shouldn’t do it.

Quite the opposite, in fact, cuddles are good for dogs in terms of their mental health.

If your Pomeranian is a little more reserved, you may need to be slightly more tactful with how and particularly when affection is shared between you and your pet.

If your pom is relaxed whilst being petted, and doesn’t move away from you: take this as a positive sign that your Pomeranian is enjoying the affection and is likely to also respond well to a cuddle.

Dogs are known to be highly affectionate animals by nature, you may be wondering why this is, let’s explore this in more depth.

How and Why Do Dogs Cuddle?

Dogs, like Pomeranians, like cuddling for a number of different reasons.

Dogs like cuddling for warmth, to develop a bond with their owner, and because affectionate physical contact can release chemicals in your dog’s brain that make them feel good.

Pomeranians, when cuddled, experience a higher level of oxytocin, this ‘feel good’ hormone is found in humans too and known to have a calming and comforting effect.

Cuddling with your dog not only releases oxytocin in them but also you, meaning that cuddling can have positive effects on both owner and dog.

For this reason, cuddling can help to build a bond between you and your pet dog. Pomeranians are no exception to this, and cuddling is a great way to develop a deep bond of trust and loyalty with your pom.

The research into the benefits of cuddling with your pooch is widely supported by various scientific studies, however, it is important to note that there are some slight caveats to this.

Whilst dogs typically enjoy being petted and cuddled, some studies have shown that hugging your dog (like a bear hug) can cause anxiety and negative behaviors in your dog.

Think about it like this: imagine you are a small Pomeranian, and someone or something much bigger than you suddenly sweeps you off your feet and into a tight hug, that might be a little stressful right?

Approach cuddles with your Pomeranian instead by petting them, talking to them, and allowing them to snuggle and cuddle into you.

There is no harm in picking your Pomeranian up, just make sure they are prepared for it and that you are not holding them too tightly.

Domesticated dog breeds, like poms, often need physical contact and affection with their owners to feel loved and live a happy life.

Pomeranians thrive when they loved and taken care of well and this means sharing affection with your pooch.

Not all Pomeranians will seek out and enjoy affection in the same way, and that is okay. Finding what works best for you and your pom is the only thing that matters. It is scientifically proven that cuddles are good for your Pomeranians health, so don’t be shy with showing them love!

You may even find that your pom approaches you looking for affection and to cuddle.

Being content in your presence is a huge compliment from your pom and you may find that they come and sit with you or near you.

Quite often, poms have been known to ‘present’ themselves for affection from their owner, they may lay on their back and demand a belly rub, or nestle into you to feel your warmth.

Pomeranians are highly intelligent dogs and can pick up on human emotions; don’t be surprised if your pom starts following you round or sitting with you if you are sad.

The bond you will have made with your dog goes both ways, and poms can be very protective of their owners. 

Why Your Pomeranian Likes To Cuddle

Pomeranians can build a deep and meaningful connection with their owners. Affection is one of the ways that this bond can be fostered between human and pom and can be attributed to the oxytocin released in both parties when contact is shared.

Your Pomeranian may also like to cuddle because cuddling can release stress in dogs. The oxytocin produced whilst cuddling your dog can help to lower levels of cortisol in the body.

Cortisol is the stress hormone, hence why cuddling can reduce stress for your pooch and also for you!

Poms are dogs that are known to cuddle in a variety of different ways, not always conventional ways either! From getting comfy on your pillow, to simply plopping themselves down on top of you – poms like to feel comforted and safe by you.

Pomeranians are incredibly cute – and what better reason to want to cuddle?! The fact that cuddling your pom has positive side effects such as reducing stress and calming your pup makes cuddling a win-win situation for both you and your pom!

Why Your Pomeranian May Not Like To Cuddle

Pomeranians are generally good-natured and friendly dogs with heaps of personality. Most poms will love cuddles as much as their owners, however not all Pomeranians have the same personality.

If your dog isn’t showing much interest in cuddles – hey, maybe you’ve just caught them at a bad time? Just like humans, a dog’s mood can change based on various different factors. Maybe your pup is hungry, tired, bored, or feeling ill.

It is always a good idea to be guided by your dog’s behavioral cues when it comes to cuddling.

There are often clear signs that your pup is enjoying the affection and definite signs when they are not.

When you first bring your Pomeranian home, they may be nervous and unsure of you and your new surroundings. This may be one reason why they are not responding well to cuddles.

Spend time developing a bond of trust with your pom: petting them, talking to them, feeding them, and showing them that you are their protector will help to build a lasting bond. When a dog trusts you, they are more likely to enjoy cuddling.

Your pom may also just enjoy their personal space – just like some humans do! This isn’t to say that your pup will never enjoy cuddles.

You may just need to be guided by them as to when they want to share affection.

Sometimes, it can be easy to forget that our Pomeranians are small and quite fragile, be sure to be gentle when cuddling and petting your pom to ensure that they are not becoming wary or frightened of contact, that is well-meaning, but a little too rough.

If your Pomeranian usually enjoys cuddles, but suddenly is not showing much interest, it could be that they are feeling a little sick.

Keep an eye on them if that is the case. This is not usually a cause for alarm but it is always best to look out for other symptoms if you notice a change in behavior.

How To Get Your Pomeranian To Like Cuddling More

Encouraging your Pomeranian to enjoy cuddling can be done! Typically, dogs can be trained to repeat certain behaviors based on a positive outcome or reward. Luckily, the same goes for cuddling!

Cuddling is a behavior that makes Pomeranians can feel satisfied, but there is no harm in owners promoting this positive feeling further by offering a small treat to their pet during or after cuddling!

Offer you pom a treat on your lap to encourage them to come and sit there. After a few times of doing this a positive association will be built and it is likely you will find that in future your pet does this of their own accord!

It is best to only offer treats as a reward the first few times, instead progressing to rewards such as a belly rub to reward the desirable behaviors thereafter.


Pomeranians, like many other breeds of dogs, love attention.

Cuddling is one such way many owners can look to the display, connect and bond with their dogs.

That being said, every dog has their own unique needs, behaviors, and desires. Some will naturally enjoy cuddling more than others.

You should never attempt to force your pom into cuddling if they are showing disinterest.

Equally, you must remember that they are very small dogs that can more easily become injured with inappropriate cuddling and handling.

And they can become aggressive in certain contexts, like most dogs, of course.

Ultimately, the Pomeranian is a very affectionate dog. Ideal for owners who may be of a similar nature.

Related Questions

Do Pomeranians Like To Be Held?

Pomeranians generally like to be held so long as they are being held safely and appropriately. The correct way to hold a pom is to wrap your hands around their legs and support them by holding their body close to yours. Prevent your dog’s legs from dangling and support their rear/front to prevent shoulder and back pressure.

Do Pomeranians Like To Be Picked Up?

Pomeranians are generally quite happy to be picked up. However, you need to do so appropriately and safely by wrapping your hands underneath. Never lift your pom by the neck, legs, collar, or tail as this can cause injury and anxiety in your dog.