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DoggieLawn Review [Is This Dog Potty Grass Worth It?]

Have you stumbled across DoggieLawn in your search and quest for a natural toileting solution for your dog? Not sure whether to sign up? Well, this review here today will be walking you through all you need to know to help you make an informed decision.

So, what is my DoggieLawn Review? DoggieLawn is an effective, affordable, and practical toileting solution for all dogs of different breeds, ages, and sizes. Being natural grass that you regularly replace by a reliable subscription service – not only are dogs much more inclined to use it but foul smells and costs are kept to a minimum too. I would thoroughly recommend this toileting solution.

That’s the quick overview.

But I would like to delve much deeper into the product to give you much greater insight into all that is involved with the product and when purchasing through this company.

So keep reading.

By the end, you should know if it’s going to be right for you. And more importantly, your dog.

What Is DoggieLawn?

DoggieLawn is the company and brand name behind the innovative dog potty grass product.

They have created a range of environmentally-friendly dog grass patches for dogs of all different breeds, ages, and sizes.

Cat litter box meets outside lawn – that’s what you need to imagine and the concept behind the product.

It essentially enables you to provide a welcoming, fresh, and natural toilet for your dog indoors.

A safe place where they can pee and/or poop.

And that you can quickly train them to use.

No more accidents, no more rushing to the door to let them outside.

And it’s delivered straight to your door for one low monthly price.

And as you can imagine; there is a range of different use cases and benefits of such a system – which we will get onto in the next few sections.

How Does DoggieLawn Work?

DoggieLawn is actually very simple in every way – how a dog can and should use it, how it is cleaned/replaced, and everything regarding orders, logistics, and payments too. But more on that later.

What you need to know, for now, is how the product works.

Well, it all starts with a DoggieLawn tray.

This is essential to the system; you purchase this once and this forms the base.

While you can use your own DIY tray, you just need to ensure you get the measurements right.

I’d personally advise the tray, it’s just easier and was designed with the lawn in mind.

From there, you will routinely replace the grass that sits on top – with a new fresh ‘lawn’ that is sent to you on a schedule of your choosing.

Now as all dog breeds and sizes are different, DoggieLawn has created four different sizes for you to choose from:

  • Standard – 24” x 16” – Ideal for dogs under 15lbs
  • Medium – 24” x 20” – Ideal for dogs between 10-30lbs.
  • Large – 24” x 24” – Ideal for dogs between 20-50lbs.
  • Extra Large – 24” x 48” – Ideal for dogs over 40lbs or for multiple dogs.

So as you can see DoggieLawn caters to all owners and dogs.

And this also means that dogs of all ages can use them; and it also means that you can change the size of your lawn throughout their life and as they grow, if required.

And the actual process of setting it up and changing it couldn’t be easier.

When your DoggieLawn arrives, either for the first time or for your new ‘change’, all you need to do is use the complimentary disposable gloves that will come in each delivery.

Unroll the grass onto your tray.

Your dog will do their business each day.

And it is recommended that you remove any pet solids shortly after they are laid – at a minimum daily (and just as you would on a walk).

When your next shipment arrives, on go the gloves, roll up the old grass (dispose of this in the trash).

Then unroll the new grass back onto your tray.

It’s that easy!

And the design means that your dog will always be going on relatively fresh grass.

Grass that doesn’t need to be watered and is designed to last and not wilt in your home!

And because the grass is real and smells fresh; your dogs will actually want to use it.

Even if you do not train them to do so!

Wouldn’t you want to?

Beats the hard floor!

How Do You Clean DoggieLawn?

Cleaning DoggieLawn is effortless; all you need to do is remove the used lawn and dispose of it appropriately. From there, you can wash and disinfect the tray with warm soapy water before drying.

The only other ‘cleaning’ you have to do is removing solids. This can be done with a dog poop bag or a pooper scooper, depending on your preference.

The company recommends that you do this often – it’s not something you want to let sit.

For urine, however, this will naturally soak into the lawn and will be removed when the lawn is replaced.

Benefits of DoggieLawn

The benefits of DoggieLawn are numerous, not just for your dog but for you as an owner too.

So, I have compiled a list of the biggest reasons to invest in this particular lawn product:

  • Convenience – Indoor dog lawns offer an enormous amount of convenience. No more routinely lettign your dog outside to go, especially during inconvenient hours like just before bed.
  • Comfort – DoggieLawn allows your dog a dedicated comfortable toilet space for those without an outside area.
  • Can help prevent mishaps and accidents – especially for dogs who struggle to hold their toilet. This can save you a lot of time cleaning up, prevent carpet stains etc!
  • Be used as a toilet training aid – particularly for young puppies who are yet to establish regular toilet patterns
  • More hygenic – by containing toilet in one place, that is regularly cleaned and replaced.
  • Reduces odors – DoggieLawn is a combination of fresh, real grass that is comprised of roots and fertile soil. This grass is brilliant at absorbing liquids (like urine) and the tray prevents any leakage.
  • No grass maintence – You do not need to do anything to look after the DoggieLawn grass pad. Set it down, remove your dogs solids daily, and thats it. You do not need to water it, mow it, or anything else. It will soon be replace
  • Protect your outside lawn – Which is ideal if you have young children or you have a yard you want to keep unspoiled.
  • Save you time, energy – your dog will begin to go to the toilet on their own accord, as and when they want.
  • Saves the need for a dog sitter – no need to hire somebody to let your dog out if you have to spend some time away.
  • Ideal for bad weather – when your dog cannot go outside due to rain or other more challenging weather.
  • Environmentally friendly – the grass pads can be either recycled or composted,
  • Effortless monthly subscription service – no repeat orders. Your new lawns will keep arriving on time each and every month. No hassle.
  • DoggieLawn support – Along the way, they can even obtain training tips and support if you have any questions on the product or process.

Of course, these are just the benefits that spring to mind.

There are likely many more.


Because this product simply meets a need.

And it does so in such a clever way.

They’ve really thought about the entire process.

It’s not just about the product – you’re paying for a proper service here.

If you have any questions about what’s included, what’s involved, there is a very helpful FAQ section on the site, and a customer support team available via live chat.

Who Is DoggieLawn Ideal For?

DoggieLawn is ideal for all dog owners, although anyone without any outside space will particularly benefit from its use.

As you’ll see from the benefits above, there are so many reasons to get on a subscription.

It’s just so ideal for many different contexts – practically anyone who is looking to provide a clean, hygienic, and comfortable indoor toilet space for their dog.

How Long Does DoggieLawn Last?

One DoggieLawn grass pad was designed to last for 2-3 weeks, without needing to be changed. However, the amount it is used could reduce or extend this time.

That being said, DoggieLawn does offer a number of delivery options to accommodate for your own needs.

Here are the delivery options, which may be more suitable depending on how much or how little it is used:

  • Every week,
  • Every 2 weeks,
  • Every 3 weeks,
  • Every 4 weeks.

And you can change this as you go on, too.

My advice – find a frequency that suits you – with a bit of testing, trial, and error.

That being said, there is certainly an argument for more frequent DoggieLawn orders.

At least at first and to begin with.

The more often you can change it, typically the better.

How Much Does DoggieLawn Cost?

DoggieLawn operates on a subscription model – meaning you pay a monthly fee and will continue to receive new fresh pads at a frequency of your choosing.

And the company offers four different plans, at different price points, depending on the size of lawn you require:

  • Standard – starts at $26 per month
  • Medium – starts at $29 per month
  • Large – starts at $31 per month
  • X-Large – starts at $34 per month

Now, one other cost you need to consider is the tray, which varies by size:

  • Standard Tray – $4
  • Medium Tray – $5
  • Large Tray – $10
  • X-Large Tray – $39

Now, these are pretty much required unless you construct or purchase your own tray (which actually works out to be either very challenging to source or equally expensive in most cases).

There is a range of optional extras you may want to purchase too, such as anti-dig kits ($8), NaturVet Potty Here Spray (Attractant Spray – $16.99).

Of course, these are optional extras and not essential. Nice to haves, if you like.

And lastly, all shipping on all orders is entirely free – you are essentially just paying for the fresh grass at the frequency of your choosing!

What Other Customers Are Saying

DoggieLawn has a wealth of positive customer reviews that you can read directly from their website.

In fact, they have over 2748 5* reviews at the time of writing!

Although, the following are some of my favorites:

“I have been using this product for a little over a year while living in a high rise apartment. It was the best thing I could have gotten for my pup while living here. I highly recommend to use for potty training and post training aswell. this was way better than pee pads when I first brought my dog home. She immediately learned”

“Very happy with this product! Makes living on the 3rd floor so much easier! It was simple to train my 13 yr.old fur baby to use. I recommend it”


Why can’t everything in life be as easy as DoggieLawn.

From the shopping experience all the way through to the cleaning.

It’s just such an ideal solution; any dog owner will likely see the value and the benefit of such a toileting system.

So, in terms of my review – this product gets a solid 5 out of 5.

I, like many others, can only recommend that you at least give it a try.

You can do so, or learn more, by clicking here to visit the DoggieLawn site.


Do you water a DoggieLawn?

You do not have to water a DoggieLawn. The company actually advise you don’t to prevent a wet lawn which dogs may not like. Though, in hotter environments, a small amount of watering may help to extend the life of the lawn.