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Beagle Rescues In Ohio [Adoption Directory Guide]

You’ve made your decision. You want a Beagle. And you want to adopt one.

Naturally, your next question is where you can do so.

If you live in the state of Ohio, then you’ve come to the right place.

Today, I am going to be sharing with you the most reputable rescues and the ones that you should definitely get in contact with.

So, let’s get started.

Midwest Beagle Rescue

Midwest Beagle Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to rescuing beagles and finding them loving forever homes.

They serve Ohio, as well as the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Western Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

This highly reputable rescue does not operate a kennel or shelter, and uses foster homes and the kindness of volunteers to take care of dogs prior to their long-term adoption.



Beagles R Us

Beagles R Us is a non-profit rescue based in London, Ohio. they rescue this beautiful breed from dog pounds where they would otherwise be euthanized.

Again, this rescue leverages foster homes – so all dogs up for adoption will have lived as house pets before they are put up for adoption.

This allows the rescue to provide insights into the personality of each dog.

All Beagles are spay/neutered, heartworm checked and vaccinated prior to being put up for adoption.



Cleveland Animal Protective League

The Cleveland Animal Protective League is a non-profit rescue and as the name suggests, is located in Cleveland, Ohio.

It is not a Beagle rescue per se, and rescues dogs of all different breeds and mixes.

You may not find a Beagle at the time of your search, but they are worth getting in contact with just in case.



Save the Animals Foundation

Based out of Cincinnati, Save the Animals foundation is another reputable rescue in the state of Ohio.

Again, this organization does not focus on Beagles, nor even dogs specifically.

However, they can put you in contact with Beagles available for adoption and have a useful interactive finder on their Meet Our Adoptable Dogs page.

Just be sure to select ‘Beagle’ under the breed filter.




There are two main Beagle rescues in Ohio.

And these are certainly the ones to contact and inquire with, first and foremost.

If they do not have a Beagle at the time of your search, other than travelling out of state, your best next option is to contact the other two (Cleveland Animal Protective League and Save the Animals Foundation) rescues on the list.

They may very well have the Beagle you are hoping to adopt. They have been known to have these breeds from time to time.

And lastly, be commited and patient in your search.

Trust in the process and be willing to register your interest and wait for the right dog.

Beagles are an amazing breed; and as such, waiting times can be a little longer.

You’ll find the right dog for you eventually. Sit tight.

But be proactive.

Perhaps contact a few local Beagle breeders and Beagle clubs too.

Make connections and the rest you should find slots into place.

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