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11 Great Gifts For Newfoundland Dog Lovers

Do you have a friend or loved one who is crazy about Newfoundland dogs? Would you like to let them know you appreciate them with a thoughtful gift? If so, I have you covered with this list of perfect Newfoundland gift ideas for any occasion. Grab one (or maybe two) of these gifts to give something that will never be forgotten.

Newfoundland Garden Stake Weathervane 

Plenty of Newfoundland lovers enjoy the outdoors as much as their dogs. This weather vane cut from powder-coated 16 gauge stainless steel is a great gift for outdoor Newfoundland decor. With a support pole height of 57”, this weathervane stands high enough to be seen and enjoyed from a distance across the garden while still being easy to care for and install. We love that this gift is unique, personal, and able to be enjoyed in anyone’s outdoor space.

Newfoundland Wine Bottle Stopper

Does your special person love to entertain? Perhaps they enjoy winding down the night with a glass of wine? If so, this Newfoundland wine bottle stopper is a perfect token of your friendship and care. The decorative dog on the top of this wine stopper is carefully carved and hand-painted to capture the larger-than-life essence of a fluffy Newfoundland. To help keep this unique stopper from getting lost, it comes with a ring and chain to attach securely to the bottle when open. Also, to make gift-giving easy, the stopper comes in a decorative velvet pouch!

Sterling Silver Newfoundland Dog Necklace

Are you seeking a gift that is beautiful and clearly designed with a Newfoundland lover in mind? If so, you must consider this eye-catching sterling silver Newfoundland necklace. This handmade necklace features two delicate charms – one of a Newfoundland dog and one of a small heart that hangs in front. To make this necklace even more special, it can be customized with 2-5 letters on the dog’s body and/or 1 letter on the heart. A sweet gift that will warm the heart of its recipient each time they wear it. 

Life Is Better With A Newfoundland Kitchen Towel

Put a Newfoundland touch on a traditional bridal shower or housewarming gift with a couple of these Newfoundland kitchen towels. The design of these towels includes the saying “Life is better with a Newfoundland” and features an image of a charming Newfoundland in watercolor style. These kitchen towels aren’t just made to look nice; they are made to last. The design is put on the towel using dye sublimation which won’t fade or peel like vinyl even when put through the washing machine. A gift that shows the recipient you know exactly what they love the most.

Vintage Style Newfoundland T-Shirt

Dog lovers of any age can enjoy wearing swag that represents their favorite dog breed, and this vintage-style Newfoundland t-shirt hits the mark. Available in youth, women’s, and men’s cuts, this shirt also comes in ten base colors to fit the preferred style of any wearer. Your lucky gift recipient is going to love the four different colored Newfoundlands on the shirt front with the clearly printed breed name in a coordinating color blend. This is a gift that is useful, stylish, and will strike up a conversation with any Newfoundland owners nearby.

Newfoundland Dog Cookie Cutter

Do you need a gift for the person who already seems to have it all? If your important person enjoys time in the kitchen, tuck this Newfoundland cookie cutter into their stocking or birthday gift bag this year. This cutter creates a playful Newfoundland face image in baked goods such as sugar cookies, shortbread cookies, or even homemade dog treats. This cutter is easy to clean and is really a one-of-a-kind gift that a Newfoundland enthusiast will love having in their kitchen.

“It’s Not Dog Hair; It’s Newfie Glitter” Throw Pillow Cover

Owners of Newfoundland dogs are no strangers to hair that can get absolutely everywhere. Why not help your loved one embrace the furry chaos with this fun throw pillow cover? This cover can bring new life to a favorite 18” x 18” pillow that has seen better days or be wrapped around a fresh pillow form. The design shows the silhouette of a fluffy Newfie while staying neutral enough to fit in with any pre-existing décor. If the dog hair does become too much, a simple spin in the washing machine makes this cover good as new.

Double-Sided Shedding and Dematting Brush

Speaking of hair, if your friend owns a Newfoundland, they are never short on hair that needs brushing. This brush is a gift that your gift recipient can use to help their pup have a healthy, well-managed coat in any season. Designed for the safe removal of tangles and extra hair, this brush has a wide-toothed and narrow-toothed side to meet the specific needs of a coat such as the Newfoundland’s. On top of being effective, this brush is lightweight and designed for a comfortable grip, so your friend’s arm won’t wear out before the task is finished. This is a gift that is full of use and purpose for humans and dogs.

Newfoundland Dog Lover Tote Bag

Made of lightweight, spun polyester, this tote bag is a good gift for someone on the go. We love this bag as a reusable grocery bag with its flat, stitch-reinforced bottom that makes carrying multiple or heavy items easy. The decorative element of this bag displays a cuddly black Newfoundland against a gray striped background. It’s an image that will make any Newfie fan smile. At a size of 16” x 16” with two 14” long mesh handles, this is the bag your Newfie-loving companion needs.

Custom Newfoundland Wall Art

Sweet-natured and docile are just a few of the ways Newfoundland owners describe their dogs. This wall art is a gift that celebrates everything that makes a Newfoundland uniquely loveable. Words of description are used to create a black Newfoundland silhouette that stands in clear contrast to its white background. The bottom of this print can be customized with a pet’s or person’s name above the title Newfoundland to make this a very special piece of art for hanging at home or work.

Newfie Love Vinyl Sticker

Gifts don’t always have to be big to be grand. Slipping this 5” high-quality vinyl Newfoundland sticker into a thoughtful note can have a strong impact on your Newfoundland-loving recipient. This sticker has a distinct Newfoundland profile and is decorated with the sweet endearment “Newfie” in a script that is both beautiful and easy to read. Completed with a simple red heart, this is a classic sticker that makes a great statement on a laptop case, water bottle, or other smooth high, visibility surface. They say good things come in small packages, and this sticker is proof of that.