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12 Must-Have Gifts For Tortoise Lovers

Are you searching for a special gift for a certain tortoise lover in your life? Can be challenging to find, right? Besides, you don’t want to incorrectly get them something turtle-themed! So, I decided to research the market to find the best gifts currently available for these slow-paced land-reptiles!

Tortoise Wind Chimes

These handmade tortoise outdoor wind chimes are perfect for any outdoor space. They produce a calm, relaxing sound and visually are a great feature to look at, too. These chimes in particular are made of high quality and durable aluminum – giving them longevity and ensuring that they do not rust eve if exposed to lots of rain. They are also easy to install and can be hung in a range of different outdoor locations.

Warning Tortoise Sign

This hilarious tortoise sign is ideal for any tortoise owner. It has a fantastic rust effect, and it is waterproof and non-glare, too. It’s a great size at 8″ x 12″ and there are four pre-drilled holes in each corner for quick and easy mounting. It’s also relatively lightweight and has rounded edges for extra safety when handling.

Tortoise Tote Bag

What about this practical and highly functional tote bag? Made entirely of cotton it is strong and durable, yet lightweight. It is also easy to clean and can hold a surprising amount.

Tortoise Crossing Sign

Another sign for you. Another amusing quip on tortoises. This 12″ x 12X aluminum option is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use – it can be easily wall-mounted via a central drilling hole at the top.

Sulcata Tortoise Statue

Have you considered a tortoise statue? If so, this Sulcata resin option fits the bill. At 3.7″ x 2.5″ x 2.1″ it’s a convenient size. It’s incredibly life-like and detailed, and makes for great home décor or even for use as a paper weight.

Stainless Steel Tortoise Pendant Necklace

This cute little tortoise pendant/necklace makes for a lovely gift. Being made of stainless steel it is robust and will not tarnish easily. The chain measures at 22″ and can be extended by a further 2″ if required.

Tortoise Dad Mug

We all need more mugs in our lives and tortoise dads are no different. So why not get them this high quality ceramic option. It holds up to 11 fluid oz, the design is printed on both sides, it has a high gloss finish and it is microwave and dishwasher safe. What more could you want?!

Tortoise Mom Mug

The same as above, but for tortoise moms!

Tortoise Socks

These unisex, one-size fits most tortoise socks are great fun. They are made of a cotton, polyester and elastic mix making them breathable, comfortable and long-lasting.

Tortoise Notebook

For the writers, note-takers and artists. This premium 8″ x 10″ notebook comprises of 120 pages of high quality bright white paper. The cover look terrific and has a matte finish. I also love the fact that the notebook is kept together by a glued spine. Keeping work organized and secure.

Tortoise Resin Garden Statue Decoration

It might not be for everyone, but certain tortoise lovers are going to… love this. It’s made of finely carved resin which makes it resistant to even the harshest of weathers. It also holds a night light in its hand, which will automatically operate and gain the energy it needs through solar technology. It will emit a soft light for up to 8 hours when the sun has set.

Garden Tortoise Décor

If you are looking for garden décor, consider this pair and set of tortoises. They are made of durable polyresin, are handpainted and are very detailed. In terms of size, they are quite small which makes them a nice feature without becoming to overbearing. Great for plant pots, containers and other similar outdoor settings. Or, they can be used inside too as little ornaments!

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