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12 Great Gifts For Cat Sitters You Need To Send

Have you been out of town and depended on a cat sitter recently? Do you want to thank them for their great work? If so, let us help you track down the perfect thank-you gift with this list of twelve great cat sitter gifts. These gifts are a mix of useful, fun, and perfectly sentimental. Give your cat sitter the gift of gratitude by finding the perfect item from this list.

Pet Sitter Extraordinaire Canvas Tote

If you have special items to gather for your cat sitter, consider having them waiting in this canvas tote that lets your sitter know they are one of the best. This tote comes in small (15”x15”x6”) and medium (15”x18”x6”) sizes and has extra full bottom support for durability and strength. The image is brightly colored and professionally printed for a top-quality look. If the bag gets dirty, a spin through the washing machine fixes most stains. This is a tote your pet sitter will use long after you return from your time away.

Cat Sitter Thank You Keychain

Chances are that if you have someone watching your cat while you are away, they will need a key to your home. Show gratitude right from the start with this cat sitter keychain that has two charms and says, “A truly great cat sitter is hard to find and impossible to forget,” as well as “Thank you.” The keychain is made of silver stainless steel, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic. With this key chain in hand, your cat sitter will know they are appreciated every time they unlock your door.

Funny Personalized Thank You Mug

If your cat sitter is great with your precious pet and has a sense of humor, they will really enjoy this mug which says, “Roses are red, Violets are blue. Thanks for feeding me and scooping up my poo.” Not only will this gift make your sitter chuckle, it is able to be customized with your cat’s name at the bottom to add a personal touch. This ceramic mug is dishwasher safe for easy care and repeated use.

Personalized Pet Sitter Thermal Tumbler

If your pet sitters are anything like ours, they are always on the go. Whether it is cuddling cats or walking dogs, a pet sitter keeps on their feet. A thermal beverage container that can hold up to a busy lifestyle is a great gift for a sitter on the move. These thermal tumblers say “Best Pet Sitter Ever” and are customizable with your sitter’s name. With twelve colors to choose from, a dishwasher-safe design, and included lid and straw, this gift is full of personalized thanks and usefulness.

Purr-Fessional Cat Sitter T-Shirt

Since you know your curious cat has shed hair all over your pet sitter’s shirts, why not get them one that celebrates the special role they play in your life? These “Purr-Fessional” t-shirts come in three cuts – men’s, women’s, and children’s – and ten different colors to suit everyone’s style and taste. The design is simple but makes a big impact, and paired with a sweet thank you note is certain to make your cat sitter feel appreciated.

Thank You Hanging Picture Display

Give your cat sitter this special picture board to display in their home that lets them know how important they are to both you and your cat. This hanging picture display has a wooden background, thanks the receiver for being an important part of your family’s story, and has a puzzle piece image created with chalkboard paint. The display comes with a piece of chalk for writing your own personal message or special title on the display. Cord and wooden picture clips allow 5-8 photos to be hung from the display – make sure to include one or two of your cat! Ready for mounting, this display is a sweet touch to any living space.

Watercolor Cat Print Fleece Throw Blanket

Help your cat sitter relax in comfort at the end of a long day with this soft, beautiful throw blanket. One side of this blanket is a printed fleece flannel, and the other is a fluffy polyester sherpa. A perfect gift for a cat sitter who enjoys cuddling up with a good book or tv show, this blanket measures 50” x 60” for head-to-toe warmth. While we love the watercolor cat print, this blanket is also available in ten other cat-themed prints! With so many to choose from, we know you’ll find the perfect design for your cat sitter’s taste.

Katie The Catsitter Graphic Novel

A graphic novel might seem like a strange thank you gift, but if your cat sitter is a dependable pre-teen or teenage bookworm, this book is a fun way to give an additional thanks for their help. Enjoyed by this writer’s own cat-crazy daughter, this story follows a teen girl named Katie on her mission to pet sit for someone who has a lot (217!) of cats and her unplanned crime-stopping mission. Fun and light-hearted, these books are a great read for any young cat sitter who loves their job and wants to kick back with a book that celebrates the unique role of cat lovers and cat sitters in our world.

Pet Sitter Appreciation Zippered Pouch

This zippered pouch cosmetics bag with a quote of appreciation for pet sitters on the front is a sweet thank you gift for a loved cat sitter. Measuring 10” x 7”, this pouch can hold cosmetics, pens, pencils, pet treats, or any other small items your cat sitter needs. Constructed from high-quality canvas that is stain and water-resistant as well as easy to wash, this pouch is versatile and can handle wear and tear. Another nice touch is the internal zipper pocket for sorting out smaller items such as money from the rest of the bag. This is a handy gift that gives thanks for all your cat sitter does.

“How Cat Lovers Tell Time” Mug and Wine Glass Holder

To be a great cat sitter, you must have a certain love for cats, big and small. This gift is a touch humorous, classy in design, and easy to hang and use. It comes with two hooks for hanging morning coffee breakfast mugs and two holders for a pair of evening-use wine glasses. This gift comes already gift wrapped in a decorated box for shipping directly to your cat sitter. It is a perfect appreciation present for any cat sitter who enjoys a beverage now and then – whether A.M. or P.M.

Cute Cat-Themed Thank You Cards

At the end of the day, the one thing many cat sitters want most is to hear directly from their clients how much they are appreciated. With this set of silly but sweet cards that feature an excited cat and thank you a message on the cover, you can add your own words of praise to your cat sitter gift. The use of cat decorated cards shows you bought the card with your cat sitter in mind, and the personal touch of your words will be the thing that makes your cat sitter know they are loved. Give the gift of your written gratitude with these cards that will make your cat sitter’s day.

Cat Shaped Sticky Note and Paper Clip Set

Once in a while, we want to give a small token of appreciation to our cat sitters that is simple, unique, and useful. That’s why this office supply set of cat-shaped sticky notes and paper clips makes such a good gift. Our cat sitter often needs to leave us notes about our cat’s day and likes to stay organized (it’s part of why we love her!), so helping her out with these fun cat-shaped supplies was an easy way to show appreciation for what she does each day. This set comes with 180 sticky notes and 60 cat-shaped paper clips in six different colors.

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