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How Big Do Cavachons Get? [Average Height, Weight & Size]

The Cavachon is certainly a cute breed. A hybrid dog bred from a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise. It comes as no surprise really. But what does this all mean for their size? Here is what you need to know.

So, how big do Cavachons get? Cavachons typically stand between 9-12 inches (23-33cm) in height, and weigh between 13-18 lbs (6-8.5kg), on average. Although they generally navigate towards the larger end of the scale. Either way, they are classified as small dogs that will often reach their final size by 10-12 months old.

Cavachon Size

In stature, the Cavachon has been commonly described as athletic; neither muscular, hefty nor lightweight.

But there is something that definitely adds to their size.

Their thick, fluffy, and either wavy or curly coat!

This is another breed that closely resembles a teddy bear. They will absolutely melt your heart.

You only have to look at a few pictures or even 1-2 in person and you will soon see why.

Nevertheless, let us now take a closer look at their expected size in further detail.

This way, you will be able to get a better understanding of whether this particular dog is right for you.

And depending on where you live, your circumstances, and arrangements, this may make all the difference!

So stick around; you’ll learn something. I promise.

What Size Is A Fully Grown Cavachon?

The final size of a fully grown Cavachon will primarily depend on what they inherit from their parents. This is a mixed breed, after all.

The Cavachon is the result of mixing a Bichon Frise and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

And these are not particularly big dogs either:

  • Average full-grown Bichon Frise: 9-11 inches (23–28 cm) in height, 11-22 lbs (5-10 kg) in weight.
  • Average full-grown Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: 12-13 inches (30–33cm) in height, 13-18 lbs (6-8 kg) in weight.

And as you can see, the Bichon Frise are Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are quite similar in height and weight too.

They’re equally not big either, classified as small dogs too.

So, a fully grown Cavachon is not going to be a huge dog either way.

But how big exactly?

With hybrid dogs, they can take on the physical characteristics of either parent.

They do not come out as the average of the two.

For instance, if a mother Bichon Frise weighs 20 lbs and the father Cavalier King Charles Spaniel weighs 14 lbs, the Cavachon will either be 14 lbs or 20 lbs – not 16.5 lbs (which is the average).

And as the parental breeds for the Cavachon are so similar in height, it is very common to see them stand at around 12 inches tall.

And as a rule, they tend to weigh between 13-18 pounds.

But, bear in mind that these dogs vary in size.

We have our averages to go by, but it ultimately all depends on the parental dogs and their own lineage.

What Age Does A Cavachon Stop Growing?

The average Cavachon will stop growing between the ages of 10-12 months. Although depending on how big they ultimately get, they may continue to fill out in for a further 3 months.

It depends on the dog.

Larger dogs will naturally take longer to reach their final size. There’s more of them.

So, considering that a Cavachon can be on the smaller or larger size for the hybrid standard, it’s understandable and safe to assume that not all will stop growing at exactly the same point.

And then there is one other potential factor to consider. Neutering.

It has been observed that dogs that are spayed or neutered early in life tend to grow slightly taller.

The process effectively prevents the body from stopping the ‘growing” signal.

The difference appears to be marginal, but some Cavachons who are spayed early can gain up to an inch extra in height.

For a dog that is spayed or neutered after its 1st year, they typically fill out more.

Their increased level of hormones typically results in more muscular growth, and dogs tend to have a broader chest.

And for Cavachons not neutered at all; they’re going to reach their genetic potential. Whatever this may be and what genes they inherit.

How Long Is A Cavachon A Puppy?

Cavachons are generally considered puppies up until the age of 18 months.

That’s right, a dog at its full final can still be considered a puppy.

But how does this work?

Well, there is more to a dog growing up than just reaching its final size.

In fact, there are three different development stages a dog needs to go through to become a mature, adult dog:

  • Physical maturity
  • Mental maturity
  • Sexual maturity

And these stages do not complete at the same time. They happen on their own schedule.

Smaller breeds like the Cavachon may reach their physical maturity at 10-12 months, but they are not yet mentally or sexually mature.

They may have the size, but not necessarily the behavior to match.

Something to definitely consider when you bring a new dog home.

Thankfully, the Cavachon is intelligent and eager to learn and to please. They’ll generally be quite calm so not too much of a handful early on.

But still, they’ll likely be more energetic for a while even at their full size.

Regarding sexual maturity; well this can happen early too.

And a dog can reach this before they are at full adult size or mentally mature. In small breeds, they’ve been known to get pregnant as early as 6 months of age.

So, if you intend on owning a Cavachon you will need to remain vigilant if you do not neuter/spay them early.

And consider the effect that this process can have on their size (and referenced in the section above).

It’s marginal but something to consider.

Keeping A Cavachon At A Healthy Weight

Puppy Cavachons need to be fed the right nutrition to reach their full-size potential and develop the structure and musculature they need to be fit and healthy.

Wet food is particularly useful for Cavachon puppies, and many owners report success in feeding it to this breed from a young age.

Nevertheless, while it’s important that a Cavachon is fed well, they need to be fed the right amounts – respective of their age.

Most puppies and adolescent dogs will be naturally lower in weight. They are putting their food towards growth.

That being said, once they are beyond the age of 18 months; they are much more susceptible to putting on excess weight.

And for a small dog breed like the Cavachon; you’ll soon notice.

While not lazy, these are not the most energetic of breeds who are rather fond of a cuddle on the lap.

So, it’s important that you continue to feed a Cavachon high-quality food, in accordance with their size, activity, and age.

Generally, a dog should eat less after 2 years of age.

A healthy weight for a dog is one in where the ribs can be felt without needing to push in.

Although, a vet can help you here and offer advice.

Regularly weighing your Cavachon, bearing in mind the breed standard is helpful too.

For instance, your Cavachon should weigh between 13-18 lbs (6-8.5kg), generally.

Of course, a small deviation, either way, is to be expected. This is just an average.

If your Cavachon does begin to put on excess weight, it is important that they lose it in a safe and healthy way.

Cutting food slightly is generally the best way to do so, but if you feed your dog in accordance with the manufactures instructions and refrain from offering too many treats you should be okay.

Adding exercise is another option but you do not want to over-exercise or overwork them.

Consider that a dog should be exercised in accordance with their age.

A young puppy for instance should not be exercised too often or with too much exertion. They are still growing and their growth plates can even be damaged.

A good rule is 5 minutes per month of age:

  • 3 Month old Cavachon – 15 minute walk,
  • 6 Month old Cavachon – 30 minute walk,
  • 9 Month old Cavachon – Up to an hours walk, preferably split into two.

Work up the exercise slowly.

As a small breed, a Cavachon will only need between 30 minutes and 1 hour of structured exercise per day, along with play.


If you are looking at getting a new puppy, the Cavachon will likely be a contender.

How can they not be?

Not only how they look but how they generally behave too. They have a very loving temperament, are intelligent, eager to learn, and are generally very joyful.

They are also a very manageable size.

In fact, they suit almost any living arrangement.

They appear to do very well in apartments and even urban areas.

They also do well in larger houses; both with and without a yard.

And best yet; they are great with kids!

So, if you are looking for a great new breed to add to the family, the small and cuddly Cavachon is absolutely one to consider.

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