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How Big Will My Cat Get Calculator

Are you wondering how big your cat is going to get? Do you want a rough estimate based on their current size? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Simply plug in your cat’s current age and weight into the calculator below and you can quickly get an idea of what to expect.

Disclaimer: This calculator should be used as a rough guide only. Each cat can reach a different size depending on multiple factors, including breed, genetics, diet, health etc.

How Do You Calculate How Big A Cat Will Get?

To calculate how big a cat will get, you will need to take your cats current age (in weeks) and weight (in KG), and run the following calculation (weight/age) * 32.

Alternatively, you can wait until your cat is 16 weeks old, take their weight and then double this number. You can expect the result to be a rough estimate of your cats final adult weight.

When Do Kittens Stop Growing?

Kittens typically stop growing at around 12 months of age, though they may continue to put on muscle mass and added weight for a few additional months.

How Big Can A Cat Get?

How big a cat can get is largely correlated to the breed (and breed average/standard). Most cats will align to the standard, although in some cases, cats may exceed this slightly.

That being said, the largest domestic cat on record weighed in at 21.3kg (46 lbs.).

Cats of the Siberian, Ragdoll and Ragamuffin breeds are generally the largest.

Related Questions

How can I tell if my kitten will be a big cat?

One of the best ways to tell if a kitten will be a big cat is to look at its back legs. If your kitten has tall back legs, comparatively for kittens of the same breed, you can expect a larger cat.

Does paw size determine cat size?

Paw size does not determine a cats size. There is no correlation observed between paw size and height/weight.

Do neutered cats grow bigger?

Neutered cats can grow bigger (in terms of general size), but only if the procedure took place early in the cats life – before their growth has finished. If the procedure happens during adulthood, the cat will typically remain at the breeds average.

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