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How Much Are Cavoodle Puppies? [To Buy And Then Own]

If you’ve fallen in love with Cavoodles, you are likely wondering what cost you can expect to pay to bring your puppy home and give it great care. This finance guide will give you an idea of what you can expect to pay – both upfront and over the long term. Here are is what you can expect.

So, how much are Cavoodle puppies? The average price of a Cavoodle puppy ranges between $1,100 – $1,800 based on a variety of factors. Beyond the initial purchase, you can expect to spend around $500 on new puppy needs and then $100 – $150 a month to make sure your puppy stays fed, groomed, and spoiled with chew toys. 

While these numbers can be intimidating, if you were to ask any Cavoodle owner, you’d likely hear the same thing; they are completely worth it.

They are soft, fluffy, and all-around adorable small dogs that thrive in a loving family environment. 

And unsurprisingly, if not, unfortunately, they do come at a price.

They are hybrid dogs, which do require more intricate breeding techniques, shall we say.

Nevertheless, let us explore the financials in much greater detail so you can plan ahead and accordingly.

How Much Cavoodle Puppies Cost?

The current market for Cavoodle puppies holds an asking price between $1,100 – $1,800. Cavoodles are in high demand for both their looks and temperament and are only bred in limited numbers, which increases their upfront value. It is possible to find puppies that are somewhat less or more than the average as breeders all set their own prices based on a variety of factors.

The upfront cost of a puppy can come as a shock to many people, but breeders must ask a price for their puppies that covers the care of the puppy’s parents, early veterinary care, and other puppy-raising costs. 

Also, with Cavoodle puppies increasing in popularity, the price matches the demand. 

Be wary of a puppy that seems to be priced far below the average asking price. 

Some people may try to pass off non-Cavoodle puppies to unsuspecting buyers or have cut corners in puppy care in order to offer their low prices. 

Healthy, happy puppies come with a price tag but also years of love to give.

What things can cause a puppy to be priced lower or higher? Let’s take a look.

Factors That Influence Cavoodle Puppy Prices

There are a few factors that come into play when a breeder sets the price of their Cavoodle puppies. As discussed earlier, the money put in by the breeder is often the starting point for a Cavoodle puppy’s price. Along with this, a breeder’s reputation and experience, the quality of the parents – especially if they were registered show dogs, and your purchasing location can influence the price of a puppy.

Breeder’s Financial Investment

Breeders need to make money on the sale of their puppies in order to have future litters and make a liveable wage. 

Even a breeder who doesn’t raise puppies for their sole income needs to price their puppy in a way that supports the time and effort they put into caring for their litters.

Breeding is more expensive than first meets the eye, and a great breeder is also putting in a lot of mental and emotional effort to raise great dogs. 

A reputable Cavoodle breeder should have records for each puppy they raise that include costs for veterinary care and puppy supplies.

This information should be made available to you at purchase for your own pet keeping records and to show your personal veterinarian at your Cavoodle’s first visit.

Occasionally, breeders may do genetic testing of their puppies as a way of being assured that their puppies are not likely to carry diseases or health concerns that aren’t openly visible.

Other breeders take care to feed their dogs carefully curated diets and provide care beyond the basic puppy needs. 

It is understandable that the price of these puppies will typically be higher than those from breeders who do not offer these services.

Great puppies can come from both types of breeders, and a lot comes down to your personal preference.

The Reputation Of The Breeder

If a Cavoodle puppy breeder has had great success raising happy, healthy puppies, the word is likely to get around. 

This means that their puppies may be in higher demand than that of a newer breeder with a price to match.

Paying more for an experienced breeder is often money well spent. 

Knowing that your breeder has raised puppies before and being able to see examples of adult dogs sold by the breeder gives you added confidence in your own puppy’s health and development.

Just as you should watch out for a breeder asking far below the $1,100 mark, you should watch for breeders asking far beyond the $1,800 range. 

Make sure that any breeder asking more than $1,800 for their puppies has references from past purchasers, paperwork about their puppy’s health, and the puppy’s parents.

If a breeder seems upset when you ask for documentation of their work, it is time to continue your Cavoodle search somewhere else.

The History Of The Cavoodle’s Parents

Cavoodles are a carefully designed dog breed mixing together a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. 

While this mix has proven to make wonderful dogs, they do not have a long-running history or major registry for you to trace your dog’s ancestry. 

Still, healthy and happy parents are an important part of getting a healthy and happy puppy.

If a Cavoodle’s parents are registered dogs, one being a registered King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and one being a registered Poodle, the Cavoodle puppy will come with a higher purchase price. 

Registered dogs cost the breeder more to purchase and must fit rigorous standards of quality for registration, and this cost is handed down to puppy buyers.

Registered parents are not a requirement for getting a fantastic Cavoodle puppy. Many unregistered dogs are beautiful, healthy, and have great personalities. 

If you are an owner who finds joy or peace in knowing the lineage of their dog, then registered parents may be important to you. 

Registration isn’t the only important factor when considering a puppy’s parents and the price of your Cavoodle. 

If a Cavoodle’s parents have found success in the show ring doing obedience, agility, or confirmation classes, their puppies will naturally bring in higher prices. 

When owners want a Cavoodle who will be likely to succeed at specific skills, parents with awards in these areas are valuable to the buyer.

Remember, registry or not, awards or not, you can find a great Cavoodle for your family.

If your Cavoodle comes from unregistered parents, be sure to ask to see the parents or find out all that you can about their health and wellbeing.

It’s okay to buy a Cavoodle from unregistered parents if the puppy’s parents are happy and well cared for dogs.

Where You Live And Shop

Location is one of those things that seems to influence the cost of everything from housing to a meal out on the town. The same thing is true for the cost of Cavoodle puppies.

If the place where you live tends to be higher on the cost of living scale for everyday expenses, you can expect it to be a place where you will pay higher amounts for a puppy and their care. 

Also, locations where Cavoodles are popular but maybe not frequently available for purchase, will have higher puppy prices.

Where Can You Buy A Cavoodle?

There is more than one place where you can find your perfect Cavoodle companion. Places to consider purchasing a Cavoodle include private breeders, animal rescues, owners for whom their Cavoodle ownership didn’t work out (be careful and ask a lot of questions), and some pet stores. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding where to get your Cavoodle.

The first place we suggest people look if they know they want to start out with a young puppy is a private Cavoodle breeder. 

Make sure to speak closely with each breeder you look into. 

Ask for pictures of past puppies, references given by satisfied customers, their history working with dogs, and if you can meet your puppy’s parents before making a purchase.

If a breeder seems upset by your questions or applies extreme pressure to make a purchase, keep looking somewhere else.

Any breeder worth the money you are going to pay for a Cavoodle puppy should be please to show you their litters and talk about all the time and energy they have put into getting you a perfect puppy. 

Some breeders may have waiting lists for puppies, be sure to ask about this and get a clear estimate of when they think a puppy would be available in these situations.

If you aren’t sold on starting with a puppy or don’t feel comfortable purchasing from a breeder, you might be surprised to find out that Cavoodles can be found in animal shelters in many places. 

Sometimes people jump into dog ownership without realizing the cost and time commitment, or they fall on hard times and must surrender their sweet dog.

If you would like a dog that is more mature and past the puppy stage of life, a shelter or rescue can be a great source for your new Cavoodle. 

Rescues are also great places to look if you can’t find any breeders in your area.

It is possible to find Cavoodles at some pet stores, but you need to go in with a careful eye for puppy health and price tag. 

A lot of pet stores raise the prices of their puppies to turn a better profit, and many do not breed their puppies themselves, meaning a dog’s history may not be clearly known. 

Pet store puppies can be sweet and lovable family members but do come with some level of purchasing risk.

What Are The Initial Costs of Owning A Cavoodle Puppy?

You should make plans to spend around $500 on beginning Cavoodle puppy expenses while understanding that costs can vary depending mostly on where you are located. Your Cavoodle will need to visit a veterinarian as soon as possible for puppy shots, and you will want to buy some essential puppy supplies. 

Supplies For Your Cavoodle Puppy

It is smart to buy your basic puppy supplies before bringing your Cavoodle home. You should have set aside between $200 – $250 for your new Cavoodle’s first care items. 


One important piece of equipment is a quality kennel for your Cavoodle to be in when left unattended and to sleep at night. 

You should expect this to cost between $50 – $75.

It is worth it to buy a well-built, long-lasting kennel that gives your dog a safe place to call their own in your home. 

Required Supplies

After picking out a kennel, you will want to purchase food and water bowls, a well-fitted collar, a leash/harness, puppy food, a brush, and some chew toys.

Initial Food 

Puppies under one-year-old are doing a lot of growing and muscle building. 

For this reason, you should plan to feed your puppy a specially formulated puppy food for the first year of its life. 

This food does tend to be slightly more expensive (by $2 – $3 per bag) but will guarantee your puppy a strong nutritional base for the start of its life. 

ID Tag

Puppies are adventurous explorers, and even a great owner can occasionally lose track of their sweet new Cavoodle outside. 

That’s why it is important to purchase an identification tag for your puppy’s collar right away.

These tags cost from $10 – $15 and come in a wide range of colors and designs. 

The best part is that they can often be purchased, customized, and engraved on-site at most major pet stores.

Puppy Shots and Vet Check

Your puppy should come home healthy and happy, but to keep it that way, you will want to take a trip to your chosen veterinarian soon after bringing home your Cavoodle. 

You can expect this cost to be a bit higher than other vet visits as you establish care and get the first round of important immunizations. 

Setting aside $200 – $250 is a wise idea to help you prepare for this visit.

One of the best ways to guarantee a lifetime of health for your puppy is to help them, and you build a strong relationship with a veterinarian. 

Getting your puppy into the vet within seven days of purchase gives you a chance to make sure your puppy really is healthy (and contact the breeder if not) and socialize your puppy with a place it will need to visit at least once a year.

What Are The Ongoing Costs Of Owning A Cavoodle

While the purchase and early expenses of Cavoodle puppy ownership can be hefty, the price of care does begin to smooth out in most cases. That being said, a Cavoodle does come with some ongoing costs. A well-prepared owner can expect to spend $100 – $150 a month on their Cavoodle. Setting aside $25 – $50 each month to help cover an unexpected vet bill or another splurge is also a smart move for Cavoodle owners.


Cavoodles are cute with lots of soft fluffy hair. To keep them healthy and looking fabulous, regular grooming is needed. 

Cavoodles can have curly hair, and some have hair that grows quite long.

While you can groom your cavoodle yourself, many owners find it much easier and time-efficient to visit a professional groomer instead.

Besides, they have experience and knowledge and will make sure your pup has a healthy coat that stays bug and mat-free. 

Taking your Cavoodle to the groomer at least every six weeks can cost between $50 – $100, but from one Poodle-based dog owner to another, trust me, it’s worth it for the love and care a professional will show your dog and their appearance.


Just like we never stop needing food, neither do Cavoodles!

With a small to mid-size dog like a Cavoodle, food doesn’t tend to be an outrageous expense.

Setting aside $25-$30 a month for most basic brands of food should be plenty for your dog; if you decide to put your dog on a special diet for health or personal reasons, you may pay slightly more.

Vet Visits

Most dogs visit the vet once a year, but every now and then, our pets need an unexpected trip or may fall ill. 

The best option for handling veterinary expenses is to save for them before they occur by putting aside $25 – $50 every month into a special spot. 

Then, when an unexpected need arises, cost doesn’t prevent you from getting your Cavoodle the assistance they need. 


Another thing to consider is training.

Your Cavoodle may never be entering a show ring for any reason, but having a Cavoodle that walks well on a leash, knows when not to jump up on someone, and can follow basic commands can make ownership much more peaceful. 

Planning to take your Cavoodle to obedience class is a great way to build a bond with your puppy. 

We recommend planning on spending $100 – $200 on training classes in the first few years of your Cavoodle’s life. 


By saving now for the purchase and lifetime expenses of owning a Cavoodle, you are setting your family up for success with a wonderful new family member. 

Your Cavoodle will reward your financial investment with licks, cuddles, and endless sweet belly rubs that are worth more than any dollar amount.