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How Much Do Sugar Gliders Cost? [Owners Financial Guide]

If you are looking to purchase a Sugar Glider for a pet, then you are going to want to know all about the expected costs involved. Being able to financially plan ahead will ensure that you can give your Sugar Glider the best life, by giving them everything they need. With this in mind, I decided to conduct some research into all the associated costs involved. This is what I have been able to pull together

So, how much do sugar gliders cost? Sugar Gliders cost a different amount depending on their age. An infant sugar glider can cost anywhere between $200 and $500, whereas an adult will cost around $100-$150. As they are social animals, it is important that you get more than one Sugar Glider at a time. It is important to note that in some states, it is illegal to own a sugar glider, whereas other states require you to get a permit.

Buying the Sugar Glider is of course, just the first cost you need to take into account. There are a lot of other factors to consider.

Let us now take all of those things and give you some understanding of what is involved. We will break down each element including average diet, food, habitat, accessories and grooming costs so be sure to continue reading!

We’ll also be answering some of the most common questions about owning Sugar Gliders at the end so do not stop before you get to the bottom of this guide!

Cost Of Owning A Sugar Glider

When it comes to the cost of owning a sugar glider, it involves so much more than just buying the pet. You must consider the cost of feeding, housing, and keeping these creatures entertained.

The below table provides some of the average upfront costs:

Average Cost
Sugar Glider $300 each (2 Sugar Gliders+ Are Recommended)

First and foremost, you need to buy the sugar glider.

Baby sugar gliders are more expensive to buy than adults because adults are harder to train, and baby gliders have a longer life ahead of them.

You won’t find a sugar glider in a pet store; you must buy them directly from a breeder, this means that the price of a glider can vary a lot.

As previously mentioned the upfront cost of buying a sugar glider can vary between breeders.

Generally speaking an infant sugar glider can cost between $200 and $500, but can be as expensive as $800, and an adult sugar glider is cheaper and costs around $100 to $150.

There are reports of adult sugar gliders costing upwards of $500. Again, it depends on the area and the breeder!

Then of course, you must consider that these are very social creatures. They simply need the company of other Sugar Gliders as isolation severely affects their health.

For this reason it comes strongly recommended to buy pairs or groups of Sugar Gliders at any one time. As you can imagine, the costs start to climb.

That being said, some breeders will be willing to barter and offer you a deal if you are to buy multiple. Sometimes, this is the most cost-effective way to buy them.

Also consider that purchasing them in this way ensures that the Sugar Gliders are aware and know of one another; you will not need to introduce and socialize random Sugar Gliders together.

The Cost Of Caring For A Sugar Glider

Caring for a sugar glider can be expensive because they are not domesticated creatures and need special diets and living arrangements. While they may be expensive upfront, you’ll also need to take into account many ongoing costs, like food and grooming.

This is added to the fact that they are not commonly kept as pets. For this reason, purchasing items can be even more expensive as there is generally less supply of certain items. Sometimes, you need to pay more for this reason.

Let’s look at the cost caring for a sugar glider in regards to food, housing, grooming, and accessories:

The Cost Of Feeding A Sugar Glider

Sugar gliders are wild animals, and their stomachs cannot process regular pet food. You must obtain the food that these creatures would eat in the wild, and these marsupials need a balanced diet that includes fruit, vegetables, nectar, live insects, and supplements.

You can purchase a pre-mixed diet in a 28-ounce bag, these bags can cost around $24 and will keep two sugar gliders going for two to three weeks.

If this pre-mixed diet makes up the bulk of your sugar glider’s diet, you can supply them with additional treats.

An insectivore pre-mixed bag contains gut-loaded insect larvae and costs around $20 for a one-pound bag that will last up to two weeks.

You can purchase a supply of 1000 alive mealworms for about $18, and they will last your gliders for about seven weeks.

To buy a top brand of 3-in-1 multivitamin supplement containing prebiotics, calcium, nectar, and pollen should cost around $55.

Totaling this all up comes in at $117; but consider that this is not a weekly cost and buying food/supplements in bulk will lower the price dramatically.

If you are looking for a starter pack of food for a sugar glider, this is a well reviewed and recommended one on Amazon.

The Cost Of Housing A Sugar Glider (Including Accessories)

The cage or shelter of a sugar glider must be no smaller than 20 inches by 20 inches by 30 inches and requires suitable ventilation.

Sugar gliders express their wild ways by climbing and gliding; so, a tall cage is necessary.

If you are on a budget, a second-hand birdcage can work quite well for sugar gliders.

A top-quality, heavy-duty cage explicitly made for sugar gliders can cost $250. The cost of these cages usually includes feeding dishes, climbing posts, and a pull-out bottom tray.

These animals need hiding spots, a 14 inch by 6-inch nesting pouch to hang from their cage will cost about $11.

One heavyweight feeding bowl can cost $10, while a 3-piece set of 3-inch diameter stainless steel pet bowl can cost about $17.

You should consider purchasing a no-drip bottle for your pet because open bowls are not recommended – these water bottles can cost around $15.

Bedding must be non-toxic, and materials can include shredded plain paper or wood shavings. Bedding is essential because it contains droppings, urine, and food at the bottom of the shelter, making the cage easier to clean.

A 3-pack of 178-litre paper bedding will cost around $100; you can purchase smaller packs anywhere between $5 to $20.

The Cost Of Grooming A Sugar Glider

Gliders don’t require baths but groom each other instead, so there are no bathing costs involved.

You can buy a small pet nail scissors for less than $10 which can be used to trim their nails.

The Cost Of Taking Your Sugar Glider To The Vet

Sugar gliders are not known to carry diseases, so there is no requirement for vaccinations.

However, you must take your glider to the vet every year for wellness checks. these will cost around $50 on average.

When it comes to neutering your glider, it is recommended to castrate the males and spay the females.

The cost of this procedure can range from $50 to $350, depending on who does it. For the most part it is cheaper to have a breeder neuter your pet.

The Cost Of Toys For A Sugar Glider

When it comes to keeping your glider stimulated with toys, you can get creative.

There is no need to buy expensive toys for your pet; however, if you choose to buy specific sugar glider toys, you can buy a set that includes a feather toy, an 11-inch Wodent wheel, and a 24-inch stretch rope – the cost for the set is under $35.


Sugar Gliders make excellent pets as they are so loyal and loving, and it’s lovely to watch them socialize with other gliders. That being said, you’ll need to pay up to own some as these are not generally the cheapest of pets to own.

If you look carefully online, you will find offers of gliders that are older needing to be rehomed; these tend to be a lot cheaper to buy.

You could save a glider that can no longer be cared for by his owner and care for them in your home.

Sugar gliders are adorable little marsupials that love cuddles. You must be aware that these creatures come from colonies and must not be kept alone; these animals thrive in the company of other sugar gliders. Same-sex gliders make ideal pairs or groups.

It is worth noting that there is some on-going controversy as to whether these creatures should be kept as pets or not. The problem is that sugar gliders are stolen from their natural environments and sold on the black market.

Seeking out reputable breeders is paramount, to ensure that you are purchasing a healthy Sugar Glider in good spirits.

Related Questions

IIs Owning A Sugar Glider Illegal?

Sugar Gliders can be illegal in some states and areas. For this reason, it is a good idea to research ahead before you buy one/several. In the United States, it is legal to keep Sugar Gliders in 46 of the 50 states. However, they are illegal (to own/sell) a Sugar Glider in California, Alaska, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. All 50 states require a permit to breed/sell or capture. In Australia (where Sugar Gilders originate) keeping Sugar Gliders is entirely illegal.

Do Sugar Gliders Make Good Pets?

Sugar Gliders can make good pets, but you need to consider that they are not domesticated. They require a lot of work, commitment, and consideration to keep them, and keeping them happy is a challenge. Particular diets, a specific habitat, and regular socialization are all a must. Sugar Gliders are also nocturnal; meaning you need to let them sleep during the day (they can also be noisy at night).

What Do Sugar Gliders Eat?

Sugar Gliders have a fondness for sweet foods, hence their name. As such, Sugar Gliders eat a diet mixed with Fruits, Vegetables but also Insects. Fruits like Bananas, Apples, Oranges, Carrots, Broccoli, and Squash are widely enjoyed – just make sure you break them down to make them easier to eat and prevent choking. Crickets and Mealworms are two good examples of insects.