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How Much Is A Dalmatian Puppy? [Average Price & Cost Guide]

If you are considering getting a Dalmatian puppy, then you will want to know how much they cost. In doing so, you can set your expectations, run the math to see if it is feasible and of course, ensure that you are getting a fair price. Knowing how important this information is, I spent time researching the breed and all the costs involved with purchasing one. Below, you will find an overview of the data that I have been able to draw together.

So, how much is a Dalmatian puppy? Dalmatian puppies typically cost between $300 and $3000, although the average price paid by new owners is around $900. Show quality Dalmatians can cost $5000 and up. Factors that influence the asking price include the reputation of the breeder, the ancestry of the parental dogs, local demand for the puppies, and any additional care taken by the breeder for the litter i.e. vaccinations. For a true cost of a Dalmatian puppy, you’ll also need to take into consideration additional costs like food, supplies, and medical bills, which are typically between $1200-$1500 for the first year.

Choosing a new breed is always a challenge, there is a lot to consider and to take into account.

The Dalmatian is one of the most recognized breeds in the world, but it is perhaps not the most commonly owned (ranking 56 out of 196 in the AKC’s breed popularity guide).

While they make good companion dogs; being friendly and outgoing, their high energy levels may prove to be a bit much for some owners.

They are strong, active athletes and have a lot of stamina; being preferred by active owners who like to run or even hike.

So, before you spend money on a puppy of this breed, it comes strongly advised that you do your research and make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Unfortunately, a lot of people will fall in love with the breed from a Hollywood tale, or for their signature coats and spots, only to later find out that the dog is too much for them to handle.

Many Dalmatians end up in local shelters due to uninformed owners. This has meant that adopting a Dalmatian is a strong possibility; purchasing a puppy is not necessarily the only way to go.

So, if you were initially put off by the prices referenced above and if you’re looking for a Dalmatian, consider adopting as you will not only be saving some money but you will also be saving a life.

That being said, let us know take a closer look at upfront costs involved with getting a Dalmatian puppy.

We will then be looking at the main factors influencing the price, where to buy one and as importantly, the ongoing costs that owners will need to consider to take the best care of them.

How Much Do Dalmatian Puppies Cost?

You can expect to pay anywhere between $300 and $3000 for a Dalmatian puppy. The average cost is around $900 from a reputable breeder, but you could pay more or less, depending on where you purchase the puppy and where they are being bred.

A reputable breeder will cost more, whereas if you pick one up from a local animal shelter your costs could be significantly less.

Some shelters will only charge you shelter fees, or a basic fee for dogs (no matter their breed).

If you pick up a Dalmatian puppy from an independent breeder, you’re looking to pay somewhere in the range of about $500.

Adopting A Dalmatian Costs

When it comes to adopting a Dalmatian, you will save money with the purchase of your puppy, however you will still have to spend money on other things that you would need, no matter where you got your puppy from.

Different states have different laws, and different shelters have different policies, but the below list is pretty standard for what you can expect.

  • Adoption Fee: $50 – $150 or more
  • Spay or Neuter: $50 – $300
  • Vaccines: $50 – $100
  • Dog License: $20
  • Microchip: $50

Some shelters will provide some of the above services and just add the amount to the adoption fee, whereas some other shelters only provide the adoption and you need to visit your local veterinarian to get the other services.

Factors That Influence Dalmatian Puppy Prices

There are several factors that go into the price of Dalmatian puppies. Probably the most obvious factor is where you got the puppy from.

This can range, and as does the price, typically as follows:

  • Getting a Dalmatian puppy from a shelter is going to probably cost the least amount of money,
  • Pet stores and private sales will cost a little more than adoption,
  • Purchasing from a reputable breeder will typically cost you the most amount of money.

Within the breeder community it depends on what kind of breeder they are as well. The breeder who just breeds the puppies for pets will cost less than the breeder who breeds puppies for show.

Thus, another factor to consider when it comes to the difference in price is who the parents are and the lineage of dogs in which they came from.

This is especially noticeable when it comes to dogs who are being bred for show competitions.

If the parents are award winning dogs, then their offspring will have a high price tag. This is based on the premise that the puppies will possess traits and tendencies of their show winning parents.

Beyond these factors other to consider are:

  • The number of Dalmatian puppies available,
  • Popularity of the breed at the time,
  • Whether early socialization has been attempted by the breeders,
  • Whether any early training has been started,
  • Whether your puppy has been registered and comes with papers,
  • If any vaccinations or medications have been used on your puppy,
  • How the puppy has been cared for and raised, including their diet.

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into breeding. A lot of these cost the breeder and in turn get passed on to you.

To help understand price, first picture a spectrum.

At one end you have a Dalmatian puppy that has been bred with minimal care, thought and consideration.

At the other end, you have a purebred dog from a reputable breeder, whom has raised the litter on a high quality diet, given them their necessary shots, socialized them and given you papers.

As you can imagine, the purebred, reputable breeder pup is likely going to cost you more. And generally speaking, it is usually better to pay more for this.

Nevertheless, it is important that as a potential owner, you do your research into Dalmatian breeders, their practices and their dogs. Contact local authorities, agencies and invest in a dog that not only you can afford, but gives them the best chance of a long and happy life.

Health issues and conditions can arise from dogs bred improperly, and these issues (and medical costs) may appear down the line. Its disheartening, and can be avoided by owning purchasing from a reputable breeder.

Ultimately, you want to ensure that your breeder is breeding dogs ethically, morally and properly.

Puppy mills are perhaps the worst for this, and even though they may be enticing due to how cheap they can offer you a puppy, often do not raise or treat their dogs as they should.

While paying more for a dog may not even be feasible, it is important that you invest in a dog that has been bred appropriately, safely and in the interests of all dogs involved.

Where Can You Buy A Dalmatian?

The best place to get a Dalmatian puppy is your local shelter or charity if they have any. Adoption is always a great choice, and in many cases, you’re saving a life by doing so.

Dalmatians are often turned over to shelters when owners realize that they aren’t up for taking care of them. Purebreds get swept up quite quickly so you may find a mixed breed Dalmatian as well at shelters.

Another great place to get a Dalmatian puppy is through a reputable breeder.

Depending on what you plan on having your Dalmatian for, such as a service dog or for show competition, you may want to find a breeder that is experienced in that specialty.

Chances are their dogs will be built specifically for that particular purpose.

There are other places that you can get a Dalmatian puppy but do not come recommended.

Pet stores, less reputable breeders, and through private sales are other options for getting a Dalmatian, however, when using these means just remember – buyer beware.

Research Your Options

Before purchasing a Dalmatian puppy, make sure that you not only research the breed, but also the best place to get your puppy.

Talk to other Dalmatian owners to find out where they got their dog, and the experience they had. Even if they’re strangers, dog owners love talking about their dogs, and most are willing to share information with you.

When I chose where to get my dog, I did some research online as well as talked to other dog owners, of different breeds.

I knew that my puppy would eventually be trained as a service dog, so I wanted to find a breeder that had experience with that. And while shelter dogs can be trained to be working dogs, I just wanted to make sure that I knew the full history of my dog.

It just so happened that the breeder that was recommended most to me had experience with breeding dogs for service dogs, and they also worked with some of the local service dog trainers. This was also how I chose which trainer to go with.

If you are going to purchase from a pet store, or someone online, you may need to do more research than if you’re just getting a Dalmatian from a breeder or shelter. Again, just be cautious if you are going that route, there are lots of horror stories out there.

Cost Of Owning A Dalmatian

It’s hard to give an exact amount of how much it will cost to own a Dalmatian, or any other dog for that matter, but you can come up with an estimate.

There are a number of factors that will go into costs such as where you live, what services you choose for your Dalmatian, and how much you want to spoil them.

A good starting place for some purchases that you will need are listed below. Some of these purchases will be one-time, some will be just during their first year, and others may be ongoing.

  • Food and water bowls: $25
  • Collar, ID tag and leash: $45
  • Annual vet check-up: $85
  • Puppy pads for house training: $20
  • Dog crate (large with divider so your pup can grow into it): $75
  • Dog bed: $70
  • Travel dog crate and car restraint for safety: $75
  • Basic grooming tools: $60
  • Food: $55 per month
  • Poop bags and holder: $15 every couple of months
  • Treats/training aids: $25 per month
  • Puppy toys and teething aids: $100
  • Required vaccinations and boosters as needed: $85 per year
  • Flea/tick/heartworm control treatments as needed: $35 per month
  • Dog license and annual renewals (if applicable): $20 per year

Some added expenses that you may not think about in the beginning are:

  • Training classes as needed: $125 per level
  • Spay/neuter as desired: $400
  • Micro-chipping: $45
  • Subscription Boxes: $35
  • Daycare/Boarding: $15 – $25 a day
  • Grooming: $30 per appointment
  • Insurance: depends on plan

I went conservative on these some areas the prices will be higher and others will be lower. This list also doesn’t take into consideration replacements for things like toys, beds, etc.

Speaking of beds, most dog owners have more than one bed for their dog so this amount can change depending on how many you have.

The list also doesn’t take into consideration things like clothes or other specialty items for your Dalmatian.

Chances are, your puppy’s first year will be the most expensive. At least it will be the only time that you have to fork over a lot of money all in a short amount of time.

To start off you can look at spending between $1200 to $1500.

Each year after that you can estimate spending about $1000.

Dalmatians live approximately 12 to 14 years, so during their lifetime you can expect to spend about a minimum of $12,000 to $14,000.

Just like everything, there are bound to be exceptions. Not included in these costs are emergency vet bills, or any ongoing medical condition.

Both of these will increase your costs. You may also have to travel to pick up you puppy, or if you travel with your dog then you might need to pay extra for transporting them. There are always added costs popping up.

In Summary

Dalmatian puppies are adorable, there’s no denying that. Many factors go into pricing them however and everything from where you live to what you want your Dalmatian puppy for will play into what your final costs will be.

Generally for this breed, you can expect to pay anywhere from $300-$3000, although most owners pay around the $900 mark.

It should come as no surprise but Dalmatian puppies from a reputable breeder will cost the most, with adoption of a puppy will cost the least amount.

In addition, what you plan on doing with your puppy will also play into how much you can expect to spend on a regular basis.

You can expect to spend between $1200 – $1500 in your puppy’s first year, and then $1000 every year after that for 12 to 14 years.

This is the lower end of your expected expenses so the more plans you have for your puppy, the more you can expect to spend.

Ultimately, Dalmatians do not come cheap; but this is true of most dog breeds.

How much you spend is going to be a personal decision and what you can afford. So long as the puppy/dog has been treated humanely, cared for and has been given the best start in life as possible, then you should look to proceed.

If I can offer any final advice it would be to be diligent and do your research on the breeder and their practices ahead of time. Speak to multiple breeders, contact authorities and institutions whom specialize in the breed and be patient. Make sure you get the right dog, for you.