Best Pet Rat Names You Have To Consider [This Is My Favorite]

So you’ve recently got a rat, or soon to get one. But you’re not sure of what to call them. Perhaps you are looking at getting several and need a few names. Either way, I’m here to help.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best pet rat names around.

Whether they are a little more serious or more on the unique and humorous side, you’ll be sure to find something that is right for your new rodent here today.

And at the end, I’ll be sharing with you my personal favorite.

So be sure to keep reading.

Male Rat Names

Below are some of the best male rat names:

  • Bruno
  • Buck
  • Robert
  • Rupert
  • Ronald
  • Rodney
  • Roman
  • Remington
  • Ricardo
  • Romeo
  • Ruben
  • Roland
  • Rocky
  • Reginald
  • Ranger
  • Roald
  • Rafi
  • Rusty
  • Ramirez
  • Reg
  • Randolf
  • Rudyard
  • Ralf
  • Rubio
  • Reo
  • Rockford
  • Raza
  • Rito
  • Rusten
  • Randle
  • Robin
  • Nigel
  • Roscuro
  • Rufus
  • Roddy
  • Warren

Female Rat Names

Below are some of the best female rat names:

  • Lily
  • Ruby
  • Regina
  • Rayna
  • Rosa
  • Rita
  • Romy
  • Roxanne
  • Rue
  • Rosetta
  • Rosy
  • Roxey
  • Rosmarie
  • Ruth
  • Rima
  • Rubee
  • Ressie
  • Rolanda
  • Roba
  • Rhianne
  • Ranna
  • Rodie
  • Rica
  • Reta
  • Reini
  • Robynn
  • Pixie
  • Maisey
  • Bella
  • Willow

Funny Names For A Rat

Below are some of the funniest names for rats, based on famous characters, characteristics, or plays on words:

  • Stretch
  • Scurry
  • Squeek
  • Whiskers
  • Scutters,
  • Crumbs
  • Diggsy
  • Zorro
  • Burrows
  • Rattata,
  • Raticate
  • Rattus
  • Roosevelt
  • Ronaldo
  • Raclaw
  • Rhianna
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Robert Downey Jr/Sr.
  • Rainbow
  • Ratbert
  • Itchy
  • Scratchy
  • Scabbers
  • Ratbert
  • Rizzo
  • Speezy Gonzalez
  • Scrat
  • Remy
  • Emile
  • Mr Ages
  • Django
  • Monty
  • Professor Ratigan
  • Julius Cheesar
  • Ratticus Finch

How To Come Up With Your Own Name For Your Rat

Sometimes, we just want to give our rats a name that’s entirely personal and a little different. Perhaps nothing struck with you from those listed above.

So below, I have documented some tips on how to come up with your own name for your rat:

Consider Their Behaviours, Traits, Tendencies or Features

Every rat is different in some way.

It could be how they look, how they behave, or just something in their temperament.

So, look for something entirely unique and different – and consider giving them a name in reflection of that.

It could be the way they scutter around or a mark on their face.

You get the idea.

Consider Your Favorite Movie/Book Characters

We all have our favorite movies, shows, and books.

And a lot of the time, you’ll find great character names in them too.

Darth Vader, Captain Jack Sparrow, John McClane.

They don’t even need to be relevant or closely associated with rats!

That’s the beauty of this approach.

Consider Pairings Or Groups

Imagine you have multiple rats; why not call them after the friend’s characters for instance.

You could have a Rachel, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, and Chandler.

You’d need 6 rats, and 3 of each sex mind you.

Or if you have just two rats, why not call them beans and toast?

But again, you get the concept here.

Serious or Amusing?

Here’s a question to ask; do you want to go for a more traditional name or could you imagine your rat having something quite amusing.

Within reason of course.

Otherwise, any visit to the vet could be quite embarrassing or even problematic!


Naming your rat, or rats should be fun.

But I get it – it can be a little difficult.

So hopefully this list has given you some ideas or inspiration.

Otherwise, do consider something entirely different using the suggestions referenced in the section above.

But I did state at the start that I would be sharing my favorite name for a pet rat.

So here it is.

My personal favorite is…

Uncle Buck

After the film, and a play on the fact that male rats are called bucks.

But it may or may not be for your rat.

Besides, you could have a female.

Or you may not know or like the film.

So perhaps go for something listed above.

And if you can’t make your mind up.

Just put a few down on paper, crumple them up, and pick one out of a hat!

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