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Raw Dynamic Dog Food Review [Is This The Best Option?]

If you’re a dog owner who has come across Raw Dynamic and wondered whether it’s worth trying for your dog, this review is for you.

Raw dog food diets are growing in popularity as owners like yourself look for more natural, species-appropriate nutrition.

Brands like Raw Dynamic cater to this demand with formulas focused on raw, fresh ingredients.

But is it worth transitioning to?

Well today, I’ll provide an honest assessment of Raw Dynamic’s offerings based on my research and experience.

My goal is to provide the details to determine if Raw Dynamic, or a similar fresh raw diet, is the right choice for ensuring your dog’s health and happiness.

Short on time? Here is my Raw Dynamic Dog Food Review:


Quick Verdict

Raw Dynamic Dog Food is an excellent raw dog food, however I actually recommend WeFeedRaw instead.

I recommend WeFeedRaw for customized, convenient raw dog food delivery.

Their PhD nutritionist-formulated plans are tailored to your dog’s needs with USDA human-grade ingredients.

WeFeedRaw ships free nationwide direct to your door, so you can easily provide the benefits of a fresh, personalized raw diet.

Who Are Behind Raw Dynamic?

Raw Dynamic is a family-owned company based in New York that was started to provide dogs with natural, raw diets and convenience for owners.

The founders of Raw Dynamic grew up with strong environmental values and wanted to incorporate sustainable organic farming practices into their pet food.

From what I can tell, they seem dedicated to using high-quality ingredients from responsible sources.

The Raw Dynamic pet foods are produced in the company’s own manufacturing facility.

According to their website, they take care to select only the freshest and most nutritious ingredients when formulating their raw food recipes.

The inspiration behind the brand came from the founders’ own dog named Jeda.

As a puppy, Jeda suffered from allergies and digestive issues.

After trying many conventional treatments and foods with no success, Jeda’s symptoms improved dramatically after switching to a raw food diet.

This experience showed the founders the power of fresh, natural ingredients.

The goal of Raw Dynamic appears to be sharing the benefits of raw nutrition with other pet owners.

The company aims to provide dogs with diets that make a noticeable positive impact on their health and quality of life.

What Food Do Raw Dynamic Offer?

Raw Dynamic has a great selection of raw dog food offerings to choose from.

Frozen Raw Dog Food

The mainstay of their offerings is the frozen raw dog food range.

Raw Dynamic’s frozen raw recipes come in convenient 3-pound bags and are made with raw, fresh meats, bones, fruits, vegetables, and supplements.

The frozen raw food comes in a variety of protein options including:

  • Chicken
  • Duck
  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Rabbit
  • Turkey

The frozen raw food makes it easy to conveniently feed a nutritious raw diet.

All you need to do is defrost a portion in the refrigerator overnight, then serve.

Freeze-Dried Recipes

In addition to the frozen raw food, Raw Dynamic also offers freeze-dried recipes using the same high-quality ingredients.

These come in the same protein flavor options:

  • Chicken
  • Duck
  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Rabbit
  • Turkey

The freeze-dried food rehydrates when you add water.

Keeping a bag of the freeze-dried food on hand for traveling or quick meals is ideal.

It stores easily and rehydrates quickly while still providing wholesome raw nutrition.

What I Like About Raw Dynamic Dog Food

There are several things that make Raw Dynamic stand out when it comes to raw dog food.

Protein Options

It’s great to find a recipe your individual dog thrives on and avoid any proteins they don’t respond well to.

Also having the ability to mix it up and offer variety is also a great way to provide even more nutrition.

Quality of the Formula

The formulas use all-natural, human-grade ingredients that are ethically sourced.

Meats come from grass-fed, pasture-raised sources.

Fruits, vegetables, and supplements enhance the recipes with prebiotics, probiotics, and key nutrients.

Raw Dynamic meets AAFCO nutritional standards for all life stages.

Nutrient Breakdown

I appreciate that Raw Dynamic includes a high amount of nutrient-dense organ meats.

Organ meats provide important vitamins and minerals not found in regular muscle meat.

For example, if we closely scrutinize their Beef recipe:

The first two ingredients are beef hearts and beef livers.

This focus on organ meats provides a nutritional boost over straight skeletal muscle.

The recipe also includes organic fruits and vegetables as well as natural supplements like kelp and coconut oil to round out the nutrient profile.

Guaranteed analysis shows 15% minimum crude protein and 8% minimum crude fat, with maximum 2% fiber and 69.5% moisture.

Overall, the ingredients and nutritional analysis indicate these recipes provide comprehensive nutrition in a natural, species-appropriate way.

Convenient to Serve, Offer, and Store

The raw food comes in handy resealable bags that make storage simple.

The small, bite-sized pieces of food also make Raw Dynamic easy to serve or use as a supplement or training treat in addition to complete meals.

What I Don’t Like About Raw Dynamic Dog Food

Here are some potential downsides of Raw Dynamic dog food:

Purchase Options

Raw Dynamic can be difficult to source consistently.

They do not ship to all areas and prefer you purchase locally when possible.

If you place an online order despite having a local retailer, they may cancel and refund your order.

Shipping is also limited to once per week.

For some owners, the lack of regular delivery or auto-ship options can make sticking with the brand challenging.

So, if you are committed to this product, you do really need to visit a physical store that stock it.

This may prove inconvenient and time-consuming depending on your lifestyle.

Non-Tailored Recipes

The recipes from Raw Dynamic take a one-size-fits-all approach.

They don’t offer customized formulations tailored for a specific dog’s breed, age, or unique nutritional needs.

Other raw dog food companies like WeFeedRaw provide more personalized recipes customized to an individual dog.

Dogs with allergies or other health conditions may do better on food tailored just for them.

Final Verdict

Overall, I’m impressed with the quality of Raw Dynamic’s raw dog food.

Their recipes are nutrient-dense with ethical, natural ingredients.

For many dog owners, Raw Dynamic would be an excellent raw food option.

However, the difficulties actually sourcing and purchasing the brand make it hard to rely on consistently.

Given the challenges getting Raw Dynamic food on an ongoing basis, I would actually recommend considering WeFeedRaw instead.

WeFeedRaw creates customized meal plans tailored specifically to your individual dog’s needs.

They offer recipes to support dogs with allergies, sensitivities, and other health conditions.

WeFeedRaw delivers fresh raw food directly to your door, making it more convenient to stick with long-term.

While Raw Dynamic offers great nutrition, WeFeedRaw provides more flexibility and personalization.

Check out WeFeedRaw if you want the benefits of raw food delivered reliably with your dog’s unique nutritional needs in mind.

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