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Raw Paws Pet Food Review [Is It Worth An Order?]

If you’ve discovered Raw Paws Pet Food and are curious whether their raw food is right for your pet, this review will help you decide.

As interest grows in feeding species-appropriate raw food to dogs and cats, small companies like Raw Paws are catering to this demand with fresh and frozen solutions.

With their variety of ready-to-serve rolls, patties and grinds using quality ingredients, Raw Paws makes raw feeding achievable.

But, is it a service you should use and go through?

Well today, I’m going to share my impressions of Raw Paws based on careful research of their offerings, policies and customer reviews.

You’ll learn about the selection of proteins and products they provide, their sourcing and quality standards, ordering process and more.

I’ll also note any potential drawbacks I identified.

My goal is to provide all the details you need to know, so that you can make a decision as to whether they, or another provider, are who to order through.

Shot on time? Here is my Raw Paws Pet Food Review:

Raw Paws Food

Quick Verdict

I highly recommend Raw Paws for convenient, worry-free raw feeding.

Their prepared recipes and variety of proteins make feeding raw simple.

Rigorous quality standards, ethical sourcing, promotions, auto-delivery and stellar service provide exceptional value.

For easy, nutritious raw meals without any hassle, Raw Paws is an outstanding option for dogs and cats.

Who Are Raw Paws Pet Food?

Raw Paws Pet Food is a small, family-owned business founded in 2014 and located in Indianapolis. Their goal is to provide pet parents with affordable, ready-to-serve raw food for both dogs and cats.

Raw Paws believes quality nutrition is key for happy, healthy pets.

They source fresh ingredients from local, responsible small family farms.

Their recipes focus on natural blends of meat, bone, and organ.

The team at Raw Paws aims to deliver the highest quality pet food made with wholesome, fresh ingredients.

They promise complete customer satisfaction and stand behind their products.

What I Like About Raw Paws Pet Food

There are many excellent things that make Raw Paws a truly standout raw pet food provider:

Extensive Raw Food Variety

First, Raw Paws offers an incredibly expansive variety of raw food options for both dogs and cats.

This includes formulations like meat rolls, patties, grinds, organs, bones, and more.

Over 10 proteins are available such as beef, chicken, duck, lamb, turkey, pork, rabbit and venison.

I am actually a massive fan of the meat rolls. You can get them in 1-3 lb. sizes (depending on how much you nee for your breed and their health/age).

These rolls have meat, organ meats and bones; all grounded down and ready to serve. It’s the ultimate convenience raw food.

But beyond that, there are even grain-free kibble recipes too.

Having this diverse range of formulas and proteins makes it easy to find options your pet will love.

Minimal Preparation Required

Another great benefit of Raw Paws products is that they require very minimal preparation before serving.

The rolls, patties and grinds are ready to serve with no thawing or prep needed – just open and portion out.

This makes feeding Raw Paws recipes extremely convenient compared to other more intensive DIY raw approaches.

Ethically Sourced High Quality Meat Cuts

In addition to convenience, Raw Paws also ensures their proteins are responsibly raised from trusted sources.

Their meats come from local Indiana farms that use free-range and pasture-raised practices without antibiotics, added hormones or steroids.

This gives peace of mind that the ingredients are of high ethical quality.

Rigorous Quality Control Standards

Raw Paws also employs rigorous quality control and safety standards that instill confidence in their products.

All their raw foods are produced in small weekly batches at their licensed, inspected facility.

This allows for meticulous oversight on each recipe to verify freshness and quality.

Their protocols meet the highest standards for safety and transparency.

Rapid US-Wide Shipping

Finally, Raw Paws offers ultra-fast shipping across all 48 continental US states so you can get their products conveniently shipped affordably.

They provide same-day shipping on orders and deliveries within just 2-7 days nationwide. Shipping is free on orders over $49 for non-frozen items and $199 for frozen.

This combination of selection, transparency, quality and prompt shipping makes Raw Paws an exceptional option.

Regular Bundle Deals & Frequent Promotions

Raw Paws runs regular promotions where you can save money on bundled packages of their foods.

They frequently offer deals like buy 3 get 1 free or percentage discounts on bundles.

This makes it more affordable to stock up on their products.

Monthly Packs with Auto-Ship Available

You can sign up for recurring monthly deliveries of Raw Paws foods tailored to your pet’s needs.

Their auto-ship program allows you to get raw food delivered automatically each month. It’s an easy subscription option.

Rewards Program

Raw Paws also offers a rewards program for their customers.

You earn points for actions like signing up, making purchases, referring friends and writing reviews.

The points can be redeemed for discounts on future orders. This program incentivizes loyal customers with savings.

What I Don’t Like About Raw Paws Pet Food

While Raw Paws has many strengths, there is one limitation (at least in my opinion) to note:

No Customizable Food Options

While Raw Paws offers an amazing variety of formulas and proteins, one downside is that none of the recipes can be customized or tailored to your individual pet’s needs.

All of Raw Paws’ rolls, patties, grinds and other products are pre-set recipes marketed as general all-life-stage formulas suitable for any dog or cat.

There is no ability to request modifications or personalization for a pet with unique nutritional requirements.

This one-size-fits-all approach can be problematic for pets with sensitivities like food allergies or intolerance to certain ingredients.

It also does not allow optimizing nutrition for factors like breed size, age, activity level, or health conditions.

For pet owners who do want to feed customized raw food tailored to their individual dog or cat, utilizing a company like WeFeedRaw that offers personalized meal planning may be a better solution.

Their experts can formulate recipes specific to a pet’s needs.

However, for healthy pets without special dietary restrictions, Raw Paws provides phenomenal pre-made complete nutrition.

And their variety of proteins does allow finding flavors your pet thrives on while avoiding any intolerances.

Final Verdict

Overall, I am extremely impressed with Raw Paws and highly recommend them as a raw food provider, both for dogs and cats.

They offer an outstanding variety of proteins, formulas, and product types to easily find options your pet will love eating.

Their rigorous quality control, ethical sourcing, transparency and customer service are also exceptional.

The convenience of their ready-to-serve items with minimal preparation cannot be understated.

Raw Paws’ bundle deals, monthly delivery options, and rewards program also make feeding raw very affordable.

The only potential downside is the lack of customized meal plans for pets with special needs.

Thankfully, there are specialist providers like WeFeedRaw if that is something you are looking for.

But for healthy dogs and cats, Raw Paws provides phenomenal nutrition and convenience.

So, I do recommend you give them a try. You can do so by visiting their website, here.

Just be sure to enter code RAWTAKE10 at checkout. That discount code will get you an additional 10% off your total!

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