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Sundays vs Badlands Ranch Dog Food [The One To Feed Is…]

Are you on the fence whether to transition your dog over to Sundays or Badlands Ranch dog food? Not sure how they compare, what is best for your dog, even?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Having raised (and fed) numerous breeds over the last 25 years, I have been in your very position.

Countless times.

I’ve asked numerous veterinarians and pored over many an ingredient label in that time.

Recently, Sundays and Badlands Ranch were placed on my radar. It’s no surprise since they are two of the most popular upcoming and emerging premium dog food brands.

So today, in this comparative review, I will provide a comprehensive analysis of of each, so you can see side by side how each looks.

Hopefully, my unbiased assessment will help you make an informed choice as to what is right for you and your dog.

Short of time and just want to get my view? Well, here is my verdict on Sundays vs Badlands Ranch Dog Food:

Sundays For Dogs Recommended Choice

Quick Verdict

Out of the two, I would opt for Sundays.

While both air-dried human grade foods offer premium nutrition, convenient subscription based ordering and simple pour no prep or cooking feeding, Sundays edges it in terms of ingredient selection, nutrient balance and nothing artificial.

Price wise there is little in it, and all of the benefits Badlands Ranch can offer, Sundays’ meets and more.

Brand Overview

About Sundays For Dogs

Sundays for Dogs is a family owned business born out of a mission by Tory, a veterinarian, and Michael, an engineer, to provide a healthier, convenient, and affordable dog food alternative.

Fueled by a personal experience with their dog’s health, they created a brand that makes fresh dog food 36% more affordable, bridging the gap between kibble and home-cooked meals.

The co-founders bring a blend of veterinary science and technical innovation to the table, ensuring a nutritious, easy, and enjoyable meal experience for both dogs and their parents.

Their guiding principle is to simplify dog parenting, advocating for the best in terms of ingredients, science, and customer experience, encapsulated in their motto “Be Easy”.

About Badlands Ranch

Badlands Ranch was founded by award-winning actress and fervent animal activist, Katherine Heigl, with a philosophy centered around offering superior nutrition through air-dried foods crafted from some of the finest ingredients.

Rooted in compassion, the brand extends Katherine’s enduring commitment to animal welfare, which was earlier manifested in 2008 through the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, co-founded with her mother Nancy Heigl, aimed at eradicating animal cruelty and abuse worldwide.

Named after the Heigl’s nurturing ranch in Utah, Badlands Ranch stands as a testament to Katherine’s love for animals, striving to enrich the lives of pets globally through unparalleled nutrition, reflecting a seamless blend of advocacy and nourishment.

Sundays vs Badlands Ranch Comparison

Category (And Winner)SundaysBadlands Ranch
Dog Food Options & Flavors
Ingredient Quality
Nutritional Analysis
Preparation & Feeding
Customer Service/Support
Recall History
Totals4 ⭐1 ⭐
Key: Winner is starred.

Equal scores represented by “-“

Dog Food Options & Flavors


When it comes to recipes, Sundays keeps it simple but thoughtful. They’ve got just three main formulas to choose from – chicken, beef, and turkey.

The ingredients are air-dried rather than processed, which Sundays says keeps more of the nutrients intact.

What I think is really cool is that they also offer a customized meal plan you can get by taking a quiz.

So you can dial in a recipe specifically tailored to your pup’s needs, whether they need more joint support, digestive help, etc.

It’s a nice perk if your dog has any health or dietary issues.

Badlands Ranch

Meanwhile, Badlands Ranch sticks to just two basic formulas: Superfood Chicken and Superfood Beef.

They seem focused on nutrient-dense whole food ingredients.

So while the options are more limited, they emphasize quality, natural nutrition in each recipe.

Category Winner: Sundays

So Sundays provides a little more variety and customization, while Badlands keeps it straightforward with just two “superfood” recipes.

Both aim to deliver wholesome nutrition, but Sundays adds in the personalization factor.

As a dog owner, that flexibility would appeal to me if I wanted to tweak my pup’s diet.

But Badlands’ simpler approach would work well for owners who just want a couple of healthy, meat-based choices.

Ingredient Quality

When it comes to ingredients, both Sundays and Badlands Ranch seem to focus on quality.


Sundays touts that their recipes contain over 90% fresh meat, organs, and bones.

As a dog dad, I love seeing that high meat content!

They say they use an air-drying process that preserves nutrients and flavors better than traditional cooking.

Their beef recipe has stuff like quinoa, veggies, fruits, and berries – so a pretty wide variety of wholesome ingredients.

One thing that impressed me is Sundays’ commitment to only using human-grade ingredients that meet FDA standards.

That gives me peace of mind that what I’m feeding my pup is safe.

They also avoid artificial additives, which some “natural” kibbles still contain.

Badlands Ranch

For Badlands Ranch, their two formulas feature humanely raised meat, organ meat, and superfoods like salmon, sweet potato, and turmeric.

Their air-drying process also locks in nutrition without compromising the ingredients.

I appreciate that they emphasize humane sourcing of their meat.

Category Winner: Sundays

Both seem to use quality ingredients and careful processing methods.

But I give Sundays a slight edge for avoiding synthetic additives completely. Their wider array of fruits, veggies, and meat also suggests more varied nutrition.

While Badlands Ranch has fewer ingredients, they still seem wholesome and nutrient-dense based on the labels.

So if ingredient quality is my top priority, I’d lean toward Sundays.

But pet parents who want just a simple, streamlined formula may be happy with Badlands Ranch too.

Nutritional Analysis


The composition boasts a relatively high protein and fat content, standing at a minimum of 35.0% and 25.0% respectively, which is beneficial for muscle development and sustained energy.

The fiber content is capped at 3.0%, aiding in digestive health, while the moisture content is at a maximum of 15.0%, ensuring the food retains some hydration.

Essential minerals such as calcium and phosphorus are well-represented, supporting bone health.

Additionally, the presence of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, essential for skin and coat health, reflects a balanced fatty acid profile.

Badlands Ranch

Badlands Ranch’s nutritional composition also adheres to a balanced profile, albeit with a slightly lower protein and fat content at a minimum of 30% and 14% respectively.

While still adequate for muscle maintenance and energy, it’s a notch lower compared to Sundays.

The fiber content is slightly higher at a maximum of 5%, which may be beneficial for dogs requiring a higher fiber diet for digestive health.

The moisture content matches that of Sundays at a maximum of 15.0%.

Category Winner: It Depends!

When I compared the nutrient profiles, both Sundays and Badlands Ranch meet AAFCO’s standards for complete dog food. So they check the box for balanced nutrition.

Sundays does seem to have more protein and fat – around 35% and 25% versus 30% and 14% for Badlands.

Personally, I like seeing those higher protein and fat levels since that provides energy and helps maintain muscle.

Badlands Ranch has a bit more fiber at 5% max, compared to 3% for Sundays. That extra fiber could be good for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

The moisture content is 15% for both brands – better than straight-up dry kibble.

And Sundays includes Omega fatty acids and essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus for skin, coat, bone, and overall health.

Overall, the numbers suggest Sundays might be better for active pups or those needing more protein and fat.

Badlands Ranch could suit dogs with digestive issues thanks to the higher fiber.

But both deliver complete, balanced nutrition.

For my young, energetic Lab who loves to run and play fetch, I’d probably lean toward Sundays since the protein and fat content seem ideal for his needs.

But pet parents with less active or sensitive-stomached dogs may appreciate Badlands Ranch too.



Sundays uses a subscription model where you can choose different package sizes based on your dog’s breed and appetite.

  • For a medium-sized Lab, it would cost around $125 per month.
  • For larger dogs, it can get pricier – up to $199 for big guys like Great Danes.

One downside is they don’t offer discounts for multi-dog homes, which could increase costs.

But the free shipping is nice.

Badlands Ranch

Badlands Ranch keeps it simple – $59.95 per bag, or you can save 5-10% buying in bulk quantities.

Creating an account gets you additional discounts too.

So there’s more opportunity to lower the costs, especially if you have multiple dogs like me.

Category Winner: Badlands Ranch!

The pricing structure is definitely different.

Sundays is tailored but more complex, while Badlands Ranch is straightforward with ways to save.

If you have multiple dogs, given the chance to buy Badlands in bulk at a discount, it seems more budget-friendly.

But you may find Sundays’ customized approach fits your needs better, if the subscription model appeals to you.



Sundays seems really on top of their shipping timelines.

They’ll give you an estimated ship date right after you order – usually the same or next day.

Then once it ships, you’ll get a tracking number email and can expect the food 2-5 business days later.

They also use several carriers and say they’ll work with you to get your order ASAP if any problems come up.

Badlands Ranch

For Badlands Ranch, they tout getting orders out of their warehouse within 1-3 days.

From there, you can expect delivery in 2-7 business days for U.S. orders.

Category Winner: Sundays!

Both brands ship pretty quickly. But Sundays lays out more detailed timeframes and seems very responsive if issues arise.

As someone who gets anxious about deliveries, I appreciate when a company is transparent about possible delays but also offers to resolve problems.

So for me, Sundays’ level of communication gives them an edge.

But Badlands Ranch’s simpler approach may appeal to owners who just want their order promptly without much hand-holding.

Preparation & Feeding

When it comes to actually feeding your pup, both Sundays and Badlands Ranch make it super easy. No thawing, cooking, or prep needed – just scoop and serve!

As a busy dog parent, I’m sure you’ll love that all you have to do with Sundays is pour it into your dog’s bowl and they’re good to go.

No fridge or microwave required. Badlands Ranch’s formula is the same – measure out the right amount and let your furry friend chow down.

Mealtime can be chaotic, so brands that simplify the process are so appreciated.

Both Sundays and Badlands Ranch check that box by taking the hassle out of prepping.

All you have to focus on is giving your dog their yummy food, not blending up ingredients or cleaning a ton of prep dishes!

Customer Service/Support


Sundays extends its customer service support on weekdays between 9 am to 5 pm ET.

They provide multiple channels for customers to reach out, including email, text, and phone.

Their primary contact email is, while they also offer a text line at 706-786-3297 and a phone line at 844-630-3647 for more direct communication.

Besides, they have a FAQ section on their website to address common queries.

Badlands Ranch

Badlands Ranch, on the other hand, provides a broader window of customer service availability, operating from Monday to Friday, 6 AM to 5 PM PST, and over the weekend from 6 AM to 4 PM PST.

They offer an online form for inquiries, and customers can also reach them via email at or phone at 888-872-4522.

Category Winner: Sundays!

Both brands have made efforts to ensure that customers can reach them through various channels.

However, Badlands Ranch offers a more extended customer service window, including weekend availability, which could be a significant advantage if you want to seek support outside typical weekday working hours.

The broader hours can be especially beneficial if you live in a different time zone.

Conversely, Sundays sticks to weekday support but compensates by providing three different contact methods, including a text line, which could be a more immediate and convenient option for you.

The inclusion of a FAQ section by Sundays can also be a proactive approach in addressing common customer queries.

The comparative accessibility of customer service between the two brands showcases a commitment to customer satisfaction, albeit with slightly different operational frameworks.

Recall History

At time of writing, neither Sundays For Dogs nor Badlands Ranch have had any product recalls.

Fantastic, reassuring stuff!

Final Verdict: Sundays or Badlands Ranch?

Both Sundays and Badlands Ranch offer high-quality, nutritious dog food with the convenience of easy preparation and delivery. However, Sundays slightly edges out with its higher protein content, human-grade ingredients, and a broader variety of nutritional elements.

However, both offer convenience, quality meals for our pups.

So I’d suggest looking at both websites thoroughly and checking out customer reviews.

Consider your own dog’s dietary needs too.

Badlands Ranch may work great for a less active or sensitive dog, while Sundays could be ideal for high-energy pups who need more protein.

The truth is, you’re not going to go wrong with either brand.

We all want what’s best for our dogs – and thankfully, brands like these make it easier to give them healthy, nutritious food with a fraction of the effort.

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