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Best Brush For Golden Doodle [For Grooming Made Easy]

As a fellow doodle dog owner, I understand the challenges of finding the best brush for dogs with this type of coat.

When I first got my dog, Bailey, I was thrilled but also anxious about maintaining his curls.

As is the case with you, I wanted to prevent matting but I wanted to do so by the most effective, and comfortable means.

With numerous brush options available, determining the best brush was overwhelming to say the least!

After testing various brushes, I’ve identified the ones that are truly effective for maintaining your Golden Doodle’s signature coat.

So today, I’d like to share my top brush recommendations based on my experience.

I’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of popular brush types, leading products, and provide tips for their effective use.

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to the best brushes for effortless grooming and a radiant, healthy coat.

Short of time? Here is the best brush for your golden doodle:

Quick Verdict

Enjoy stress-free grooming sessions with your golden doodle with PetEd’s tug-resistant design, ensuring you and your dog build a trusting bond and enjoy grooming sessions that they actually want (and not run away in fear every time you get the brush!)

PEtEd Slicker Brush

  • Non-pulling and tug-resistant, so you can brush your dog with confidence and ease, which means you’ll be sure to never cause pain to your dog or damage your dog’s coat again.
  • Massaging and gentle, so your dog can enjoy being brushed and fussed, which means you will better bond with your dog and no longer have to fight with them come brushing time. They’ll come to you!
  • Fine, angled bristles, so you can access and groom all parts of your dog’s coat effortlessly to remove dirt, debris, and tangles to ensure it looks clean, shiny, and healthy, which means you can walk your dog with pride and never be embarrassed about their coat condition again.
  • Hair containing, so loose hair isn’t left flying or left around the room, which means a more hygienic and comfortable home for you to enjoy.
  • Large head surface area, so you can collect more hair per brush, which means less time cleaning and a more efficient grooming session
  • One-button automatic cleaning functionality, so you can dispose of shed hair effortlessly, which means less time cleaning up and more time doing the things that matter most to you.
  • Practical size and weight, so you can comfortably hold, use, store, and take it with you on the go, which means you will be free to brush your dog’s coat regardless of where you are.
  • Retractable pins, so you can ensure no damage is done when not in use, which means the brush is much more durable and will last you longer.
  • Purposely designed for dogs with curly coats, so you can be confident on even the most matted of coats. Great for doodle and poodle hybrid dogs, such as your golden doodle!

The Best Brushes For Golden Doodles

PetEd Slicker Brush

This is the brush I think you should get. And here’s why.

This brush is the result of my extensive search!

I grew weary of purchasing numerous brushes that didn’t meet my standards or serve their intended purpose.

I collaborated with multiple suppliers and evaluated a myriad of brushes before settling on this specific design and model.

Here’s a snapshot of me using it on my Cockapoo, Bailey…

It’s the ideal brush for all poodle mix breeds, like your golden doodle.

It’s crafted keeping their unique fur in mind.

Brushing becomes not only simpler and safer but also gentler. Plus, it captures any shedding hair as you go.

What’s more, with a single button press and a swift motion, you can discard the accumulated hair straight into the trash.

The brushing and cleaning process is a breeze.

The brush is of an optimal weight, easy to grip, and built to last.

I use it daily on Bailey and can vouch for its superior performance.

PetEd Slicker Brush For Dogs - The Ultimate Dog Brush for Shedding Hair & Fur & Best Slicker Brush for Doodles, Light Blue, 12.6cm x 19cm x7cm
  • Safe, Gentle, and Stress-Free Grooming: Non-pulling and tug-resistant so you can brush your dog with confidence and ease, your dog can enjoy being brushed and fussed, you will never have to fight come brushing time, and you never feel guilty causing pain to your dog, or damaging their coat ever again. Finally build a trusting bond.
  • Effective, Thorough, and Complete Coat Care: With fine angled bristles, so you can access and groom all parts of your dog's coat effortlessly to remove dirt, debris, and tangles to ensure it looks clean, shiny, and healthy, which means you can walk your dog with pride and never be embarrassed about their coat condition again.
  • Hugely Time-Saving: With hair-containing features (so loose hair isn’t left flying or left around the room), a large surface head area and one-button automatic cleaning functionality, which means less time cleaning and more time for you to do what you enjoy most.
  • Practical, Durable, and Dependable: With retracting pins, a sturdy yet lightweight design, and a built with premium materials, so you can comfortably hold, use, store, and take with you on the go. You will be free to brush your dog's coat regardless of where you are, and no damage is done when not in use, which means the brush is much more durable and will last you longer.
  • Purposefully Designed For Dog & Owner: Created with curly coats in mind, you can be confident regardless of coat type/condition. Ideal for doodle and poodle hybrid dogs, including: Cockapoos, Cavoodles, Maltipoos, Bernedoodles, Goldendoodles, Shih Poos, etc.

We Love Doodles Slicker Brush

This brush has got a lot of positive feedback on Amazon from fellow doodle owners. Yet, it’s priced almost double compared to my PetEd brush.

One notable limitation is its lack of a swift hair-release mechanism.

You’ll have to manually extract the entangled hairs after each grooming session.

While it’s undeniably a top-notch product that delivers, I personally find it less user-friendly.

Moreover, it comes with a heftier price tag.

I’d recommend a brush that offers a more intuitive experience without burning a hole in your pocket.

However, the final choice should align with your specific requirements and financial capacity.

We Love Doodles Dog Slicker Brush for Grooming Pet Hair - Best Brushes For Poodle & Golden Doodle - Long Haired Brush For Dogs - Goldendoodle Long Pin Brush For Dematting (Large)
  • ✅ELIMINATE TANGLES, KNOTS & MATS - Our dog brush for long haired dogs makes quick work of messy fur to have your puppy feeling their best. Dog brush for Goldendoodle friends works best as a dog brush for matted hair & a dog brush for shedding.
  • ✅PROFESSIONAL QUALITY DOG GROOMING - A brush that stands above a traditional small slicker brush for dogs our slicker brush for Goldendoodles is designed to easily work through dense & long coats. The ergonomic handle on our slicker brush for small dogs gives you a pet cleaner slicker brush that is easy on your hand & wrist.
  • ✅DOODLE LOVING DESIGN - As a puppy brush for small dogs or a large dog brush for big dogs we designed our long bristle slicker brush for dogs so that every doodle loves it. Use as a poodle brush for grooming dog brush, Goldendoodle brush for curly hair dogs, Labradoodle brush, or any other dog brush for doodles in your life!
  • ✅LONGER & SOFTER PINS - Each of our long pin slicker brush for dogs has soft pins on your dog pin brush measuring close to 1 inch long each for deeper softer brushing. To protect your doodle we bent & angled (at approximately 45 degrees) each pin so it won’t scratch your dog’s skin as you brush them head to tail.
  • ✅We Love Doodles PROMISE - At We Love Doodles we stand by our products & offer a full refund warranty if you experience any issues. Contact us through the Amazon messaging system, and we will be happy to assist you. 100% happy doodle owners is what we strive for!

PAKEWAY Slicker Grooming Tool

The PAKEWAY Slicker Grooming Tool is another worthy contender.

It boasts a functional cleaning feature, but the brush’s circular head seems slightly undersized for Cockapoos.

I suspect it was originally crafted for felines.

While it’s commendable, it might not be as time-saving as the PetEd.

PAKEWAY Cat Dog Grooming Brush, Cat Brush with Release Button, Kitten Brush, Pet Self Cleaning Cat Brush, Cat Hair Brush for Indoor Cats and Dogs with Short, Medium & Long Hair (Pink)
  • 💗【Cat Brush】Cat brushes for indoor cats are made of high quality stainless steel bristles, soft needles, long-term use without deformation; Needle comb 60 degrees slightly tilted for effective hair collection, massage to protect your cat's skin; can be used for all periods of short / long hair animals, enjoy the fun and relaxation for your beloved pet when combing hair.
  • 🗲【Easy and Safe】Cat dog grooming brush head with soft rubber cap to care for pet skin, push plate press, not stuck hair, one key to easily remove hair; plastic material handle, one-handed comfortable operation, non-slip grip feeling, it is stronger, ergonomic structure design combing hair more effort; prevent static electricity design, take care of you and your pet's feelings.
  • ➜【Convenient and Quick】Cat comb features self-cleaning function, after combing the hair for your pet, just press the button, the hair will shrink back into the brush, very simple to remove all the hair on the brush, effectively relieve easy knotting, hair, remove floating hair, fluffy open knots and other problems.
  • 💦【Easy to Clean】Cat brush with release button is washable all over, easy and convenient, clean and hygienic. Clean and soft, warm and comfortable colors, can be easily integrated into different home environments, convenient storage.
  • 🎁【Warm and Comfortable】Cat Grooming Brush comfortable massage, non-slip button, you can easily collect hair, you and your beloved pet are in need of a warm moment of hair combing, your warm and comfortable home also needs a clean and hygienic environment. We also provide you with professional pre-sales and after-sales services. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Types of Golden Doodle Coats and Their Needs

Golden Doodles, a mix of Golden Retrievers and Poodles, can have various coat types. These distinct coat textures determine each dog’s grooming needs:

  • Curly Coat: Requires daily brushing to prevent matting. Slicker brushes are especially effective for these dense curls.
  • Wavy Coat: Should be brushed 3-4 times a week. Slicker brushes help detangle and maintain the waves.
  • Straight Coat: Needs brushing 2-3 times a week.

Why Regular Brushing is Essential for Golden Doodles:

  • Prevention of Matting: Golden Doodles are prone to matting, especially in areas like behind the ears and on the tail.
  • Promotion of a Healthy Coat: Brushing distributes natural skin oils, ensuring a shiny and moisturized coat.
  • Bonding Time: Regular brushing sessions are a great way to bond with your Golden Doodle.

How to Brush Your Golden Doodle’s Coat

  1. Prepare Your Golden Doodle: Choose a quiet spot where your dog feels relaxed.
  2. Inspect the Coat: Identify any major tangles or mats.
  3. Hold the Slicker Brush Correctly: Ensure you have control over the brush.
  4. Start Brushing from the Bottom: Begin at the rear legs and move up towards the head.
  5. Use Gentle Strokes: Penetrate the top layer of fur without pressing too hard.
  6. Address Tangles Carefully: Use short, gentle strokes to untangle.
  7. Brush in the Direction of Hair Growth: This reduces the risk of discomfort.
  8. Inspect and Reward: Praise your Golden Doodle after brushing.
  9. Clean the Brush: Remove hair and store in a clean place.

Final Verdict

For Golden Doodle grooming, a slicker brush is essential.

My top recommendation is of course my own, my PetEd Slicker Brush, which I have made available on Amazon.


Because this is a brush that I got designed to help overcome all of the challenges with other brushes that were on the market!

It’s designed with the unique needs of your Golden Doodle in mind, ensuring top-tier grooming in every session.

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