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What Is A Double Doodle? [All You Need To Know About Them]

When it comes to purchasing a new puppy, you’ll soon discover that there are many different standalone breeds to choose from. Then there are hybrids. It can get very confusing fast. One of the terms you may have come across is a Double Doodle. But what does this term mean and what is this breed exactly? Here is what the research has shown…

So, what is a Double Doodle? A Double Doodle is a hybrid dog that is bred from two different breeds of doodle dog. For example, if you were to mix a Labradoodle with a Goldendoodle, the puppy would be a Double Doodle.

Therefore, there are plenty of different Double Doodle breeds and varieties that you could purchase.

Each will be different in terms of their appearance, temperament, traits, and behaviors.

Double doodles have increased in popularity in recent years. They’ve become widely available as many dog breeders have taken to cross-breeding various breeds.

What Breed Is A Double Doodle?

To understand the breed of a Doodle Dog, we first need to understand the history, where they initially came from, and how they can be distinguished.

Hybrid dogs, which are also known as ‘Designer Dogs’, are the result of controlled cross-breeding from two purebred dogs. Therefore, they are considered a ‘mix’.

Initially, they were deliberately bred to acquire the positive traits of the parent breeds, and the attempt to reduce or eradicate some of the issues that owners could face from certain breeds. One such example is shedding. which can be a huge issue for high allergy sufferers.

This process of cross-breeding all began in the 1960’s and has since developed into a large industry, where hundreds of new mixes have become available.

But what distinguishes a Double Doodle from your standard cross-breed hybrid dog?

A Double Doodle is a result of breeding two doodle hybrid breeds. The most common is when a Labradoodle is bred with a Goldendoodle.

As you can see, the word ‘double’ refers to the fact that a hybrid breed has been ‘hybridized’ further. The result is more selective and unique traits that present themselves in the Double Doodle offspring.

Double Doodles often vary quite dramatically between one another,r depending on the genetics they inherit and the traits from their own lineage.

But, what happens if the breeding does not stop there?

What Is A F2 Double Doodle?

What happens if the Double Doodle then is bred again? That is the situation and scenario where the acronym F2 will be applied.

In breeding terminology, the acronym F is given to specify which generation of dog the puppy comes from.

So, the first generation of hybrid dog is often known as an F1. An F1 occurs when 2 purebred dogs of different breeds are bred together.

So, as an example, an F1 dog would be a GoldenDoodle – the result of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle being bred together.

The second generation is called an F2. This is where 2 F1 dogs are bred together.

So, in the context of Double Doodles, an F1 Double Doodle would be where the first generation of GoldenDoodle is bred with a Labradoodle.

An F2 Double Doodle would be where the second generation of GoldenDoodle breeds with a Labradoodle.

As you can imagine, it is possible to breed f3 generations of dogs too! And so an F3 puppy is bred from 2 F2 hybrid dogs.

It’s all about generations and wherein the lineage a dog is bred from.

What Are Double Doodles Like?

Double Doodle dogs are known to be gentle and docile dogs, with playful personalities. They are usually very cuddly, considering that they tend to have curly hair.

Due to their relative size, the fact that they do not shed hair (hypoallergenic), and their kind nature, they are often kept as pets among families (especially with young children).

If you own a Double Doodle that was bred from a Goldendoodle and a Labradoodle, you can expect the qualities of those parents to shine through.

Generally, these are dogs with lovely, easy-going, and playful temperaments.

Double Doodle

The coat of a Double Doodle tends to be soft, and sometimes curly.

Due to the fact that it does not shed, it will need regular grooming and combing to prevent matting.

Getting a specialized tool known as a Slicker Brush is a great idea for owners and makes the process a lot more manageable and effective.

Grooming is something that will be required, and regularly, however, it will ensure that the dog’s coat remains in excellent condition year-round.

Double Doodles are also known to be intelligent, learn quickly, and can be trained with relative ease.

They are obedient by nature so training is usually only required when they are young puppies before they understand the boundaries.

It is important to consider that they are a dog with a large appetite.

For this reason, you need to be careful when feeding scraps as they can begin to beg for food if you provide it too regularly.

Moreover, they are susceptible to gaining weight so you will need to provide high-quality food and limit how much they are fed.

With sufficient and appropriate care, exercise, and diet – a Double Doodle has an average life expectancy ranging from 10-20 years of age.

Just like any other dog and hybrid mix, they are susceptible to specific health issues and ailments – especially as they age.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that your dog receives their vaccinations and that you regularly take them to a vet.

How Big Do Double Doodles Get?

It is impossible to give a specific number regarding the potential size of a Double Doodle. This is because different breeds, traits, and genetics are involved which will all impact what the Double Doodle inherits. The weight and size can therefore vary quite dramatically between Double Doodles.

So instead, we can only provide averages as this is the only information we have available.

Typically, a Double Doodle is likely to be medium to large in size. They will ultimately be quite similar to their parents.

So, you will likely be able to estimate or even be given predictions from the breeder. This information can usually be provided ahead of any adoption.

  • On average, a Double Doodle will likely weigh around 50 pounds at full adult size. This can of course can range, depending on lifestyle factors including the type/amount of food provided, exercise, and the thickness of their coat.
  • Regarding height, 20-25 inches in height can be expected, but there is usually not much variance from this range unless your dog suffers from stunted growth or a health condition.

It is of course essential that if you own a Double Doodle or any breed of dog for that matter, you provide utmost care to ensure they reach their full adult weight, growth, and potential.

Excess weight and being underweight is equally not ideal.

Therefore you need to provide a nutritious and balanced diet to ensure your dog grows optimally and maintains a healthy weight.

Speaking to your vet can help you with feeding.

They can give you recommendations and information to ensure your specific Double Doodle obtains the nutrition they need, tailored for them.

But generally, it is a good idea to source out a high-quality dog food brand and not rely on cheap, grain-based feed.

If you are wondering how much they will eat, another rough estimate is around 2-3 cups of premium dry dog food each day. Split into 2-3 meals.

You need to be careful with any extras you give them as Double Doodles are known to eat more than they need, and will not stop when presented with food.

Some scraps are not ideal nor should be fed to a dog either, regardless of breed. One of the most known examples is chocolate, but dairy products are another to avoid in particular.

Exercise is another factor to consider for weight management. However, increasing activity is not a substitute for a poor or high-calorie diet.

Instead, a healthy amount of exercise should also be provided.

Daily walks, for around 30 minutes to one hour, should suffice for this specific breed.

It will also give them plenty of mental stimulation, pleasure, and the ability to socialize with other dogs. These are all very important to their general well-being.

The walking itself is also great for training obedience, keeping the dog mobile, and helping their bones and joints to develop optimally.

Outside of walking, you can always play with your dog to keep them active. Simply throwing a ball and playing fetch can be a great activity, as can providing toys for your dog to chew on and play with.

Diet and exercise are perhaps the two most crucial factors, within your control, that you can use to ensure your Double Doodle grows and develops optimally and healthily.

In Summary

Double Doodles are cute and loyal dogs, with a loving temperament that is great around young children.

Being bred from two Doodle dogs, you can expect your Double Doodle to be medium in size, height, and weight, with a coat that does not shed nor cause a problem for allergy sufferers.

It is important to remember that there are different generations of Double Doodle dogs, each likely to inherit different traits and characteristics from their respective parents.

While Double Doodles can vary, they generally do not vary too dramatically.

Regardless of how they look, if you are after a loving and playful companion, this is a breed to definitely consider.

They’re like Twoodles in that respect. Another breed you may want to look into.

Related Questions

How Much Do Double Doodles Cost?

The cost to purchase a Double Doodle varies considerably due to factors including location, breeder reputation, litter size, lineage/breed lines, popularity/demand, and more. However, the average price for a Double Doodle is between $1000-$1500. Generally, they cost more when papers into their lineage are provided. Double Doodles that are considered to have a ‘premium lineage’ can cost anywhere between $2000-$5000.

How Do You Get A Double Doodle?

In order to get a Double Doodle, you would need to seek out a breeder who is willing and able to breed a Goldendoodle with a Labradoodle. Some breeders may offer this hybrid dog breed, whereas for others you may need to supply either a Goldendoodle or/Labradoodle of your own.