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What Is A Twoodle? [All About This Hybrid Designer Dog Breed]

When researching for a new dog for my family, I stumbled across the Twoodle breed. What are they exactly and what are they like? I’m sure you have the same questions, so I would like to share with you all that I managed to find here today.

So, what is a Twoodle? A Twoodle is a hybrid dog, that is bred from a Smeraglia English Golden Doodle and a Smeraglia Schnoodle. They are considered a ‘designer dog’; bred specifically for the positive qualities of each of the parental breeds.

Twoodles are known for both their physical strength, mental capabilities, loyalty, friendly temperament, and focus.

Due to such qualities, they are often used as service or therapy assistance dogs.

Let us now take a closer look at this breed, so you can get a better understanding of them and whether or not they would make a suitable addition to your family.

We will be covering some of the most important topics, and main considerations, so be sure to keep on reading to the end!

About The Twoodle Dog Breed

Twoodle dogs look just like a teddy bears, they are small and from a temperament perspective, generally very loving and affectionate dogs.

They are equally very able; bred specifically for a number of particular traits.

These include being able to focus for long periods of time, for increased endurance, for attentiveness, and while being relatively placid and relaxed.

These all mean that Twoodles may a great choice for an elder person who seeks companionship, or individuals who need support and assistance. They are great for the disabled and those with special needs.

They have a short, curly coat that does not shed. This makes them ‘hypoallergenic‘ which essentially means that allergy sufferers seem to be well around them and do not usually suffer much, if at all in their company.

Twoodles are considered to be a ‘designer dog’, bred specifically to have certain capabilities and traits.

Let us now take a closer look at what this means, from both a breeding perspective and for the Twoodle breed itself.

What Is A Designer Or Hybrid Dog?

A ‘Designer’ or ‘Hybrid’ Dog (both mean the same thing), is one in which that was bred from two different yet specific purebred dog breeds. Therefore, a designer/hybrid dog is a combination of their parental breeds.

Therefore, they are not considered to be pure-breed by many dog associations including the American Kernel Club (AKC). This is likely why you will be unable to find much about them online, or of any reference to them on the AKC site.

However, this does not mean that they are not well respected, or regarded.

In fact, through selective breeding techniques, breeders have been able to closely and effectively produce a breed of dog with specific capabilities and traits. More specifically, the favorable and beneficial traits of the parental breeds.

Therefore, Twoodle dogs (among another designer/hybrid breeds), can be bred in such a way that inferior qualities are essentially removed. While this generally happens over time, it can be observed even in the first generational litter.

Negative traits including aggression, shedding, and training challenges can be reduced through this style of breeding.

Whereas, positive characteristics including temperament, personality, and physical capabilities can be emphasized and promoted.

While this is all due to biological processes, all we need to know is that by breeding in this way, designer/hybrid dogs are mostly a combination of the positive traits of the parental breeds.

Therefore the Twoodle is a dog with more favorable qualities of the Smeraglia English Golden Doodle and the Smeraglia Snoodle.

Twoodles are therefore much more trainable, with strong physical capabilities and with a great personality and general character.

One thing to note, however, is that due to this breeding process, Twoodles (and other designer/hybrid dogs) can vary quite dramatically.

This can even occur in dogs from the same litter!

This is why Twoodles can look quite different from one another.

However, they should all boast favorable mental, emotional and physical characteristics – making them an ideal dog breed in many ways.

Are Twoodles A Healthy Breed?

With the above information in mind, it is only natural to think that the Twoodle breed may suffer from certain health complications and issues.

Thankfully, the Twoodle is a healthy dog breed and does not suffer from any complications outside of what any other pure-breed dog would.

One thing to consider is that the breeds of dogs that a Twoodle is bred from doing suffer from health issues, and Twoodles are not immune from them. This is the case with any dog.

So, when owning a Twoodle you do need to take proper care of them and do all you can to support their health. This means an optimal diet, sufficient exercise, and regular check ups at the veterinarian.

Remember, the earlier a health issue is identified, the greater the chances of a better outcome.

What Size Is A Twoodle?

Twoodles can vary quite dramatically in appearance and this can even include their size.

Twoodles are actually available in two different sizes, which of course depends on the parental breeds and their lineage.

  • Smaller Sized Twoodle – grows to around 20-35 lbs.
  • Medium Sized Twoodle – grows to around 35-50 lbs.

Either way, the Twoodle is considered relatively small by dog standards. They can usually be held and can take a place on the laps of their owners without issue.

What Do Twoodles Look Like?

Twoodles have been compared to teddy bears due to their small stature, and soft coat of hair.

Hair can range in color and can vary in consistency throughout the coat. Some of the more common colors include:

  • Brown
  • Champagne,
  • Cream
  • Black
  • Tan

Twoodles can even be particolored, which essentially means a combination of colors in different areas or patches of the coat.

Why Twoodles Make Great Assistance Dogs

Twoodles are often recommended as service or therapy assistance dogs. There are many reasons for this which we will now explore below.

To begin with, they have a fantastic temperament. They are generally very easygoing, relaxed, and cheerful. They are equally loyal, gentle and enjoy being in the company of their owners.

Beyond this, they have a good amount of physical strength, are intelligent, and able to focus for extended periods of time. This makes them easier to train. They are known for their reliability ensuring that they remain obedient.

As you can imagine, service or therapy assistance dogs must be of a certain nature. They must remain docile and calm even in uncomfortable situations, never acting out or becoming aggressive.

They must be willing and able to meet new people frequently and do so in varied environments and settings – whether this be a busy public place like a hospital/nursing home or somewhere more open such as a park.

Regardless of the context, these dogs need to be able to continue in their duties and be open with new people – no matter how they may touch or care for them.

Assistance dogs are required by many different types of people, so they need to be able to adapt.

Additionally, they cannot be high shedders or be known to cause issues with allergy sufferers – and they meet a lot of people with various levels of tolerances.

Lastly, an assistant and service dog must be mentally capable and have the intelligence to learn quickly, taking commands from many people.

These could include people with learning difficulties so the dog needs to have a certain level of confidence in their abilities to understand.

These are all very important characteristics; one which anyone would look for in a service or therapy assistance dog.

Taking all of the above considerations in mind, you can see how the Twoodle dog breed fits the bill.


Twoodles are unique dogs with a whole range of positive traits and characteristics.

As such, they make great family pets, but it is no surprise to learn that they are used as service and therapy assistance dogs.

Elder people are another great example of an owner who would do well to adopt a Twoodle.

Ultimately, they are very loving, friendly, and smart – capable in a number of different situations, contexts, and settings.

They’re like Double Doodles in that respect. Another breed you may want to look into.