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Why Do Dachshunds Sleep So Much? [What Is Considered Normal?]

If you are a Dachshund owner, naturally, you will be concerned if your dog seems to sleep a lot. But what is considered ‘normal’ for this breed? What should you expect when it comes to their sleeping patterns and behavior? Here is what the research clearly says.

So, why do Dachshunds sleep so much? Dachshunds sleep so much due to their hunting heritage, where they needed to conserve energy for the hunt. Sleeping is also more likely in Dachshunds not being kept busy, sufficiently exercised, or mentally stimulated.

The modern Dachshund is no different from its ancestors; inheriting the same very genes and traits that served a purpose in the past.

We can’t blame them; its literally down to genetics!

And its not reserved to just this breed alone.

According to, dogs usually spend 50% of their day sleeping!

But this can extend much further in dachshunds – especially those who get extra comfortable.

They will sleep when and where they can.

Let us now take a closer look at a Dachshunds sleeping behaviors and preferences, with some suggestions and tips to keep them busy throughout the day if you believe sleeping is becoming a problem.

How Many Hours A Day Do Dachshunds Sleep?

Generally speaking, adult Dachshunds can sleep up to 14 hours a day.

As previously mentioned, most dogs spend 50 of their day sleeping, 30% of their day inactively awake, and 20% of their day actively awake. This is the case with Dachshunds as they still maintain their hunting dog DNA.

Puppies and old dogs can easily sleep up to 18 hours a day. It is understandable why puppies sleep so much as they grow during their sleep.

Old dogs do not have the stamina and strength they once had and, as a result, don’t expend as much physical and mental effort as before.

So, when should you be concerned? If you have owned your dog for a while, you should have an idea of their regular sleeping pattern (sleep and wake patterns) and how long they sleep at any one time.

If there is a dramatic change to your pet’s consistent pattern, this is when you should be concerned.

Often, any change to a regular sleeping pattern is an indication that something has changed in their environment. Other times, it could easily indicate an an illness. If you suspect the latter, you must contact your vet immediately.

Aside from monitoring your pet’s sleeping patterns, look for things such as a change in sleeping positions – this may indicate back problems or other potential health issues with their bodies.

If your Dachshund usually sleeps on their back or even curled up and suddenly doesn’t anymore, you should get his back checked.

Why Do Dachshunds Like To Sleep Under Blankets?

It’s a curious thing, but Dachshunds, like many small prey hunters, tend to burrow under blankets.

This likely stems from their hunting heritage, where their ancestors once flushed out small animals from their tunnels.

Aside from burrowing and sleeping under blankets, Dachshund puppies like to burrow in their human’s clothes; sweater sleeves are a much-favored spot for them. These dogs enjoy curling up with other dogs, especially other doxies.

According to some animal behaviorists, canines are “denning” animals, it is in their instincts to sleep in a compact and protected space to feel comfortable and secure.

If you provide your dog with a comfy bed and a few small blankets, they will do whatever comes naturally.

So, does every dog burrow? Burrowing seems to be a behavior of dogs like Dachshunds and terriers.

In essence, these dogs are small-prey hunters that tend to emulate their instinctive behavior of frightening small animals out of their tunnels by burrowing.

Larger dogs like huskies enjoy burrowing as well; this is understandable as they live in freezing temperatures, so it is natural to burrow under the snow to keep warm.

Many dogs seem to enjoy burrowing regardless of their breed.

A Dachshund’s Digging Ritual

You may notice your doxie tunneling under their covers to keep warm; many dogs like to dig and circle their bed before finally settling into a circular sleeping position. This is when your companion finds their sweet spot and is at their most comfortable.

This digging can become a nightly routine for your dog, which means putting up with rustling sounds as your doggie burrows in their blankets.

This doesn’t mean that your pooch is uncomfortable; this is instinctive and is your pet’s way of finding the right spot.

If you have a new Dachshund, you should consider providing them with a bed that they can quickly burrow themselves into comfortably.

Dachshunds like to sleep indoors and close to their humans – this makes them feel safe and secure.

It would be best if you put your dog’s bed in the corner of your home that is both warm and dry, it should help your pet feel warm secure throughout the day and also at night.

Whether or not you do this in your bedroom, or another safe part of your home without any drafts, is going to be a matter of preference.

Choosing The Right Bed For Your Dachshund

When purchasing a bed for your doxie, avoid a high or raised bed that requires your dog to jump up and down as this will only hurt their back over time.

Due to the frame and nature of a Dachshund, you need to be cognizant of their moving patterns, jumping and climbing at all times.

Your dog’s bed must be easy for your dog to access as well as be warm and cozy all year round.

Remember to keep your dog’s bed clean, so look for beds with machine washable and dryable covers.

Bed hygiene is crucial for dog beds located indoors, as they can smell badly with time.

Buying a bed that is both comfortable and easy to wash is essential, especially as your four-legged friend will spend so much of his day there.

The Furhaven Dog Bed is one of the most recommend and commonly purchased by fellow Dachshund owners. You can pick it up for a great price on Amazon – it is easy for them to get in and out out, is very comfortable, easy to clean and supports their sausage-frame:

How To Keep A Dachshund Busy

If you are concerned that your Dachshund is sleeping too much, or too often, then there are some things that you can do to keep them awake and busy.

While it is never a good idea to keep them from rest if it is required, providing them with some activity throughout the day will ensure they get the activity and mental stimulation that they need.

Due to their hunting heritage, this is a dog breed that gets bored. Sleeping may be the consequence of boredom so here are some of the best things to try:

Dealing with your dog’s boredom

Dachshund ans other hunting breeds need a higher level of daily stimulation and activity, other wiseyour doxie will get bored.

Best ways to keep a dachshund busy:

  • Take them for a walk
  • Socialize them with other Dachshunds/dogs
  • Take your Dachshund to classes/local trainer.
  • Give them food puzzles and interactive dog toys
  • Have a playful game of fetch


Dachshunds require around 1 hour of activity per day. For this reason, taking them for a walk is a great way to provide some, if not, all of this time.

Remember, doxie’s have small little legs so you should walk at a slower and fair pace so that they can keep up.


Socializing is another great idea and will help your dog to be and feel more confident around other dogs in the future.

You need to make sure that if you decide to do this your dog has received their full vaccinations and that they are at a suitable age to do so.

You’ll also want to socialize them with other like-minded and similar sized dogs with docile temperaments. Never leave your dog with another unattended and be on hand to keep them safe. Some dogs get very excited and may harm your doxie accidentally through play. Other dogs are more aggressive and may not respond well.

You can take your dog to a friends house, socialize in a local park or even visit classes.


Classes and training is usually available in your area. You can take your dog to these classes on a weekly-bi-weekly basis and there are often a range of different classes suitable for different dog ages/breeds and proficiency levels.

Interactive Toys

There are a range of interactive toys and food dispensing toys available. Perhaps the most popular and recommended is the Kong Toy from Amazon.

These toys are great because they enable your dog to play in an instinctual way. You can put healthy treats in them which gives them a purpose and reason to play with the toy. It also helps them to engage their minds when trying to work out how to get the treats out.


If you have a backyard/garden, this is ideal. Failing this you can always find an open and empty area in a park where you can let your Dachshund off the lead to have a run around.

If you decide to do so in an open and public space, be very careful of the surroundings. Consider your dogs temperament and obedience. Its a good idea to carry treats to call them back if required.

Nonetheless, you can purchase a ball launcher as either a gun, or throwing dispenser – either works particularly well for playing fetch and saves your arm a lot of repetition and saves it from fatigue and injury!


Dachshunds are curious, brave, energetic, and intelligent dogs that enjoy playing with their humans.

These little breed of dogs are very loyal and loving that typically fosters strong bonds with their owners.

Dachshunds love their sleep, so this is something you must prepare for before getting one.

Puppies and old dogs will easily sleep up to 18 hours a day; puppies do so because they are growing, older dogs need their rest.

On average, an adult Dachshund will sleep up to 14 hours a day.

These dogs were small-prey hunters initially that slept to conserve their energy.

If you own a doxie and want to keep him awake for longer, you must provide them with plenty of stimuli and enriching activity throughout their day.

If your pet is suddenly sleeping more than he should, this may well be a sign of an underlying health complication that requires immediate medical attention.

These cute little dogs enjoy sleeping and burrowing under their blankets.

Puppies will go so far as to sleep in their owner’s sweater sleeve.

Having close physical contact with their humans helps these beautiful little dogs to be happy, healthy, and well-rested.

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How Many Hours A Day Do Dachshunds Sleep?

A dachshund will sleep on average up to 14 hours a day. Puppies and older dogs are known to sleep up to 18 hours. To ensure that your Dachshund is not oversleeping you need to prevent boredom and provide plenty of mentally stimulating activities throughout the day.

Why Do Dachshunds Sleep Under Blankets?

Sleeping under blankets helps a Dachshund get comfortable, feel safe, and meet its natural instincts. Dachshunds were initially bred as hunting dogs and are used to going down tunnels underground. This is where they have spent a lot of their time. The cover provides them with a sense and feeling of security and comfort.