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Yorkie Rescues In California [Adoption Directory Guide]

Have you decided on a Yorkie? Do you want to adopt one of these small terriers in the sunny state of California?

Then you are going to need to know of the rescues.

This adoption directory guide attempts to do so.

Below, you will find all of the Yorkshire Terrier rescues the state has to offer, contact information, along with some tips and tricks along the way to ensure you find the right dog for you.

So, with that said, let’s get into them.

Yorkie Rescue of America

Yorkie Rescues of America is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization run by a dedicated team of volunteers.

Based out of Los Angeles, they have been rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming the Yorkie breed for over 20 years.

They place their dogs in foster homes prior to making them available for permanent adoption; meaning that this rescue has a greater understanding of the personalities of each dog.

It also gives their dogs additional time for training and socialization.



Wren Yorkie Rescue

The other main Yorkie rescue in the state is Wren Yorkie Rescue.

Based out of Oakland, this officially recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit has been rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming the breed, and Yorkie mixes, since 1995.



Pet Orphans of Southern California

Pet Orphans of Southern California is a non-profit rescue that is based out of Van Nuys. It has operated since 1973.

While not a Yorkshire Terrier rescue per se, they have been known to have the breed available from time to time and are certainly worth checking at the time of your search.



Second Chance Dog Rescue

Second Chance Dog Rescue is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to saving homeless dogs.

They rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home dogs, of various breeds from local shelters, along with those surrendered by their owners.

Again, this is note a dedicated Yorkie rescue, but they have been known to have this breed available for adoption.

In fact, you will find the “Yorkshire Terrier” listed as a breed on their available dog’s page.




There are two main dedicated Yorkie rescues in California.

The first two on the list are certainly worth trying, first and foremost.

But do consider those other two rescues too. While not specializing in the breed specifically, they are large, reputable rescues with a lot of knowledge and years of experience in rehoming dogs.

And they do have Yorkshire Terriers available from time to time.

Nevertheless, do reach out to all of these rescues presented here today.

The more connections you make, the greater the chances you will have of finding the right Yorkie, for you.

So, get in contact, ask any questions that you may have, and register your interest.

And do so as soon as you can.

The quicker you can start the process, the better.

Besides, they’ll likely be some kind of queue.

This is a popular dog breed, after all.

Commit to the process, be patient and keep your eye out for new dogs listed as available for adoption.

Ultimately, the more time you can dedicate to finding a Yorkie, the greater the chances you will have.

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Wondering what other breed rescues are in California? Check out my guides below: