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Yorkie Rescues In Indiana [Adoption Directory Guide]

Are you an Indiana resident looking to adopt a Yorkie from a rescue there?

I can help.

I have spent some time researching for all the Yorkie Rescues In Indiana and have pulled together the following directory.

So hopefully, now you have some rescues to contact and you can finally start that adoption process!

United Yorkie Rescue

Address: Indianapolis, IN 46235



Little Yorkie Rescue

Address: 1308 Douglas Ct #3109, Lorain, OH 44053



Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue



ABRA (All Breed Rescue Angels) Inc

Address: 128 S East St, Crown Point, IN 46307



Pet Curious

If you do not find any Yorkshire Terriers from the rescues outlined above, you could always contact individuals directly.

Pet Curious is a great resource for this.

This particular search will show you all Yorkshire Terriers listed for adoption within a 100-mile radius of Indiana. Although you can refine or expand this further if required.


So there you have it.

There are not many Yorkshire Terrier Adoptions in Indiana.

But thankfully, there are a number of national rescues to contact.

Equally, you can always contact general and non-breed specific rescues such as ABRA who may take in a Yorkie from time to time.

And you can always contact them – submit your interest and ask to be notified when a Yorkie does become available.

I’ve researched the web far and wide to bring to you this directory today. Even if it is limited.

So, if you are aware of any rescues that need to be added – do let me know via my contact page.