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Are Impact Dog Crates Worth It? [Should You Buy One?]

Impact dog crates are a lot of money.

To the extent that it makes you question whether they are even worth it.

Especially when there are much cheaper (crate) options on the market.

It makes you doubt whether they are worth the added expense, or if you are simply paying for the brand name or that they have opted for a premium price because they can.

I get it.

I too was initially a little shocked at the price.

But as I began to independently research more, read forum discussions, see what other customers have been saying and even taken a look at the crate firsthand, I think I know why they are priced the way they are.

I’d like to share my findings here with you today.

Along with answer the question that is on your mind and you are keen to get the answer to.

So, without further ado…

Quick Verdict

Impact dog crates are a worthwhile investment for any dog owner.

Constructed from premium aluminum, they’re dependable, trustworthy, safe and aesthetic too.

With overwhelmingly positive reviews from 4445 customers and a lifetime guarantee, they provide quality and peace of mind that justifies their higher price point.

Keep reading to learn more..

Are Impact Dog Crates Worth It?

Impact dog crates are worth it when you consider the durability, portability, versatility and security they offer. Consider that buying an Impact Dog crate now, should mean you do not need to buy another crate in the future.

Impact Dog Crate Variations

Dependable, Trustworthy, Safe & Secure

Impact Dog Crates are constructed from premium aluminum, and have a diverse range of safety mechanisms and features.

The result is a high quality product that can withstand and entice even the most energetic, crate-averse and determined of dogs.

In other words, it’s a crate that you can trust and rely on.

Personally, I’d be willing to pay anything to ensure my dog was content and safe.

You can’t put a price on peace of mind.

Which leads me onto the next point.

4445 Impact Customers Think They’re Worth It

Think of it this way.

At time of writing 4,445 customers have left a review on the companies website, across all three crate variations.

Of those, 4,100 are 5* reviews.

That’s right.


Not only that each review often provides a considerable amount of praise for the crate.

I just took one (and what happens to be the latest review of the high anxiety crate) for reference.

It reads as follows:

Can’t Live Without This Crate!

If you are on the fence about buying an impact crate, PLEASE READ! I wish I could give this crate and company 100 stars.

There’s plenty more where that came from. And you can read all of these on the companies website here.

The numbers speak volumes.

They Are Designed To Be A Long-Term Investment That Will Last

Here’s another thing to consider.

It’s a lot of money now, but it will pay dividends over time.

These crates are designed and sold as a long-term solution that should last your dog’s lifetime.

It will be one large payment today (or later if you opt for financing – more on this later), and you shouldn’t need another crate again.

Think of it this way.

I’ve seen countless broken/damaged wire crates.

It’s alarming.

Not only are these incredibly dangerous for your dog, for they could seriously hurt themselves, but they could escape.

And then there is the fact that they would need replacing. So you’d end up spending even more money – perhaps even going for a premium crate next time around.

That’s just wasted time, money and risk.

With Impact, buy now and be reassured now.

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Why Are Impact Dog Crates So Expensive?

Impact Dog Crates are expensive due to the cost of the materials/labor and precision/skill required to make them, the cost of shipping and the lifetime guarantee insurance that protects your product the moment you get it.

Here’s a breakdown to understand where the cost comes from and why I believe it is in fact justified.

High Quality & Required Materials

Impact dog crates are not made from run-of-the-mill, standard or average materials.

They use premium, enhanced aluminum and all safety mechanisms are enforced, too.

Precision Required To Make Them

Crafting a crate that meets the rigorous standards of quality and safety isn’t a straightforward task.

It requires skilled labor, precision, expensive technology and a considerable amount of time.

The meticulous attention to detail and the complexity of the design demand a higher level of craftsmanship, adding to the labor cost.

They Are Made In The US

Then there is the fact they are made from a more expensive labor force too.

Labor costs in the US are generally higher compared to emerging economies like China.

By choosing to manufacture domestically, the manufacturers ensure adherence to higher standards and quality controls, but it does come at an increased cost.

The Cost Of Shipping

Shipping is included in the cost of the crate (it’s marketed as free, but let’s be honest it has been factored in).

Think about it.

Impact dog crates are big and bulky, which naturally makes shipping more expensive.

All the required packaging, which ensures crates arrive in pristine condition – free from damage, marks or issues.

Then there is the handling too; and the fact that it displaces other packages and parcels mean that shipping services need to charge more to justify the delivery.

And then there is the insurance in place to ensure crates are protected should anything happen during transit.

Most shipping companies charged for this insurance.

So overall 3 factors to consider in the shipping of the product – all of which come at expense.

Impact Offer Lifetime Guarantee

You shouldn’t see buying an impact dog crate as just purchasing a product; instead, you should see it as an investment.

That’s because they come with lifetime guarantees.

This is akin to ‘insurance’ for your crate.

This guarantee isn’t just a marketing gimmick; it’s a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that inevitably factors into the price.


Because the company do need to accommodate any costs they may incur here.

How To Get An Impact Dog Crate More Affordably

There are two main ways to get an Impact Dog Crate more affordably; going through the ofifical website directly and purchaisng through finance.

Go Direct

The best place to buy an impact dog crate is through

Not only will this ensure you are getting the official product, but you’ll also benefit from all the other benefits like the guarantees.

Plus, they often have discounts and promotions on their crates.

For example, here is one current promotion:

Impact Dog Crate Offer & Promotion

So, if you are serious about getting an impact dog crate, and you should be, it’s best to head over to the site and see what’s currently available.

Consider Finance

I love the fact you can buy an Impact Dog Crate outright with cash, or even leverage finance to make it possible (should you need it).

And the finance options are good ones too. You won’t be hit with any hidden fees or surprises.

And it’s not too excessive either.

You can get on a finance plan that’s right for you; from a 3, 6 or 12 month payment plan.

It just gives you extra flexbility, should you want or need it.

Final Verdict

Impact Dog Crates are worth it all considering.

Remember, you are not just paying for a high quality crate here.

You are paying for reliability, and a crate that should last your dogs lifetime.

If I were you, I’d head over to the Impact Dog Crate website here and start reading customer reviews and feedback.

See the product pages, and even contact the live support team to ask any further questions you might have.

4,100 5* reviews.

That seems ‘worth it’ to me.

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