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Impact Dog Crate vs Gunner Kennel

Are you in the midst of choosing between an Impact Dog Crate and the Gunner Kennel (G1)?

Are you struggling to make a decision.

Perhaps you’ve whittled it down to just these two brands, from dozens of others.

But now you’re stuck.

I’m not surprised. It’s a very difficult decision. And you don’t want to get it wrong!

Besides, they’re not cheap. And it’s hard to compare the two.

So thankfully, you stopped by here today.

I’ve researched Impact Dog Crates and Gunner Kennels extensively and I’d love to share my analysis with you here today.

You’ll be able to get a better understanding of the key features, functionalities and perhaps most importantly the key differences/similarities between them.

I’m also going to lend my opinion and recommendation as to which one I recommend you go for, and why.

I won’t keep you waiting. Here is my recommendation between the Impact Dog Crate and the Gunner Kennel:

Impact Dog Crate

Quick Verdict

I would recommend that you opt for an Impact Dog Crate.

These incredibly robust, significantly lighter, and entirely chew-proof crates tick all of the boxes.

There are also three crate options to choose from (collapsible, a crate for high-anxiety dogs, and a stationary model), allowing you to choose a crate that best suits you/your dogs needs.

Impact Dog Crate vs Gunner Kennel Summary

Impact Dog Crate

Gunner Kennel (G1)

Sizes AvailableFrom x-small to x-large.From small to large
Crate Weight15-45 lbs.27-72 lbs.
MaterialPremium AluminumPlastic & Steel
PriceView Latest on ImpactDogCrate.comView Latest on

Category Scoring Breakdown

ImpactGunner Kennel
Chew-Proof Nature
Crate Weight and Portability
Crate Variations
Wheel Compatibility
Totals: Impact 4, Gunner Kennel 1

Differences Between The Impact Dog Crate and The Gunner Kennel

The Materials They Are Made From

⭐ Category Winner: Impact

  • Impact Dog Crates: The Impact crates are made from high-quality, US-made aluminum, finished with a dog-safe colored coating. It’s a premium looking design. Aluminum ensures its not just incredibly durable but lightweight too – essential for ensuring easier transportability. Equally, the coating also ensures that your dog won’t be harmed, should they attempt to lick, bite or ingest it.
  • G1 Gunner Kennel: In contrast, the Gunner Kennel is built from double-thickness plastic (polymer). Although ‘, with Although sturdy, indestructible (even by ‘a shotgun’), in my opinion, it lacks the premium feel and aesthetics offered by the Impact crates.

Chew-Proof Nature

⭐ Category Winner: Impact

  • Impact Dog Crates: The Impact crates are designed to be entirely chew-proof. One of their crates, the high-anxiety-crate, also has smaller ventilation holes to keep dogs safe should they be prone to chewing.
  • G1 Gunner Kennel: Alternatively, the Gunner Kennel is not considered to be “100% chew-proof”; the company advise that you also buy a chew kit to help protect your crate from damage (which comes at additional cost and is sold separately).

Crate Weight

⭐ Category Winner: Impact

  • Impact Dog Crates: These crates weigh from as little as 15lbs (from the smallest and lightest version), up to 45lbs for the largest size.
  • G1 Gunner Kennel: Gunner crates weight from 27 lbs. for the small up to 72 lbs. for the large. While the increased weight does provide additional sturdiness, it does make it more challenging and cumbersome to move/handle. This weight is specially challenging if you have a larger dog, or intend to take them in and out of the car often (Note: Gunner Kennels are crash tested – so this may be a tradeoff you may be willing to make).

Crate Variations

⭐ Category Winner: Impact

  • Impact Dog Crates: There is not just one Impact Dog Crate. There are three: the Collapsible, High Anxiety, and Stationary crate. The former, as the name suggests, allows for quick collapsing and setup (~60 seconds), which is most ideal if you need to store it away regularly. The High Anxiety is designed for anxious dogs/escape artists in mind. It is not designed for portability, per se, but is incredibly effective for easing nervous dogs and providing a more den-like area for them to rest and retreat. The Stationary, is essentially the middle of the road of the two; offering the strength yet portability of the other two models.
  • G1 Gunner Kennel: Limited to simply their G1 model, Gunner Kennel doesn’t thus provide much flexibility here, though this design is considered to be an all-in-one solution.

Wheel Compatibility

⭐ Category Winner: Gunner

  • Impact Dog Crates: These crates are not designed to attach wheels. Instead, you need to move them via the military grade handles.
  • G1 Gunner Kennel: You can attach wheels, which may or may not be useful depending on how you intend to use it/transport it. However, it will cost you an additional $120 for the privilege, as you also need to buy the kennel wheel kit.(sold separately).

Color Options

Category Winner: Personal Choice! (I couldn’t choose between them as this is a matter of personal opinion and preference))

  • Impact Crates: Are available in a wide array of colors, including: White, Grey, Black, Desert Tan, Teal, and OD Green.
  • G1 Gunner Kennel: The color choices are slightly different here, with options like DU Green, Tan, Gun Metal, Mossy Oak Bottomland Tan, and Mossy Oak Bottomland Metal.

Similarities Between The Impact Dog Crate and The Gunner Kennel

Though I’ve focused on the differences and why I’ve chosen the Impact Dog Crate, it’s worth mentioning that these two brands also share some noteworthy similarities.

Airline Compatibility

  • Impact Crates: Of the three designs, two are airline compatible. The High Anxiety crate is the exception here. Nevertheless, this does give you the option to opt for a crate if airline travel is a necessity to you.
  • G1 Gunner Kennel: Similarly, the Gunner G1 Kennel is also airline compatible by default, making it a viable option if you did need to fly.

Safety Latch Mechanisms

  • Impact Crates: They are designed with multiple butterfly latches across all three models. The Anxiety crate comes with additional latches/ a paddle latch should you need the additional security.
  • G1 Gunner Kennel: G1 kennels also come equipped with paddle latches and safety latches.

Stackable Designs

  • Impact Crates: These crates are designed to be stackable. This feature is ideal if you own multiple dogs (and need more than one crate). It’s great for travel.
  • G1 Gunner Kennel: Similarly, the G1 kennels are also stackable. However, you will need to remove the carry handle(s) at the bottom of the crate first.

Handle Capabilities

  • Impact Crates: All have military-grade handles, ensuring that you can trust in them to handle the weight. They are strategically placed to allow for ease of transport.
  • G1 Gunner Kennel: These come with kayak-grade handles, also providing you with the ability and confidence to handle significant weight.

Lifetime Guarantee

  • Both Brands: Come with a Lifetime Guarantee and offer excellent customer service. Whether you have questions on a crate, order, shipping or need any help whatsoever, the companies will be willing to help.

Financing Support

Both Brands: Both Impact and Gunner offering financing support to allow you to better afford their crates. There’s no doubt these are an expensive (albeit long-term investment).

Note: One thing to consider here is financing options do differ. Impact appears to have more financing options available.

Final Verdict: Should You Get The Impact Dog Crate or Gunner Kennel?

When it comes to dog crates, Impact and Gunner are both excellent, reputable options.

These are companies with a commitment to high-quality products/service and you can clearly see this through their (respective) thousands of satisfied customers.

That being said, for me, an Impact Dog Crate is the one to get.

Winning in crucial categories such as: the materials it is made from, the fact they are chew-proof, the fact they are lighter, and the fact that you can choose from three different variants (collapsible high-anxiety, stationary) to better suit you and your dog’s needs/preferences.

And here’s one final thing to consider.

Though Impact may appear more expensive at first glance, upon closer inspection the extras that you’ll likely want on the Gunner Kennel (G1) – such as the chew-proof kit and wheels (given its heavier nature) actually make them similarly priced.

It’s not just about the upfront cost, but the overall total you need to consider here.

So ultimately, I’d opt for an Impact Crate.

I’d go directly through the companies official website for the best price and service, too.

But if you are still allured by the Gunner, you won’t go wrong, either.

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