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Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate For Husky [And Why You Need It]

Choosing the right heavy duty crate for your husky can feel like an uphill battle.

The crate needs to be durable enough to withstand their energy, practical for everyday use, and aesthetic to fit in with your home décor.

If you find yourself in this situation, I understand your struggle.

As a fellow dog owner who has navigated this challenge, I’ve discovered the solution and I’m going to be presenting it to you today.

I’ll also be delving into why I am making this personal recommendation, along with some other best practices when it comes to crating your husky, too.

If you are short on time, here is the best heavy duty dog crate for huskies:

Impact Collapsible Dog Crate

Quick Verdict

The Impact Dog Crate outshines other options as the best heavy-duty crate for huskies.

Built with laser-cut aluminum, its durability withstands even the most energetic dogs.

Featuring military-grade handles for portability, airline compatibility, excellent ventilation, various sizes, and a lifetime guarantee, it’s the top choice for husky owners.

Available in six appealing colors, it blends strength, practicality, and aesthetics.

Why I Like & Recommend The Impact Dog Crate For Huskies

The Impact Dog Crate is more than just a dog crate – it’s designed to be a haven.

It ticks all the boxes in terms of being practical, durable, high-quality, and aesthetic, especially for an energetic breed like Huskies.

Heavy Duty & Durable

The Impact Dog Crate is built from laser-cut aluminum, which gives it an unparalleled strength.

Each crate is precisely riveted, ensuring its ability to last even with the most energetic of dogs.

Huskies are known for their strength and energy, so having a crate that can withstand their power is essential.

Perfect For Exclusive Home Use & Travel

What makes this crate even more impressive is its military-grade handles.

These handles not only facilitate easy portability but also promise a strength that can endure challenging journeys.

Whether you’re moving the crate around the house or taking it on a trip, it’s designed to handle it all.

Plus, the Impact Dog Crate is airline compatible, making it perfect for those long-distance trips should you decide to go on one!

Brilliant Airflow

Ventilation is a crucial aspect to consider when choosing a dog crate.

Huskies, with their thick double coats, can easily get overheated in confined spaces.

The Impact Dog Crate provides excellent ventilation, ensuring that your husky is comfortable and safe at all times.

The design allows for plenty of air to circulate, keeping the crate’s interior fresh and cool.

Available In Various Sizes

No two Huskies are exactly alike in size.

That’s why the Impact Dog Crate offers various sizes to accommodate different needs.

Whether you have a smaller husky (naturally smaller or still a growing puppy) or a larger male, you can find the perfect crate size (typically between the 30″-34″)

They Look Amazing

Beyond its practicality and durability, the Impact Dog Crate scores high on aesthetics too.

It’s available in six different colors – grey, desert tan, black, white, teal, and OD green.

The range of colors allows you to match the crate with your home décor, or simply choose your husky’s favorite color!

You Get A Lifetime Guarantee

To further underline the confidence in their product, Impact Dog Crates come with a lifetime guarantee.

This commitment to quality is another reassuring feature, especially for any product marketed and advertised as heavy duty.

What Size Crate Should I Get For My Husky?

Ideally, you should measure your huskies length, from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail, and their height, from the floor to the top of their ears. This measurement method is especially useful if you have a mixed breed husky.

The ideal crate should allow your dog to comfortably stand up, turn around, and lay down.

Nevertheless, avoid guessing your dog’s crate size based on visual assessment or weight, as it may lead to a crate that is too large or too small.

Learn more: What Size Crate For A Husky? [The Optimal Dimensions Are…]

Do Huskies Do Well In Crates?

Huskies can do well in crates, provided they’re appropriately sized and presented as a comfortable retreat and den-like space. Huskies, like many dog breeds, are den animals by nature and often appreciate a space that mimics this environment.

Providing a crate that is cozy, secure, and familiar can help your husky see it as their personal sanctuary.

Fill it with their favorite toys, a comfortable bed, and familiar scents to make it even more appealing.

On the other hand, an inappropriate crate—whether too small, too large, or of an uncomfortable style—can lead to aversion.

Your husky may feel anxious, trapped, or simply not want to spend time in such a crate.

That’s why it’s vital to carefully select the right crate, like the Impact Dog Crate, and introduce it correctly to your husky.

How To Introduce A New Heavy Duty Crate To Your Husky?

Introducing a new heavy-duty crate to your Husky should be done gradually and positively. Start by placing the crate in a familiar area and leave the door open, allowing your husky to explore it freely.

One effective approach is to associate the crate with positive experiences.

Place treats, toys, or their favorite blanket inside the crate to entice your husky to enter it willingly.

Let them familiarize themselves with this new space at their own pace, and remember, never force them inside.

Once they are comfortable entering the crate on their own, start feeding them their meals inside, gradually closing the door for brief periods.

Always praise and reward them for their calm behavior in the crate.

Gradually increase the amount of time your husky spends in their crate. Remember, patience is key during this process.

The goal is for your husky to see the crate as a safe and comfortable space, not a form of punishment.

With time, your husky will begin to recognize their new crate as their personal haven.

Where Should You Place Your Crate For Your Husky?

The ideal place for your Husky’s crate is in a quiet yet family-frequented area of your home. You want your husky to feel part of the family, even when they’re in their crate.

Placing the crate in a part of your home where your family spends a lot of time, like the living room, can make your husky feel included and less likely to experience separation anxiety.

At the same time, the area should not be too noisy or hectic to prevent your husky from becoming overly excited or anxious.

Remember, the crate should also be kept away from extreme temperatures.

Avoid placing it near fireplaces, heaters, or in direct sunlight.

Ultimately, you want to create a comfortable, safe, and inviting space for your Husky, where they feel at ease and part of the family’s everyday life.

Final Verdict

The Impact Dog Crate is undoubtedly one of the most heavy-duty and durable options out there.

Don’t believe just me?

Thousands of satisfied customers can attest to it, along with all of the other features I have referenced here today.

A quick visit to their site will provide you with a wealth of information about the crate, as well as reviews from other dog owners.

There’s no better way to make an informed decision for your husky than by hearing the experiences of fellow dog lovers. Husky owners included.

So, head over to the official company website here and see for yourself.

You’ll be pleased you did. Trust me.

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