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Best Crate For Beagle [This Is The Crate To Get & Why]

Choosing the perfect crate for your beloved Beagle can seem like a daunting task.

You want something sturdy, comfortable, and safe, yet finding a crate that checks all these boxes can be challenging.

I’ve been in your shoes, feeling uncertain and overwhelmed by the myriad of options out there.

That’s why I’m here to share my experience and guide you towards a crate that you and your Beagle will love.

And I’ll also be providing with some tips and suggestions to ensure you get the right size for your beagle (which is where many beagle owners have been known to go wrong!)

But more on that latter.

First. Here is my recommendation that you really need to consider, and why:

Impact Collapsible Dog Crate

Quick Verdict

The Impact Dog Crate is my recommendation for a Beagle.

Featuring premium aluminum construction for sturdiness and durability, and military-grade handles for easy portability.

Its superb ventilation, array of sizes, and six vibrant color options make it highly practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Perfect for both home and travel, it’s undeniably the best crate for catering to the unique needs of Beagles.

Why I Recommend The Impact Dog Crate For Beagles

Beagles are not just any breed; they’re energetic, smart, and curious dogs that love to explore their surroundings.

These traits make finding the perfect crate for them a bit of a challenge.

However, the Impact Dog Crate stands out as my number one recommendation. Why?

Let’s delve into the specifics.

Sturdy & Durable But Lightweight

One of the most significant advantages of the Impact Dog Crate is its robust and lightweight construction.

Built from premium aluminum, this crate is designed to withstand the test of time.

It doesn’t rust, and it doesn’t dent, even when your eager beagle gives it a run for its money.

The best part is, despite its strong, durable build, it remains lightweight, making it easy to move around or travel with.

As if that’s not impressive enough, the crate comes with military-grade handles.

These handles do not just allow for easy portability, but they also provide a level of strength and resilience that can take on the toughest scenarios.

This is a crate built to last, ensuring that your beagle has a reliable, secure, and comfortable place to call home.

Great Airflow and Ventilation

Just like us, dogs appreciate a living space with excellent airflow and ventilation.

The Impact Dog Crate is designed with this in mind. Its unique design facilitates maximum ventilation, ensuring your beagle always has plenty of fresh air and a comfortable environment.

This is particularly important for a breed like Beagles who tend to be quite active and playful.

Perfect For Home Use/Travelling

One thing I particularly love about the Impact Dog Crate is its versatility.

Whether you’re using it at home or planning to travel, it works flawlessly.

Thanks to the easy carrying handle, moving the crate around is a breeze. Even during long road trips, this crate has proven to be a reliable partner.

Looks Great

And it’s not just about practicality.

The Impact Dog Crate looks fantastic too. It’s available in six vibrant colors: grey, desert tan, black, white, teal, and od green.

These options give you the flexibility to choose the color that best fits your style and complements your home décor.

Different Sizes To Cater For All Beagles

Another reason why the Impact Dog Crate has earned my top recommendation for the Best Crate for Beagles is its availability in various sizes.

Beagles are a medium-sized breed, typically weighing between 20 to 30 pounds, though there are smaller and larger versions.

With the Impact Dog Crate, you have two size options to choose from, depending on whether you have a smaller or larger Beagle.

There is the 30″ length, and the 34″ length.

And it’s critical to choose the right size; not overly spacious, with enough room to move around and stand up.

With options, you will ensure your dog has just enough room to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably, which is crucial for their well-being and comfort.

What Size Crate Does A Beagle Need?

Beagles typically do best in small to medium crates, typically 30″ in length. Ultimately, the crate should be large enough for your Beagle to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably.

Your Beagle’s crate should feel like a secure and cozy den, not a vast, open space that may feel intimidating.

Now when it comes to the specifics, s crate size of around 30L x 20W x 25H is usually perfect.

The goal is to provide a comfortable, safe space where your Beagle can relax and feel secure without compromising mobility.

Remember, the crate is not just a place to confine your Beagle; it should be a sanctuary they can call their own.

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How To Measure Your Beagle For A Crate?

To measure your Beagle for a crate, you’ll need to determine their length and height. Measure the length from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail, and the height from the floor to the top of their head when standing.

These measurements are crucial to ensure your Beagle has enough room to move comfortably within the crate.

Add an extra few inches to both measurements to account for growth and to provide extra room for movement.

For instance, if your Beagle measures 25 inches long and 18 inches tall, opt for a crate that’s around 30 inches long and around 21 inches tall.

Remember, these measurements should serve as a guide.

Always prioritize your Beagle’s comfort and safety when choosing a crate size.

Where Should You Place Your Crate For Your Beagle?

Your Beagle’s crate should ideally be placed in a quiet, low-traffic area of your home where they can feel calm and undisturbed. However, it should still be close enough to family activities to prevent feelings of isolation.

Placement of the crate is crucial for your Beagle’s comfort and overall well-being.

Beagles, like most dogs, are social creatures that enjoy being part of the family.

Positioning the crate in a spot where they can see and hear family activities helps them feel included, reducing anxiety and stress.

However, a spot that’s too busy might overwhelm them with constant disturbances, disrupting their rest.

A perfect balance would be a corner of the living room or your bedroom, where they can enjoy the best of both worlds: a calm, personal space and the warmth of family presence.

Final Verdict

Having been in the market several times for a crate over the years, I can confidently say the Impact Dog Crate is an excellent choice for most Beagle owners.

Its sturdy, lightweight design, premium materials, and thoughtful features create a product that is both functional and stylish.

No matter the size of your Beagle, this crate caters to all with its two size options.

Whether you plan to use it for home or travel, the Impact Dog Crate effortlessly adapts to your needs.

The ventilation is superb, the design is smart, and the convenience it offers is unmatched.

Furthermore, I’m not the only one who can vouch for the Impact Dog Crate.

The company has thousands of satisfied customers who attest to the quality and effectiveness of their products.

A quick visit to their website will provide an array of reviews and testimonials from fellow dog owners who found the Impact Dog Crate to be the ideal solution for their Beagle’s needs.

Ultimately, the Impact Dog Crate ticks all the boxes for the best crate for Beagles.

It’s practical, durable, high quality, and aesthetically pleasing – a product truly designed with your Beagle’s comfort and safety in mind.

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