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The 2 Best Chicken Coop Plan Books That Anyone Can Follow

Are you looking to construct your own chicken coop? Well, you’re going to need to know what you are doing. That’s where pre-designed plans come in.

With the building of a chicken coop on my own to do list, I spent some time looking for the best chicken coop books – ones that are simple to follow, versatile and most importantly, will result in an aesthetic, well-secure and practical coop.

I won’t keep you waiting either.

Here are my two recommendations that quite simply, tick all of the boxes.

Building A Chicken Coop

One of the most comprehensive books available, ‘How To Build A Chicken Coop’ features easy-to-follow plans for 7 of the most effective coop designs you would want to build. Leverage the experience and knowledge of a true poultry specialist with this instantly downloadable eBook.

15 DIY Chicken Coop Plans

As the name suggests, this 600 page instruction manual provides you with 15 DIY chicken coop plans. These simple to follow instructions will help you build a coop for as little as 4 all the way up to 56 chickens. Also available for instant download.

What Are The Best Chicken Coop Plan Books?

The best chicken coop plan books are:

  • Building A Chicken Coop, by Bill Keene
  • 15 DIY Chicken Coop Plans, by Easy Coops.

Building A Chicken Coop

Building a Chicken Coop by Bill Keene is my #1 pick and for many reasons.

These plans cover seven different designs, from small all the way through to extra large.

The plans are written in great depth, by a professional who has kept chickens for decades.

The plans are simple and easy to follow, with no detail left out.

The material list provided is especially helpful.

I love the fact that every coop plan is available as an individual PDF, which you can print out as many times as you need (so you can have multiple copies to hand).

These are the plans that you need if you want to be given exact dimensions and the precise materials you need.

These plans also take into account all of the most essential coop fundamentals too, including insulation, ventilation, lighting, coop positioning, nesting, perches, waste collection and predator protection!

What I Like About These Plans

  • Instantly downloadable – you can literally get to work right away.
  • You will save a considerable amount of time, money and prevent unessary stress– by knowing exactly what you need, when you need it, and how it all fits together,
  • No special or expensive tools are required
  • These plans can be followed and used by all experience levels, even complete beginners.
  • You get five bonuses, including a resource on the cheapest materials to build a coop from, optimizing your coop flooring, how to build nesting boxes, coop positioning and an organic gardening library (which you can use to leverage when feeding your birds).
  • 60 day money back guarantee

15 DIY Chicken Coop Plans

Another fantastic set of plans you should consider is by EasyCoops.

This 600 page blueprint provides plans to house 6 to 56 chickens.

These simple yet effective plans make the whole process easy – taking out all of the research, prep-work and guessing.

These highly detailed and thorough plans provide a complete walk through of the process.

You’ll save time and money and waste minimal material.

Here are some of the different designs included:

Chicken Coops

  • 3×4 Chicken Coop – up to 5 chickens,
  • 4×4 Chicken Coop – up to 6 chickens,
  • 7×6 A-Frame Chicken Coop – up to 6 chickens,
  • 17×6 Walk-In Chicken Coop – up to 12 chickens,
  • 30×15 Walk In Chicken Coop – up to 50 chickens,
  • 24×8 Walk-In Chicken Coop – up to 50 chickens,

Chicken Houses

  • 5×6 Chicken House – up to 10 chickens,
  • 10×8 Hen House – up to 30 chickens

Chicken Runs

  • 9×42 Chicken Run – up to 22 chickens,
  • 39×19 Chicken Run – up to 56 chickens,
  • 12×8 Chicken Run – up to 15 chickens,

Chicken Tractors

  • 8×15 Chicken Tractor – up to 8 chickens,
  • 5×13 Chicken Tractor – up to 8 chickens,
  • 4×12 Chicken Tractor – up to 10 chickens,

All of which look fantastic and can be instantly downloaded.

What I Like About These Plans

  • You get four different types of design of varying sizes; coops, runs, houses and tractors.
  • Plans were designed by certified constructors and tested with other first-time coop builders.
  • Thorough yet minimal steps – to make them practical yet not overwhelming.
  • EasyCoops provided fantastic customer support and you can contact them at any time regarding the plans.
  • 60 day money back guarantee.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for chicken coop plans, the truth is, you won’t go wrong with either of these options.

They are both digital products, meaning the moment you send payment, they will land in your inbox and you can access them right away.

They are also both available for a fantastic price and will actually save you a considerable amount of money in the long run as you’ll learn exactly what you need (and more importantly, what you don’t).

Although, if I had to make one suggestion, then it would be Building A Chicken Coop by Bill Keene.

I just believe that his personal experience gives his plans the edge. I also love all of the bonuses you get, too.

Nevertheless, take a look at both and see for yourself.


What is a good size coop for 10 chickens?

A good size coop for 10 chickens is at least 30 square feet of open room. A 6×6 foot coop should suffice. It is also preferable to ensure they can access a run of dimensions of at least 6×10.

What is a good size coop for 12 chickens?

A good size coop for 12 chickens is at least 36 square feet of open room. An 8×10 foot coop will ensure that everything can fit comfortably inside.

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