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22 Revealing German Shepherd Statistics

German Shepherds are intelligent working dogs and popular family pets and companions. Owned and recognized globally, these dogs (most often found in black and tan) can thrive at anything in which they are trained to do.

Loyal and obedient, courageous and confident; while alert and watchful in temperament.

Given how emblematic they are as a dog breed, I decided to pull together some fascinating and insightful German Shepherd statistics.

German Shepherd
German Shepherd
German Shepherd

German Shepherd Statistics

Ownership Statistics

#1 It is estimated that there are over 10,000,000 German Shepherds in the world.

#2 The German Shepherd is the third most popular registered dog breed in the US, by rank, and has been in the top 10 list for the last two decades.

#3 There are estimated to be over 3.5 million German Shepherd dogs in the US, as of 2022.

#4 The German Shepherd is the eighth most popular dog breed in the UK, by rank, with 7,067 new registrations in 2021. This has actually been trending down, where there were 10,363 registrations in 2010.

Due to their traits and innate abilities, German Shepherds are commonly still worked; as herders, guard dogs, guide dogs, and as search and rescue dogs. They are also used in the police and military service and for competitive obedience.

In the family setting, German Shepherds are loyal companions suiting active families who can dedicate the time to regular exercise every day. They are particularly good for experienced dog owners although they are child-friendly when properly socialized and trained.

Cost Statistics

#5 The average cost to buy a German Shepherd puppy in the United States is $1000. Although show dog puppies can cost up to $5,000, and service trained German Shepherds up to $20,000.

#6 The average annual cost of a German Shepherd is $4,900.

#7 The average lifetime cost of German Shepherd dog ownership is $54,000. (This has been derived by combining the predicted lifetime costs of a large of breed from both Time and Forbes)

#8 The average monthly cost of Pet Insurance for a German Shepherd was between $45-$75 per month in 2021, depending on the insurance provider.

#9 The average accident and illness premium for a German Shepherd was around $600 a year in 2021.

Size Statistics

#10 The average male German Shepherd will stand at 60-65cm (23-25″) in height and weigh between 30-40kg (66-88lbs)

#11 The average female Labrador retriever will stand at 55-60cm (21-23″) in height and weigh between 22-32kg (48-70lbs).

#12 The average German Shepherd is not considered fully grown until they are 18 months of age. However, females typically continue adding weight until they are two years old, males until they are two and a half to three years old.

German Shepherds are considered a large breed. Well-proportioned, they have a wide head, a sharp muzzle, and large and erect ears.

They are a muscular dog with bushy tail that curves down.

General Statistics

#13 German Shepherds were officially recognized in 1908, by the AKC (American Kernal Club).

#14 The average adult German Shepherd will eat between 2.5 to 3.5 cups of dry food per day.

#15 The average adult German Shepherd will require a minimum of 90 minutes of exercise per day.

#16 German Shepherds possess a coat with two layers: a top layer often referred to as the guard coat/topcoat. This is wirier. The second layer or undercoat is softer and lightly colored.

#17 The average life span for a German Shepherd is between 9 – 13 years.

#18 German Shepherds come in eight popular different color coat varieties: black, gray, sable, black and tan, blue, red and black, black and silver, tan (brown). A mix is often observed, with black and tan being the most common.

German Shepherd Attack Statistics

#19 The German Shepherd breed is ranked third in the most fatal dog attacks since 2016. However, their fatality statistics are generally a result of them trying to help humans than harm them.

#20 The German Shepherd was responsible for 20 deaths, or 4.6% of fatal attacks in the US between 2005-2017. (source)

#21 Since 1982, German Shepherds (and mixes) have been deemed responsible for 179 attacks that caused bodily harm in the US.

#22 85.3% of 3383 German Shepherds passed the American Temperament Test. A test was devised to assess and measure key temperament characteristics: stability, friendliness, protectiveness, shyness, and aggressiveness.

German Shepherds can be dangerous dogs as they do have protective and territorial instincts. While they were initially bred to work and not for aggression, they do have aggressive tendencies that must be closely managed and controlled.

With the right and with sufficient training and socialization, a German Shepherd can be raised to be a loving and affectionate pet.

In Summary

Hopefully, these statistics help to give some insight into the German Shepherd breed.

While they are popular dogs to own, due to their propensity to be aggressive, correct socialization and training is an essential aspect of care that simply must be in place.

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