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The Best Chicken Coop Designs For 6 Chickens [The Ones You Should Use!]

If you’re planning to construct a chicken coop for a flock of 6 chickens, you’re in the right place.

Today, I will provide you with suggested plans to help you create the ideal chicken coop; whether you are a complete beginner or a DIY Pro.

So, let’s dive right in and explore what I believe you truly need:

How To Build A Chicken Coop, by Bill Keane

How To Build A Chicken Coop Plans

This user-friendly, step-by-step guide guide demonstrates how to construct a safe and visually appealing coop to house 6 chickens (or more).

You won’t need any specialized tools, and you can save up to 50% compared to purchasing a pre-assembled coop.

Best Chicken Coop Designs For 6 Chickens

If you’re seeking comprehensive and beginner-friendly step-by-step instructions to build a coop for 6 chickens, I highly recommend Bill Keane’s ‘Building A Chicken Coop’ plans.

This detailed, image-based guide offers a variety of coop designs to suit different preferences.

Each design caters to various keepers, depending on your available land, your coop expectations, and your desired aesthetic.

You’ll receive all the necessary dimensions and a cost-effective method for sourcing materials.

You can follow these plans in real-time, ensuring a complete coop by the time you finish them.

What’s more, you can achieve this using common tools you likely already possess and satisfy all your chickens’ needs for lighting, ventilation, and insulation.

These plans include several designs, each adaptable to accommodate 6 chickens.

They are:

Chicken Coop Design 1

Chicken Coop Design 1

This coop design features an elevated upper house above a spacious ground floor area.

You’ll also construct a ramp, enabling your flock to easily move between the two floors. If desired, you have the option to add wheels for increased portability.

Chicken Coop Design 2

Chicken Coop Design 2

This two-story ark design includes a ground-level run with a roof that opens for convenient access.

Its vertical construction makes it an excellent choice for those with limited space.

Chicken Coop Design 3

Chicken Coop Design 3

This double-story ark features provides a downstairs run, covered by an openable roof for easy access. Being vertically built, it’s great if you have less land.

Chicken Coop Design 4

Chicken Coop Design 4

This larger coop is perfect for housing 6 chickens, but up to 12 if you wanted to expand your flock down the line.

If you want to create an outdoor roaming area, simply add fencing around a chosen perimeter.

Chicken Coop Design 5

Chicken Coop Design 5

This design provides extensive protected roaming space.

You can effortlessly install two feeders at opposite ends as well.

What I Like About The ‘Building A Chicken Coop’ Plans by Bill Keane

  • These plans can be instantly downloaded, allowing you to start building right away.
  • You can print them for easy reference while working, or access them on a mobile device, tablet, or computer if you prefer.
  • No guesswork is involved, as each design includes precise dimensions, materials, and tools to use at each stage.
  • Developed by a poultry expert, these plans ensure proper lighting, ventilation, insulation, nesting boxes, and space for your chickens.
  • The instructions are thorough yet simple to follow, providing just the right amount of detail to avoid feeling overwhelmed while still knowing what to do and when.
  • You’ll also receive a range of bonus materials, such as a guide on optimal coop placement, instructions for building nesting boxes from common materials, and an organic gardening eBook to help you grow food for your flock.

What Size Coop Do I Need for 6 Chickens?

For a flock of 6 chickens, you’ll need a coop that provides at least 12-24 square feet of space. This ensures that each bird has 2 to 4 square feet of room, which is generally considered the optimal amount per chicken.

For more specific dimensions, a coop measuring at least 4×3 feet is typically a suitable size.

This will give your chickens some extra space to roam, accommodating up to 6 birds according to the recommended space requirements.

However, if you plan to expand your flock in the future, you may want to consider a 6×4 foot coop, which can comfortably house up to 12 chickens.


If you are keen to keep a flock of 6 chickens, you are going to need a proper coop.

If you’re not keen on spending a significant sum on a pre-built coop, building one yourself from a set of easy to follow designs is without doubt the way to go.

That’s where dependable, efficient plans play a crucial role.

But it’s essential to follow the right ones.

Otherwise, you might become confused during the process.

Or even abandon the project altogether.

Such mistakes can result in mishaps.

Or, in the worst-case scenario, the loss of your birds.

It’s not worth taking the risk.

So, make sure you invest in a reliable set of plans.

Plans that enable you to construct a visually appealing, secure, efficient, and long-lasting coop.

Even if you don’t have a large budget, specialized tools, or much DIY experience.

That’s why I recommend Bill Keane’s plans.

Trust me, with a small upfront investment in these plans, you’ll save plenty of money, time, and frustration in the long run.

There are numerous other benefits available as well. You can discover them by visiting the ‘Building a Chicken Coop’ website, linked below.

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How many nesting boxes do I need for 6 chickens?

If you have 6 chickens, it is advised to offer 1-2 nesting boxes. The general rule of thumb is one nesting box for every 4-5 hens.

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