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19 Fascinating Labrador Retriever Statistics

Labrador retrievers are one of the most iconic dog breeds. They are adored for their loving, gentle temperaments and affectionate nature.

Given how popular they are as a dog breed, I decided to pull together some interesting and insightful Labrador statistics.

Labrador Retriever
Labrador Retriever
Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever Statistics

Ownership Statistics

#1 The Labrador Retriever is the most popular registered dog breed in the US, by rank, and has been for over 31 years in a row.

#2 There are estimated to be over 100,000 labrador retrievers in the US, as of 2022.

#3 The Labrador Retriever is the most commonly owned dog breed in the United Kingdom, based on the number of registrations (39,905 in 2020 alone)

#4 The Labrador Retriever is the sixth most popular dog breed in China, as of September 2021. Only the Siberian Husky, Chinese Field Dog, Poodle Corgi, and Shiba Inu are more popular.

Labradors are considered to be a breed with a relatively easy-going temperament. They are playful, intelligent, affectionate, and loyal in nature. Such traits make them an ideal family pet, especially in those with young children or first-time dog owners.

Cost Statistics

#5 The average cost to buy a Labrador Retriever puppy in the United States is $1000.

#6 The average annual cost of Labrador Retriever food among owners is $500.

#7 The average cost of owning a Labrador Retriever for life is between $17,500-$22,500.

#8 The average monthly cost of Pet Insurance for a Labrador Retriever was around $45-$75 per month in 2021, depending on the provider.

#9 The average accident and illness premium for a Labrador Retriever was around $600 a year in 2021.

Size Statistics

#10 The average male Labrador retriever will stand at 57-62cm (22-24″) in height and weigh between 29-36kg (63-79 lbs)

#11 The average female Labrador retriever will stand at 55-60cm (21-23″) in height and weigh between 25-32kg (55-70lbs).

#12 The average Labrador Retriever will reach their adult height between the age of six to 12 months, although they may continue to fill out up until 2 years of age.

#13 Due to their insatiable appetite and desire to eat, it is estimated that nearly 60% percent of all Labrador Retrievers are overweight or obese.

Labrador Retrievers are considered a medium-large breed. They should be as long from the withers to the base of the tail as they are from the floor to the withers.

This breed is prone and vulnerable to weight gain and obesity. Thus, a high-quality and measured diet, along with sufficient and appropriate exercise is required.

General Statistics

#14 Labrador Retrievers were officially recognized in 1903, by the English Kennel Club. It wasn’t until 1917 that they were officially recognized in the US by the AKC.

#15 The average adult Labrador Retriever will eat between 2.5 to 3 cups of dry food per day.

#16 The average adult Labrador Retriever will require a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise per day.

#17 Labrador Retrievers possess a coat with two layers: a short and thick topcoat and a somewhat water-resistant undercoat. This two-layer coat protects them from wet and cold weather.

#18 The average life span for a Labrador Retriever is between 10 – 12 years.

#19 Labrador Retrievers come in three different coat varieties: Black, yellow, chocolate. Puppies of the same litter can be from any of those three colors.

In Summary

Hopefully, these statistics help to give some insight into the Labrador Retriever breed, and some clues into what it is like to raise and care for one.

While they are popular and fantastic dogs to own, it is essential that any owner is familiar with their particular needs and can provide the care they need.

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