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Lab Rescues In Michigan [Adoption Directory Guide]

You’ve come to the decision that you want to adopt a lab.

But, where do you start; who do you contact?

Well, this adoption directory guide is here to help.

Not only will it point you in the right direction, but it will help you to connect and start making some inquiries.

Here, you will find all the main lab rescues in the state of Michigan, and those most likely to be fostering the dog you seek.

So, with that said, let’s get started.

3rd Coast Labrador Retriever Rescue

3rd Coast Labrador Retriever Rescue is a non-profit organization run by a dedicated team of volunteers. They are based out of Clare, Michigan, and specialize in both labrador retrievers and mixed breeds.

3rd Cost places their rescues into loving foster homes, provides necessary medical care, and socializes their dogs prior to putting them up for adoption.



Michigan Labrador Retreiver Rescue

Michigan Labrador Retriever Rescue is a small rescue with years of experience raising and caring for the labrador breed.



Huron River Labrador Retriever Club

You could always get in contact with the Huron River Labrador Retriever Club (based in Southeastern Michigan).

Their members participate in Labrador Rescue and Placement efforts; assisting direct rescue from existing to new owners without the dog having to go into a shelter. 

So while this is not a rescue per se, they are a group of friendly individuals who have the connections you may need to find the right lab for you.




There are only two recognized Labrador rescues in the state of Michigan.

I know, not much.

From there you do also have the added option of leveraging the network of the Huron River Labrador Retriever Club.

Nevertheless, these are the best rescues to contact first and foremost.

Get in touch, hold some preliminary conversations, get to learn the adoption process, and see what dogs they have available.

Besides, it’s always good to register your interest.

That way, even if they do not have the right dog for you at the time of your search, you’ll be nearer the front of the line once a dog does come in.

If you want to increase your chances of adoption, then do also consider contacting some non-breed specific rescues in Michigan too.

While there is no guarantee they will have a labrador, this is a popular breed and they have been known to have them from time to time.

Below, I list the most established and reputable ones in the state:

Otherwise, you can always check out Lab Rescues in nearby states too. It may require a bit of travel, but it may get you the dog you always wanted!

Do remain patient and persistent in your efforts; you will find the right dog.

I wish you all the best in your search.

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