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Bulldog Rescues In Michigan [Adoption Directory Guide]

Are you a resident of Michigan looking to adopt a bulldog? Wanting to get into contact with some local rescues?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

This directory will be providing you with the contact information for all the bulldog rescues in Michigan.

That way, you can start to make some inquiries, and better still, begin the process of adopting.

So, let’s begin.

Detroit Bulldog Rescue

Detroit Bulldog Rescue (DBR) is a non-profit organization of volunteers that take in English Bulldogs who are either surrendered by their owners or picked up from shelters across Michigan, Ohio, Ontario, and Kentucky areas.



West Michigan Bulldog Rescue

Operating since 2017, the West Michigan Bulldog Rescue save, vet, re-train, foster, and then re-home bulldogs.



Michigan Animal Rescue League

Not a bulldog rescue specifically, but one of southeast Michigan’s most established animal shelters. They do have bulldogs up for adoption from time to time

Contact: (248) 335-9290


Friends Of Michigan Animal Rescue

Again, not a bulldog rescue, but a reputable non-profit organization of volunteers and supporters saving dogs and cats since 2003. They may have a bulldog in their care, so one to contact and inquire at for sure.

Contact:, 734-461-9458


Michigan Humane

Michigan Humane is one of the longest-serving animal rescues in the state – dating back to 1866. They have a number of pets up for adoption, including various dog breeds (and puppies), cats, and exotic animals. They have and continue to, rehome bulldogs.




Bulldog rescues in Michigan are few and far between.

But thankfully, you do have two rescues dedicated to the bulldog breed to start your search and inquiries off with – the Detroit Bulldog Rescue and the West Michigan Bulldog Rescue.

From there, you can always check in with the other large, animal rescues in the state. They do have bulldogs from time to time.

And with that, I wish you all the best in your search.

Lastly, while I spent a lot of time researching for all the rescues here if any were missed off, please do let me know via my contact page.

At least then I can add it.

And do reach out; you could help rehome a bulldog by doing so.

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