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What Size Crate For A Beagle? [Your Essential Sizing Toolkit]

Is it time to get a crate for your beagle?

Well first and foremost, you are going to need to work out what size to get.

Today, I’ll be helping you to do just that.

Shortly, I’ll be walking through exactly how to find the right size crate for your dog. Not any other beagle. Your beagle.

But I will also be providing some general recommendations that work for msot dogs of the breed (and the breed average).

So let’s not waste any more time.

Here is all you are going to want to know, do and consider.

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What Size Dog Crate For A Boxer?

The ideal crate size for a beagle is typically 30 inches in length, 19 inches in width, and 21 inches in height. This will ensure the beagle can stand, turn, and lay down comfortably without providing too much unnecessary, space.

The reason for the aforementioned dimensions is based on the average size of an adult Beagle.

These dogs usually stand about 13 to 16 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 20 to 25 pounds.

When they curl up – as they often do in their crates – they take up less space, but when they stand or sit, they need enough room to do so without feeling cramped.

For beagles, which are medium-sized dogs, the crate should be roomy enough to cater to their active nature but not so large that they don’t feel the safety of a den-like space.

However, always remember that individual Beagles can vary in size. It’s essential to consider the specific size and comfort needs of your Beagle.

How To Measure Your Beagle For A Crate

To accurately measure your beagle for a crate, use a tape to measure from the tip of its nose to the base of its tail for length, and from the ground to the highest point of its shoulders for height. Always add a few extra inches to both measurements to allow for movement.

Accurate measurement is pivotal for your Beagle’s wellbeing.

The reason we use a tape measure is that it contours to the dog’s body, providing a more exact measurement than rigid rulers.

This is especially true when determining the length, as the curves of the dog’s body – especially around the haunches and head – can add crucial inches that might be overlooked otherwise.

Adding those extra few inches is crucial. While it might seem tempting to get a snug fit for your beagle’s crate, remember that this will be their safe space – a place where they sleep, rest, and sometimes play.

These few additional inches provide them with the flexibility to stretch out a bit, change their position comfortably, and generally feel less restricted.

It’s a balance to strike – the crate should be cozy enough to feel secure, like a den, but roomy enough to avoid feelings of confinement.

By taking accurate measurements and adding that bit of extra space, you ensure that your Beagle’s crate is a haven of comfort and security.

Factors To Consider When Finding The Right Size Crate For Your Beagle

Your Beagle’s Growth Stage

If you own a puppy Beagle, or they are still very much growing, it may be tempting to opt for a smaller crate. However, do consider their final full-grown size.

Beagles can grow rapidly, so investing in a crate that’s adjustable or suits an adult beagle might save you from purchasing multiple crates over time.

Consider Beagles’ Separation Anxiety Issues

Beagles are social animals and can sometimes suffer from separation anxiety.

There are crates designed specifically for dogs who suffer with this, offering more security and a cozier environment.

These crates can help soothe your Beagle during times when you’re away, reducing stress and destructive behaviors.

Ventilation and Visibility

Given the Beagle’s keen sense of smell and curiosity, they appreciate crates with good ventilation and some visibility to the outside world.

This can keep them engaged and less anxious, as they can still feel connected to their surroundings.

Safety Features

With their inquisitive nature, Beagles might attempt to chew or paw their way out of confinement.

Ensure that the crate you choose has safety locks, durable material, and no sharp edges that could harm your dog.


The average Beagle will do best in a crate of 30″ in length. That’s usually a small/medium crate.

Nevertheless, you should always check a crates specific dimensions and not blindly assume that a small/medium crate meets the needs of your Beagle.

Equally, you will need to measure your dog, too.

Beagles are known to vary in size, so it is essential you run the measurements first. And remember to add a few extra ” for comfort.

From there, it’s all about choosing the crate.

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