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Why Does My Rabbit Nibble My Clothes? [And What You Can Do]

Rabbits are adorable. Bounding around when they’re excited, ears flopping everywhere. But have you ever noticed that your rabbit nibbles your clothes sometimes? Not entirely sure if it’s a good thing or if it is something you should continue to allow? Here is what you need to know.

So, why does my rabbit nibble my clothes? Your rabbit nibbles at your clothes for a wide range of reasons. It could be a sign of love, out of boredom, or because they’re angry or frightened. Figuring out the source of their nibbling will help keep you and your bunny happy and healthy.

Rabbits are not short of interesting behaviors.

A lot of these are really hard to understand and even explain to others.

But why does a rabbit proceed to nibble, specifically?

Let’s get into why you have a nibbling nemesis on your hands!

Reasons Why Rabbits Nibble

Rabbits nibble things as a means to communicate or interact within their environment. This is why rabbits can nibble people, each other, or even objects they encounter – clothes are just one such instance.

Nothing is worse than when you pick up your favorite sweater from your bed, and you find holes in it.

You look around to find the culprit, and your rabbit is just sitting looking at you innocently!

One of the reasons rabbits nibble at your clothes is simply to show affection and their love for you.

Dogs wag their tails while rabbits nibble!

It could be an attempt at grooming you, adding to the sign of love and affection.

Rabbits are natural diggers and chewers.

Chewing (and nibbling) help your hopping hero file their teeth down.

Did you know that rabbit teeth never stop growing and can grow 5-6 inches per year?

Madness, right? They need to get their nibble on to keep their teeth in decent shape.

Some more slightly sinister reasons your bunny boo might be nibbling at your clothes might be because they’re aggressive towards you, or they’re frightened.

Rabbits are sensitive to change and can be easily scared by unfamiliar sounds and scents.

You know how you’d hug your teddy when you were scared when you were little (or, ahem, not so little!)? That’s what your wooly friend is doing—nibbling for comfort!

Can You Stop Your Rabbit Nibbling Your Clothes?

You can stop your rabbit nibbling your clothes with a bit of training and determination. Purchasing high fibrous toys and playthings will help channel your rabbit’s chew craving away from your precious outfits!

It’s understandable that at one point or another, your rabbit regularly nibbling at your clothes gets frustrating.

Not only does it ruin your clothing, but it can also be an annoying distraction from whatever you’re trying to do around your bunny.

Being able to identify if there is a particular reason why your rabbit is nibbling your clothes may help you figure out what the best action to take is to stop them from continuing.

If they’re fully intact, consider getting them neutered/spayed.

This will reduce their hormonal urges and aggressive tendencies.

The added bonus is that you won’t have any surprise kits hopping around some morning if your rabbit managed to find a friend.

Speaking of friends, rabbits are social creatures, so they’re going to nibble at you when they’re bored.

Like how you’d pester your friend/sibling to play with you when you were bored.

Rabbits shouldn’t be kept alone so, if your buddy is flying solo in the house, consider getting them a friend to keep them company!

If buying another rabbit isn’t an option, look for chew toys and other high fibrous items (like grass mats) that they can work off their chewing energy with.

These are all usually inexpensive so easily replaceable. Much easier to replace than your favorite pair of jeans!

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Whenever your bunny decides to go for a nibble on your clothes, direct them away onto a chew toy, so they learn that the toy is okay to nibble on and not your clothes!

If these methods don’t work, gentle but firm scolding might be your best bet to curb your rabbit’s craving.

Whenever they nibble at your clothes, you can gently push their nose down to the ground and say, ‘no bite.’

This lets them know that they’ve been bold without scaring them.

As with everything rabbit-related, make sure to stay consistent with your scolding method, and your rabbit will eventually learn that nibbling at your clothes is bad and will stop.

Should You Stop Your Rabbit Nibbling Your Clothes

In essence, yes. If you catch your rabbit occasionally nibbling at clothing, stopping them shouldn’t negatively affect them. At the same time, excessive chewing in clothes can cause major damage or health issues in rabbits if left unchecked.

It’s okay if you’re not too bothered whether or not your rabbit nibbles at your clothes.

Especially if it’s affection-based.

Who doesn’t want some love from your pet?

However, this is not actually great for your rabbit – no matter the type of fabric your clothes are made from

It can cause intestinal blockages if swallowed, which, if left untreated, may lead to surgery…or worse.

Excluding the methods above to help curb your rabbit from chowing down on your clothes, you can help your furry friend by making sure to put clothes away or out of your rabbit’s reach.

An indirect bonus to a safe bunny friend is a cleaner house.

Win-win, I say!

What Other Things Do Rabbits Like To Nibble?

Literally anything, so choose high fibrous materials like grass mats, hay, and wood. You can give them a small towel, too, as long as you’re mindful that they’re not ingesting it.

As you know, rabbits are natural chewers, so it’s a clever idea to get some rabbit-friendly things in your house or their outdoor area that you’re confident in letting your rabbit chew to their heart’s content!

If you choose to give your rabbit wood as a chew toy, make sure that you’re careful with what type of branch you’re giving them.

Fruit trees, like peach and apricot, are toxic to rabbits if given straight from the tree.

Make sure to leave those branches dry for a month or more before letting your little beau nibble on it.

Securing untreated fresh pine lumber to the cage will give you the peace of mind of knowing your rabbit is happy in their cage while getting their munch on!

You can also put some hay in a basket and let them go to town on it (and that’s including the basket!).

Make sure the basket you pick isn’t treated with pesticides, though. A willow-made basket is your best bet for a blissful bunny.

If you have a young rabbit, alfalfa cubes work well in two ways.

The cubes provide something for your rabbit to nibble on, and they have more protein and calcium than hay does.

Perfect for growing kits! They should be kept as a treat, though, only allowing 1 or 2 cubes a day.

What Does It Mean If Your Rabbit Bites You?

Rabbits aren’t an aggressive species, so biting is usually driven out of fear. They are a prey species, so if they feel under attack, they’ll lash out. It can also be an aggressive and territorial sign in unneutered rabbits.

You’ve understood why your rabbit nibbles at your clothing, but your mischievous rabbit has sometimes bitten you.

What does it mean, and can you stop them from doing it again?

Biting is definitely not a good habit to let your rabbit get comfortable with.

The important thing here is to figure out the triggers.

Why is your bunny boo biting you?

Is it from being caged for too long? Or from a history of abuse?

Or maybe it’s a territorial display.

Whichever it is, do your best to address the cause and help your rabbit calm down and leave you unbitten.

If it’s territorial, neutering will drastically help decrease biting

If it’s boredom or being caged too long, increase their free time, or introduce more toys to keep your rabbit happy and stimulated.

If it’s from fear or a history of abuse, make sure to get down to your rabbit’s level and slowly move your closed fist towards them to help them learn you’re of no threat.

Don’t reach out to your bunny with an outstretched hand in case they decide to go for a sneaky attack.

Rabbits don’t like being trapped or restricted, so avoid picking them up for a hug or cuddle.

This is a common example of when your rabbit will bite you.

Let your rabbit feel safe and have free space to ‘escape’ when you’re petting them.


Rabbits nibble on anything they can find, including your clothes.

It’s in their nature to do so.

That being said, it probably should be discouraged.

Not only to protect your clothes but your rabbit’s health too.

So, do invest in rabbit-friendly toys to keep them healthy and, worry-free.

Wondering why else your rabbit does other interesting things? Then my following guides may be of help!