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Best Dog Bed For Dogs That Shed [This Is The One To Get!]

Are you in the market for a bed for your high-shedding dog? Well, you’ll be pleased you’ll be chuffed you stopped by.

See, I completely understand the challenges you face.

I’ve been there.

My Chocolate Labrador was a particularly heavy shedder.

So I know the situation you find yourself in.

All of that loose fur and hair that collects around your home. And naturally, it collects much more in areas your dog sleeps, such as their bed.

Now chances are, the reason you are here is that their existing bed is already saturated.

You’re tired and fed up with having to clean it, which may proving to be particularly challenging with the bed your dog has been using.

Alternatively, you may even be here because you are preempting the challenges you may face with your dog in the future. And you are looking to get ahead of yourself.

If so, well done.

But either way, I’m here to help…

Today, I am going to be sharing with you the best dog bed currently available for dogs that shed.

We will be looking at why I am such an advocate for this particular brand and product, but firstly, shall we take a look at it?

Fable Dog Bed

Best Dog Bed For Dogs That Shed – Fable Dog Bed

Tired of endless fur everywhere? The Fable dog bed is your solution.

Its removable and washable cover is tailored to manage shedding, allowing for easy fur wipe-off and minimizing hair spread in your home.

The bed’s durability ensures it stands up to frequent washes. While it’s masterfully designed to combat shedding issues, your dog enjoys the luxury of shredded memory foam, providing optimal support.

With three sizes to choose from, it’s the perfect match for any shedding breed.

And its stylish design? Just an added bonus in your fur-free, chic home.

What I Like About The Fable Dog Bed

Removable Cover

The fable dog bed comes with a hard-wearing yet soft and versatile outer cover, which is simple to remove.

From there, you can easily wipe any excess fur or hair away. It’s fully washable too.

Or you can alternate with a secondary cover to keep shedded hair to a minimum in-between cleans.


The Fable dog bed was designed to last.

It is water, stain, UV, and scratch-resistant, meaning you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

Breathable And Comfortable

Despite its hardy exterior, the inside is made up of shredded memory foam and is formed into a recess.

This helps to support your dog’s anatomy and will help to encourage deeper and more restorative sleep.

At the same time, the extra filling is great for dogs that suffer from joint and muscle pain and provide general orthopedic support.

Three Different Sizes

This bed is available in three different sizes, including:

  • Extra Small/Small: 24″ x 18″ x 4″
  • Medium: 30″ x 24″ x 4.75″
  • Large/Extra Large: 40″ x 30″ x 5″

So, you can get a bed to match the size of your dog.

Look and Design

The Fable dog bed was designed to suit and match any home décor.

It looks great in any home.

I am personally a huge fan of its subtle color.

What I Don’t Like About The Fable Dog Bed

May Require Training

Not all dogs take to the Fable dog bed right away.

Some may require a little time, training, and persistence to get them to use it.

That being said, this is true for pretty much any new dog bed. So it’s not a direct knock on the Fable product.

You May Need More Than One

As this dog bed comes in three distinct sizes, if you were to get one for a young pup (and your dog will eventually grow much larger), there could be a situation whereby you need to buy another larger bed.

Again, this could be the case for any dog bed, depending on the style you get and when you get it.

Alternatives To The Fable Dog Bed

Should you want to consider other alternatives to the Fable dog bed, I thought I would pull together some of other highly-reviewed options.

Toby and Ace Orthopedic Bed (Runner Up)

The Buddy Bed by Toby and Ace is the next best option if you’re dealing with a shedding dog.

Though it doesn’t feature a specific anti-shedding technology, its “tear resistant fabric” is easy to clean and can handle the extra wear and tear from a shedding dog.

The bed’s human-grade orthopedic memory foam not only provides a comfortable resting place for your furry friend but could also help in reducing anxiety, which in some cases, could be linked to excessive shedding.

The egg crate design aims to offer a cozy, den-like space for your dog, promoting better sleep and relaxation.

For a bed that balances durability, comfort, and ease of cleaning amidst shedding concerns, the Buddy Bed by Toby and Ace is a solid option to consider.

Oxford Deluxe Mattress Dog Bed

The Oxford Deluxe Mattress Dog Bed is another great option.

It is available in four different sizes, in four different colors and again features a durable and removable outer cover that you can wash to make fur/hair cleaning considerably easier.

You can also choose between four different mattress types convolute orthopedic, solid orthopedic, memory foam top, cooling gel top, or with a fiber-filled pillow.

Majestic Pet Rectangular Dog Bed

This premium dog bed is another high-quality and durable alternative.

It features a zippered slipcover made from a great polyester making it water, UV and stain-resistant. Plus, its fully machine washable.

Plus, I love the fact that the inner stuffing is filled with premium loft fiber making it extremely soft, comfortable and hypoallergenic.

What To Look For In A Bed For A Dog That Sheds

With a dog that sheds, you need to ensure you opt for a bed with certain features.

I list the main ones below.

Removeable Cover

A removable cover will make your life considerably easier when it comes to cleaning up after your dog.

It will enable you to quickly clean off any excess hair and to easily transport it to the bin without it falling all over your home.

Just make sure that your dog does not use the bed while the cover is off!

Strong and Durable

If you have a dog that sheds, you are going to need to ensure the bed is strong and durable.

This is especially true if you have a chewer or a digger.

You don’t want any excess fur/hair falling into/onto the mattress or seeping through any holes they create with their paws or teeth!


Another crucial aspect to consider is the type of materials the bed is made from.

And not just the outer cover, but the interior too.

For instance, you want to ensure your dog will be fully supported while lying on it.

You’ll also want to ensure there are no toxic or allergenic materials that could be exposed to your dog.

What Size Bed Should I Get My Dog?

To ensure you get the right size bed for your dog, you will need to measure your dog first.

To do so, get a measuring tape and measure from their paws to the top of the shoulders.

Then measure from the chest bone to the base of their tail.

You can add 15 cm / 6″ to these measurements to give you a little extra space and leeway.

This will ensure you get a large enough bed for optimum comfort.

Though if in doubt, it is always a good idea to size up.

One other thing you can do is check bed manufacturers’ guidelines or sizing recommendations.

Do consider that dog bed sizes will differ from brand to brand, product to product.


If you are looking for a dependable, practical, and supportive dog bed, then there is little need to look further than Fable. 

It is from a brand with a fantastic reputation for designing premium yet affordable dog products.

Not only does the Fable dog bed work for you as an owner, but more importantly, it will help ensure your dog gets all the sleep they need.

And with a minimalist design and classic color, you can put this bed anywhere in your home (whether it’s a kitchen, lounge, or bedroom!)

Failing that, it’s so durable you could even place it outside.

The fact that you can purchase an additional cover, at any time, without the need to buy a whole new bed for me, really does make this a no-brainer.

Fable Dog Bed

Best Dog Bed For Dogs That Shed – Fable

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