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Best Wooden Dog Crate With Sliding Door

Are you looking for a wooden dog crate with a sliding door? I understand. I had been, too.

Sliding doors make the world of difference. Not only are they much more practical, but they help to keep our dogs secure, and feeling safe too.

The problem is; most wooden dog crates do not come with sliding doors.

Or even more frustratingly, they do, but the they do not work particularly well, or seem to break, in time.

So I would like to make a recommendation. One that will resolve all of those issues, and a few others too.

Best Wooden Dog Crate With Sliding Doors – Fable

The Fable dog crate is my standout option and recommendation.

It has an intuitive sliding door that operates from top to bottom.

It can seamlessly be opened or closed depending on whether your dog is in or outside.

Plus, you can get the sliding doors in two different materials; metal or clear acrylic, depending on what you (and your dog prefer)

Why I Recommend The Sliding Door Fable Dog Crate

Sliding Door Design

Firstly, I am a huge advocate of the sliding door design.

In other words, the way that the sliding doors are built into the crate.

There is a robust mechanism built into the roof that enables you to easily pull down, or lift up the door as and when required.

There is a large central handle which helps you to do so, which is thankfully, comfortable to use too.

Suitable For Different Dog Temperements

You can get the sliding doors in two different materials.

And both of which are suitable for different use cases.

  • If your dog likes to see what’s going on and stay part of the action, you can opt for the clear acrylic door.
  • If your dog enjoys a bit of a cozier den and prefers alone time, the white gate is more suitable.

Simple To Construct/Dissemble

The Fable dog crate was designed to be easy to put together, or deconstruct.

It will be literally delivered with the sliding door mechanism in tact. All you need to do is attach it to the roof and you’ll be away.

No complicated tools required, no specialist skills or know how.

Plus you are provided with simple to follow instructions that explain all you need to do.

And… should you want to take the crate down – take it with you or move it to another room/area of the home – you can either lift it (be careful, its sturdy and therefore quite heavy), or easily dissemble it to rebuild it again later.


If you are in the market for a wooden dog crate with a sliding door – look no further than Fable.

This dog crate is winning all sorts of awards, and it is easy to see why.

It’s of premium quality, it’s sleek, attractive, and it even doubles up as a piece of furniture in your home.

In fact, you can either use it as such!

This means it’s great for placing anywhere in the home you desire.

And, here’s the big benefit.

It was designed to help dogs settle. It helps reduce their anxiety, and helps to keep them calm by mimicking the look and feel of a ‘den’.

With strategically placed holes to optimize air flow, you (and your dog) can rest assured knowing you’ve purchased the right crate.

Best Wooden Dog Crate With A Sliding Door – Fable

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