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Best Dog Crate For Golden Retriever [& Why You Need It]

Finding the perfect dog crate for your Golden Retriever seems like hard work.

Besides, there is a lot it needs to do, and be.

Durable, safe, comfortable, enticing. Plus it needs to be aesthetic too.

Not to mention practical for real-life use.

Thankfully, I’m here to introduce you to a crate that ticks all of the boxes and then some!

I’ll soon be explaining more, along with some practical advise to ensure you get the right size.

But first.

What is the Best Dog Crate For a Golden Retriever?

High Anxiety Crate

Quick Verdict

With its sturdy aluminum construction, security features, and sheltered design, the Impact Dog Crate is the ultimate crate for Golden Retrievers.

It’s ideal for a breed that is prone to separation anxiety and destructive tendencies.

With thick aluminum bars and aircraft-grade steel components, this crate provides a safe den environment perfect for easing separation stress in Golden Retrievers.

Oh, and 1.9k 5* reviews is worth a mention too..

Why I Recommend The Impact Dog Crate For Golden Retriever

Designed For Anxious Dogs In Mind

Golden Retrieves typically suffer from separation anxiety and stress.

This thoughtfully engineered crate helps dogs who suffer from severe separation anxiety in a few key ways:

  • The sturdy, escape-proof design provides a safe, den-like environment that helps ease anxiety. The thick aluminum and secure paddle latch door is extremely difficult for even the most determined pup to break out of.
  • The crate is designed for minimal visual stimulation. This allows anxious dogs to relax and feel sheltered.
  • The rounded corners give dogs no place to start chewing or clawing in an attempt to escape.

With its sturdy, secure design, the Impact Crate is ideal for Golden Retrievers prone to anxiety and escape attempts when left alone.

Great For Dogs Who Can Be Destructive

Golden Retrievers can be destructive if left alone in the house for long periods.

This is understandable given that Golden Retrieves are ideal for people who want a canine companion with them most of the time or for larger busy families with homes that are often occupied by someone.

The Impact Crate’s welded aluminum structure, four additional butterfly latches, and carefully designed ventilation holes provides a safe den environment for dogs with destructive tendencies.

The metal composition stands up to determined chewing, scratching, and escape attempts.

By providing a secure environment, the Impact Crate helps minimize destruction by keeping destructive dogs safely confined.

Extra Secure

The Impact Crate has several ultra-secure design features:

  • Zinc Steel Paddle Latch – The zinc-plated steel paddle latch provides robust security against even the most determined escape artists. This latch mechanism is designed to withstand high-stress forces from locked-in dogs.
  • Butterfly Latches – Each crate door has four heavy-duty butterfly latches for extra security. Dogs will have an extremely difficult time breaking out.
  • Welded Aluminum – The sturdy aluminum frame is securely welded for maximum stability and prevention of weak spots.

You can rest assured destructive escape artists will stay safely confined in the Impact Crate.

Small Ventilation Holes

The Impact Crate provides plenty of ventilation while preventing escapes.

The small holes are specifically designed to prevent dogs from getting their teeth into and potentially harming themselves.

These ventilation holes provide adequate air flow while ensuring your pet’s safety.

You won’t have to worry about your Golden Retriever breaking teeth or jaws trying to chew through the openings.

Extra Durable

Constructed with 62% thicker aluminum alloy from other crate models, the Impact Crate has incredible durability.

The thicker aluminum material significantly increases the structural integrity of the crate, ensuring that it remains stable and secure even under pressure from a locked-in large breed dog.

Impact Crates come with a 10-year dog damage warranty, illustrating just how durable these crates are.

What Size Dog Crate Do I Need For A Golden Retriever?

The accepted way to determine proper crate sizing for your Golden Retriever is to measure your dog’s length (tip of nose to base of tail, not including tail) and height (floor to top of ears). You can then use these measurements and add a few more inches to find the ideal crate size.

Even with these exact measurements, I’ve found that either the 34″ or 40″ length Impact Crate are often the right sizes for the average Golden Retriever.

These sizes (34″ for smaller goldens, 40″ for larger goldens) help ensure they have enough room to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably.

Generally speaking, females tend to need the 34″, whereas males the 40″.

Learn more: What Size Crate For A Golden Retriever? [Guaranteed For Your Dog]

What type of crate is best for a golden retriever?

For Golden Retrievers, I strongly recommend a durable, heavy-duty crate made of welded aluminum. This metal crate style is the best choice for providing security and meeting the needs of the breed.

Golden Retrievers are strong, energetic dogs prone to anxiety and destructive behaviors when confined.

A lightweight plastic traveling crate simply won’t withstand their strength or escape attempts.

And wire crates provide too little containment and shelter for anxious Goldens.

A sturdy aluminum crate like the Impact provides the right balance of security, ventilation, and visibility.

The dense aluminum bars are securely welded for stability and escape-proofing. The crate won’t bend or buckle under pressure from an anxious Golden Retriever.

At the same time, the aluminum bars provide airflow and just enough visibility to prevent overstimulation.

The semi-enclosed design also gives Goldens the sheltered, den-like environment they crave for security.

I’ve found aluminum crates withstand years of use, even with high-energy Goldens.

The thick aluminum and aircraft-grade steel components far surpass the strength and chew-resistance of plastic or collapsible metal crates.

Do Golden Retrievers do well in crates?

Golden Retrievers can do very well in crates, provided the crate is introduced properly and meets their needs. The key is choosing a crate designed to make them feel safe and secure.

Providing lots of positive reinforcement crate training from a young age is crucial too.

This helps Golden Retrievers see their crate as a safe space rather than a punishment.

Being gentle and patient is important when crate training Goldens.

With the proper crate and training techniques tailored to their sensitive nature, Golden Retrievers can thrive in crates.

The crate becomes a place of comfort and security for these loving yet anxious dogs.

Final Verdict

For Golden Retriever owners seeking a high-quality crate built for their dogs’ needs, the Impact Crate delivers on all fronts.

Its thoughtful design considers the Golden Retriever’s sensitive nature, destructive tendencies, and separation stress.

It’s one of the only crates engineered specifically for anxious dogs like Golden Retrievers.

Impact Crates has thousands of satisfied customers.

And I mean thousands.

There are over 1.9k 5* reviews on this particular model alone.

So I suggest you head over to their site. You can learn more from fellow customers who took the plunge and invested in this crate.

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