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Cocker Spaniel Rescues In PA [Adoption Directory Guide]

So you are a resident in the state of PA and want to adopt a Cocker Spaniel? Well, you are going to need to find a rescue to be able to do it.

But what ones should you contact and make your inquiries?

Well, the rescues in the following directory are the best places to start.

Let’s now get onto the list!

Cockers Across PA Cocker Spaniel Rescue, Inc.

Cockers Across PA Cocker Spaniel Rescue, Inc. (CAP) is dedicated to the rescue of Cocker Spaniels in need. It provides any required medical care, before making their dogs available for adoption.



Castaway Cockers

Castaway Cockers is a Cocker Spaniel rescue based out of Hellam, PA.


Website: N/A – the website does not appear to be live (

Wet Nose Rescue

Wet Nose Rescue is licensed by the state of Pennsylvania. They are situated in the Southampton/Philadelphia area.

This volunteer ran non-profit provides foster-based care for dogs of all breeds.

So, you should absolutely get in contact; they may have a Cocker Spaniel in need of a home!

Contact:, or phone (267) 684-6187


Humane Animal Rescue

Another non-breed-specific rescue.

Humane Animal Rescue provides a wide range of pets for adoption; all of which have been health-screened by a veterinarian.

All dogs are neutered, treated for fleas/worms, and will be microchipped too.

A rescue that cares this much for its dogs should definitely be considered, should they have a Cocker Spaniel available. It’s worth a try.



Furry Feet Rescue

Furry Feet Rescue is based in Allentown, PA. It focuses on rescuing unwanted, abandoned, or stray small animals – including dogs and cats.

Before becoming available for adoption, all dogs are vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed/neutered – so a great organization to rescue from, should a Cocker Spaniel be in their care.

Contact:, or phone: (610) 767-7096



So there you have it; 2 Cocker Spaniel-specific rescues, and 3 broader dog rescues in the state of PA.

So, absolutely start with the Cockers Across PA Cocker Spaniel Rescue, Inc.

Get in contact, see what they have at the time of your search.

From there branch out to the rest, accordingly.

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