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Pug Rescues In PA [Pennsylvania Adoption Directory Guide]

Are you looking to adopt a pig from a rescue in PA? Well, where do you even begin?

So, I decided to pull together a directory of all the pug rescues in the state of Pennsylvania.

This way, you can start making your inquiries, while ensuring you only do so at the best and most reputable rescues.

Onto the list.

Deleware Valley Pug Rescue

The Delaware Valley Pug Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization based in Avondale, PA.

Contact: or phone, (610) 268-5574


Guardian Angels Pug Rescue

The Guardian Angels Pug Rescue is a 501C3, non-profit, NO-KILL rescue, focusing on pugs. They are located in Latrobe, PA, and will only discuss options via appointment.



Peace Love and Poms Rescue

Peace Love and Poms rescue are a Pomeranian and small breed dog rescue based out of Lebanon, PA. Sometimes they have pugs available for adoption so it’s worth checking their current dog pages.



Wet Nose Rescue

Again another rescue that do not specialize in the pug breed specifically, but do have pugs and pug mixes available from time to time

Contact:, or phone: (267) 684-6187


Southwest PA Pugs with Special Needs

Southwest PA Pugs with Special Needs is a non-profit serving the Southwest Pennsylvania area. Their mission is to rescue older, disabled, and special needs pugs that require ongoing special care.

While not for everybody, this could be an option for you depending on your circumstances and experience with pugs/dogs.

Contact:, or phone 724-823-0784



These are the main pug adoptions in Pennsylvania; certainly the ones to get started with.

And while I spent a good amount of time researching online for these particular rescues, if you notice any that should be in the directory are missing, do contact me.

I’d be keen to add them to the list!

Other than this, when it comes to the adoption process; be patient, think long term, and do your research well ahead of time.

And keep the faith; the application can take a while and it will all begin with some long forms to fill out!

It will be worth it though, so do persevere!

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